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This is me and Mr Lifecruiser on the Malaga airport’s terrace, heading home together after being in Spain for about 5 weeks in March 2008.

Many people say they prefer to travel alone, since they can do whatever they want at any time they want then.

Mr Lifecruiser and I prefer to travel together, because we have no problem like that: we always want to do the same things!

Lifecruiser Travel Together

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    Mar said:

    I love this shot of you two together!! I recognized the sun light :wink:
    I like to travel together too, but whenever I go down to see my relatives, I’d rather travel alone…
    Happy weekend, Capt’n!

    Mars last blog hunt: together

    melli said:

    :smile: I think traveling in pairs is better! My family has trouble SOMEtimes when we all travel together – trying to satisfy everyone – but just two people together usually works out GREAT! You two are so blessed to be able to do so MUCH of it!

    mellis last blog post..Wordzzle… Photo Hunt… and Schtuff…

    PastormacsAnn said:

    The perfect photo for together!

    I agree! I’d much rather go somewhere together with Pastormac than alone – the experiece is more fun and fulfilling with someone along to share it with.

    Gattina said:

    Nice picture ! and the lady behind you takes a sunbath, lol ! In exactly ONE WEEK I am off to Egypt the Red Sea for 2 weeks of sunshine !!

    Gattinas last blog post..

    Mojoey said:

    Saw your twitter post. You are right, this is an outstanding picture. And… I like to travel with wife as well.

    Mojoeys last blog post..Best of the Atheist Blogroll Flickr Pool

    Debo Hobo said:

    I definitely prefer to travel with someone else, preferably my sister. I find it kind of boring to go sight seeing and then go back to an empty hotel room.

    Debo Hobos last blog post..Nothing to See Here- Go Vote!!!


    Cool reflective shot!

    earthlingorgeouss last blog post..Dona Nobis Pacem


    I like to travel, period. I don’t mind going alone, if that’s my option, but I prefer the company of Bob, my hubs. Nice shot you’ve posted, today.

    Jan-Murrietas last blog post..Straight Out Of the Camera Sunday


    What a fun capture! I agree. I’d much rather travel together than alone.

    Odannysgirls last blog post..PhotoHunt 135: Together


    Hubby and I are exactly the same. We love being together and also enjoy the same things. Makes it really nice doesn’t it? Yes, it does. Have a great weekend. :)

    Comedy Pluss last blog post..Blog Change

    Maribeth said:

    That is a splendid shot! Perfect for today!~

    Maribeths last blog post..Thirty Years Ago….

    A. said:

    That is a wonderful shot! I can’t imagine travelling alone. Who is there to turn to when you want to tell someone about the wonderful things you are seeing and experiencing?

    A.s last blog post..PhotoHunt: together

    Shinade said:

    Oh a visit to your blog is always such a delight. My husband and I prefer to travel together too. We also like doing the same things. It has made for a very happy marriage for 26 years.

    This is wonderful!! I love how you are taking a picture as someone snaps a shot of you.

    And it is very nice to meet Mr. LifeCruiser!!

    Happy Travels :smile:

    Mark H said:

    I prefer a mix of travel alone and travel with another. Mind you, it sounds like you have the perfect travel companion.

    Mark Hs last blog post..Photo of the Week – Hey, Good Looking!

    DianeCA said:

    :grin: Cool mirror trick! I do agree that you two pass very well together! I don’t think I would like to travel alone either. I am too social. I need someone to share things with, I feel that life is better when shared with the ones you love.

    DianeCAs last blog post..Room to think

    RennyBA said:

    Great contribution to the theme!

    And next year, we can travel together to Europe as well ;-)

    Wishing you a lovely end to your week.

    RennyBAs last blog post..Olga at the New Oslo Opera House

    Kuanyin said:

    Cool photo! I like reflection photos too!

    Carver said:

    Great shot of you and Mr. Lifecruiser traveling together. I love this take on the theme.

    tutubi said:

    it’s called perfect match :P

    Ling said:

    Ok, that’s like a picture of a picture. How come you have a picture of you with the camera in your hand? Who’s the mystery guy who took that picture? :mrgreen:

    eam said:

    definitely traveling alone, in pairs and or in groups has its upside and downside but i’d always want somebody to share a destination with- nothing beats “togetherness” in traveling…

    the photo is great! and i think you found a perfect match for a perfect “together” photo! ;-)

    eams last blog post..12th Photohunt Theme 135: “Together”

    jams O'Donnell said:

    Travelling together is great but I’ve also gone off on my own a few times. A belated happy weekend

    jams O’Donnells last blog post..Gratuitous Smartarsery

    claudie said:

    :smile: Like you I prefer to travel with my lover but in fact as I have more vacation than him I can ask my friends to travel with. I did it with Sophie and the kids when we went in Alpen to ski.
    I don’t tell you how hilarious it was as we are like two sisters! Always laughing! :razz:

    claudies last blog post..Surprise party today!

    Charles Ravndal said:

    Oh it is the same as Odd and moi. We love to travel together because we always want to do things together. I find it so much fun when he is around with me.

    Charles Ravndals last blog post..Tattooed On My Mind

    aka R'acquel said:

    This photo took my breath away. I think you guyz would probably fair well as a couple in ‘The Amazing Race’!

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