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I wanna go back to the Netherlands. At least to visit Keukenhof gardens! It’s situated in Lisse between Amsterdam and The Hague in the Bulb region.

This year the flower exhibition will be opened by Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden on the first day of spring, Wednesday 21 March. Open 22 March till 20 May. Sweden play’s a big role in the park during this springs bulbs exposing, because of this years theme which is “Linnaeus – King of Flowers for 300 years”.

They have choosen this theme because even today tulips are named according to the classification system Linnaeus (Swedish physician & botanist) developed back in the 18th century. Linnaeus was in the Netherlands while getting his medicine degree and he published some of his most important and famous books there.

There will be tulips named after famous Swedes:

- Abba (music band)
- Ingemar Stenmark (Olympic skiing)
- Prinsess Victoria (Swedish Royal)
- Stockholm (Swedens capital)

There will be specialties like:

- Herbarium Amoris photo exhibition*) (Juliana Pavilion)
- Exhibition of Swedish art
- A Swedish inspirational garden
- Giant Pippi Longstocking**) bulb mosaic (16x11m)
- Blue and yellow plantings***) (Swedish national colors)

*) The Swedish photographer Edvard Koinberg shows the flowers sex life like Linné described it.

**) From the beloved childrenÂ’s books by the Swedish author Astrid LindgrenÂ’.

***) The well known Dutch garden designer Jacqueline van der Kloet, also known as the queen of gardening, have choosen to plant a carpet of blue and yellow bulbs to honor Linné.

Oh, and of course: there will be stylish garden furniture and things from IKEA ;-)

Proposals of marriage are made daily on the colourful bridal path – surrounded by thousands of blooming flowers – why not grab the opportunity…?

Or why not go there to attend their Easter parade? They throw an International hat contest and the winner will be announced Monday 9th of April. The inspiration for this year is said to be The concept of Royal Hats. If that doesn’t make you curious I don’t know what will! *s*

They also hosts “The Greatest Lilly Show on earth”: 11 May until 20 May.

Keukenhof has amazing bulbs plantings. Every autumn they plant around seven millions of bulbs!!!! No wonder it’s one of their most visited tourist attraction – more than seven hundred thousands visitor goes there every year.

If you ever get the opportunity: go there, but don’t you dare to not report to me afterwards!

Oh, and be prepared to spend all day long there, make sure your camera batteries are charged – the park is BIG and you’re bound to go photo crazy!!!!

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7 Comments on “Pippi faces Keukenhof bulbs”

    Gattina said:

    That’s the tip of the top ! I get all these informations from Sweden instead of my to be daughter in law living in Amsterdam ! I have to say for her excuse that she just started a new job as webdesigner on March 1st ! She had learned it in evening courses. Before she worked for the Job seakers at the City of Amsterdam. That’s quite a changement. But I would love to see the hats ! The flowers are less interesting for me, because we have the Gent flower show here which is very big too and then the flower carpet in Brussels. So my need for flowers is covered.

    Lifecruiser: Actually, the main reason for me to go there would be the hat competition too, even though I’d love to see all the flower plantings too :-)

    Chana said:

    you would have to know that one of my favs flowers are tulips to know how much i would love to spent the day there myself..

    when you get there again, i will be so happy for you hon. enjoy. enjoy. enjoy and breath in the smells and take in the beauty for the two of us..

    Lifecruiser: I sure will!!!! And I hope that day won’t be too far away in the future….

    claudie said:

    oh! oh! I’d like to go there! First to see a princess! I’ve never seen one just at TV. Our president Chirac and his wife don’t give us lot of dreams! and second to visit this marvellous exhibition! At spring, we will have small exhibitions in south of France too: in villages each years there are parades of bloomed cars!
    As Chana, I love tulips but all these thousand of them, it must be wonderful!

    Lifecruiser: I must say that we have a very nice Royal family to be proud of. Oh, and I so want to see all that flowers and the hat parade! Must be spectacular!

    mar said:

    Sounds lovely!!
    and I love your little flags. I am closing this comment right now just to see my little flag :)

    Lifecruiser: Yes, doesn’t it?

    mar said:

    Isn’t that cute????

    Lifecruiser: Yes, very :-) ))

    Melli said:

    So… when does the ship set sail? My bags are packed and I’m READY to go! I LOVE tulips! Oh! And I get to put up the FIRST American Flag … how cute!

    Lifecruiser: Well, it LOOKS like it will be the 16th, but there is still a lot of things to do before that and I need to have contact with you by email as soon as possible.

    Irish Church Lady said:

    I need to tell you a story about Ottawa (where I live) and the Netherlands.

    During WWII, Queen Juliana took refuge here with her two girls. (Actually Princess Margriet was born in Ottawa) To thank Canada for their hospitality and for their role in liberating Holland, she gave the City a gift of 100,0o0 tulip bulbs.

    We have the Ottawa Tulip Festival every spring to celebrate this friendship with The Netherlands.

    I bought a couple of bunches of pretty yellow and orange tulips on Thursday as a fundraiser for the Lung Society. They still adorn my table in my office and look beautiful. Similar to the ones in your picture above!

    Lifecruiser: I didn’t know that, so thanks for that info! How nice to have a connection like that!

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