First, you have my skin, which can be real pink sometimes. And filled with goosebumps, remember this photo I posted once when it was the Photo Scavenger Hunt Cold?

Mrs Lifecruisers contribution to theme Cold

A while after that I got the following email regarding that photo:

This is going to be the weirdest request, I know, but do you happen to have the high resolution photo of your goose bumps picture? Now I’ll explain – I am a texture artist in the computer games industry and in my job I use a lot of photo reference to mix together different textures. For years I have tried to find a good photo of a great case of goose pimple like yours with exactly the kind of lighting that appears in this photo. If you do and you dont mind contributing a copy, please email me. Thanks a bunch – Billy

I got a link to his page, which seemed to be genuine enough, with a lot of scary monster creatures in it. So he got the original photo from me. I thought it was kind of fun!

My goosebumps on a monster creature! *giggles*

Next pink photo is from Fuerteventura, one of the Canarian Islands in Spain. A whole famile dressed in pink. An English family I suspect, because 90 percentage of all the people we saw dressed in pink where English – we could hear it on their accents. Pink seem to be a very popular color in UK.

Lifecruisers contribution to theme Pink 2

We couldn’t resist snapping some photos of them since they were so cute and lovable to each other. I wanna show you this because it breathe family and happiness together, which we don’t see enough of those days in the society generally. Where has it gone?

The last one is a photo I took in one of our B&B’s we stayed at during our Scotland trip in 2005. The pink wall is very unusual to us Swedes, I dare to say that you would have a hard time finding that kind of pink at any wall at any home here in Sweden.

Lifecruisers contribution to theme Pink 1

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I love to experience the culture differences by photographing them and have a look later again to revival the memories!

Captain Goosebump Lifecruiser


29 Comments on “PhotoHunt Think Pink”

    Andrée said:

    I love that family photo, too. I’m glad the English are able to wear pink. Unlike Americans that attribute way too much meaning to it.

    Maribeth said:

    I love the family photo too. So sweet!

    carver said:

    Good group of shots for pink. The goosebumps (I thought they were shoes), the idyllic family scene and the bed and breakfast were all good ideas. I’d have trouble not laughing out loud if I found myself in a pink room at a bed and breakfast. Have a pleasant weekend.

    ettey said:

    i love your site…very spooky hehehe! great pink pics too! :D

    ettey’s last blog post..[photohunt: pink]

    Heather said:

    That pink wall is, um, really something. Ew. The family photo is sweet.

    Heather’s last blog post..Saturday Photo Hunt: Pink

    Mike Goad said:

    Cool images! Especially the story on the goosebumps.

    Mine is called “Pink in Deadwood.” (It’s not a flower.)


    That is some goose bumps, Captain! At first I thought it was some fruits from Sweden! hahaha…. It looked like our local jackfruits although the skin is green.

    After looking at your goose bumps photo, I tried replicating it. I guess, there wasn’t anything scary enough to cause such awesome bumps on my skin. I didn’t succeed. i wonder how you did it! hahaha…. i spent some time analysising your goose bumps. Geez……

    eastcoastlife’s last blog post..PhotoHunters – Pink

    bonggamom said:

    I actually love the pink wall! As long as the whole room isn’t pink, I think the pink wall is a great accent and focal point for the room.

    bonggamom’s last blog post..The sweetest pink there is

    Gattina said:

    Your supposed right ! A lot of Britts love pink and there is a lot of pink in clothing and also wallpapers from what I have seen. I like your goosepimpels, lol !
    As far as I know there is no legend here in Waterloo, unless I let Wellington and Napoleon haunting the streets !

    And Miles To Go.... said:

    wow, I LOVED your goosebump picture!! What a great photo hunt this week.

    And Miles To Go….’s last blog post..Photo Hunters (#22)–Pink

    Jeni Hill Ertmer said:

    Really neat pics for giving a feeling of being “in the pink.”
    The B&B wall though – normally I would say you probably wouldn’t find too many walls that color in the states either. However, there’s a wall about that color here in the village where I live and it’s my son’s living room wall! The kid, when he decided to paint his living room a couple months after he bought this old house here, he purchased paint that he thought -from the sample -would be sort of a “weathered” red color but once on the wall, it was much more of a pink. So much so that he came down to my house in the middle of his painting, showed me a splotch of it that had spilled on his jeans and asked it it didn’t look more like “pepto bismo” pink than the red he thought he was getting. And yes, it did! He’s since repainted it though – several times – and now, I can’t remember what color his living room is! Yes, I am getting senile – very, very senile!

