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Now we have exchanged our front page photos we had earlier against new ones taken on our journey in Paraguay and Brazil.

Nothing wrong with the old ones, but we like to see the new ones for a while - until we take new ones on another journey probably :-)

Every photo on this blog is taken by us (copyright Lifecruiser of course) or at least with our camera, sometimes we get help, for example when we are going to be on the photo both of us or when we were on the horseback in Paraguay.

You do know that we have the front page photo changes randomly every time you enter this blog?

Try it by make a click on the front page photo. There is five different ones to random with.

Comments on Photos in this blog

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    Mandy NETHERLANDS said:

    Lovely photographs, I clicked on the top one. My favourite is the waterfall :-)

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    Lifecruiser SWEDEN said:

    Oh, yes and the picture is not doing it justice. You can not catch them on one picture, there are 275 waterfalls over there, stretched over the border of Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina!!!! Just unbelievable, there is no words for it.

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