    Jeni Hill Ertmer’s last blog post..Pay Per View TV

    Lynn said:

    The family picture is like straight from a Hallmark movie. You described it perfectly. And my, the pink wall, it’s not also common in the Philippines to have a pink wall for the receiving area. Rooms of girls are generally pink though.

    Lynn’s last blog post..Photo Hunt 38: Pink

    Gattina said:

    I found a legend for tomorrow !!

    “The Waterloo Lion Hill legend” ! so you can add me to the participants.

    I am saved, lol !

    RennyBA said:

    Woooooo, our captain is a famous computer games actor – you are billion multy talented – no wonder with legs like yours ;-)
    What a great pink post and pictures!

    I do agree with you in the culture differences and not only in photo collecting, but also in blogsphere. I’ll give you all an example later on tonight when Tor and I are inviting to our Halloween Stop in Oslo – with a Viking twist *giggles*

    RennyBA’s last blog post..Autumn Glory in the Adirondacks

    SnoopyTheGoon said:

    The goosebumps are awesome – is it from watching a horror flick or just from cold?

    A cool pink study (or study of pink) ;-)

    aka R'acquel said:

    I’ll have to keep my eyes out for the next computer game that will feature goose bumps from Mrs.Lifecruiser now!

    aka R’acquel’s last blog post..Psycho Pillows

    Sanni said:

    You should give my Pink Playboy Pom Poms a try :-)

    As ususal, I love all your pics (and the laugh-out-loud hilarious monster goose bumps story). The pink wall is unusual for us Germans, too… but my friend Jens would love it. Well, okay, he´s gay, you know…


    Sanni’s last blog post..Pink Playboy Pom Poms

    Hootin' Anni said:

    I LOVE the pink wall!!!!

    Happy weekend.

    Dragonheart said:

    Great collection of pink photos. How cool that your goosebumps were requested by a digital artist!

    Dragonheart’s last blog post..Photo Hunters: Pink

    Melli said:

    Somehow I missed that goosebump picture the first time around – that is AMAZING! I have NEVER seen a case of goosebumps like that before!!! WOW! You ARE the Goosebump QUEEN!

    The family in pink is cute. But that room? I’m thinking that color should be outlawed in wall paint!!! LOL! Just MY opinion… (and we know that doesn’t count!)

    Melli’s last blog post..Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt … PINK!

    RennyBA said:

    Welcome to Tor and Renny’s Halloween Party in Oslo this weekend the first entry with some background and Norwegian Halloween history is up!

    RennyBA’s last blog post..Norwegians just don’t get Halloween

    .: mar said:

    I remember those goose bumps!! I thought poor young lady! because I hate to be cold!
    You are famous, I know your legs would fascinate the world :)
    Pink is not my favorite color so I had to go outdoors to find something.
    Sunday post: You guys , don’t u know this whole thing might cost me a divorce?? lol, too much blogging, too little time for the hubby. I will try my best only because of that darling BUTTon goddess :)

    .: mar’s last blog post..photo hunt: pink

    international mom said:

    hi, great pic. very strange request.
    so what goes on with the halloween cyber tour.

    Sanni said:

    Your goosebumps were the inspiration for my Urban Legend. Not for the weak, not work-safe, one of the most disturbing things I´ve ever seen… and I saw a lot of disturbing stuff in my life… *giggles* – it´s old, but still GOOD… and I´m not talking about “Loreley”… *LOL*


    Sanni’s last blog post..Urban Legends

    TorAa said:

    Dear Captain – what can I say after this horror evening with RennyBA here. That was spooky. And on top of that – my X appeared as well – due to Ingelin’s 19/11 BD party.

    kjempeklemmer tile der begge
    frnny – Anna og Tor (og Sølvi as well)

    Sword Girl said:

    I must say that your goosebumps are the most perfect ones I have ever seen. And in such a perfect pink, no wonder the man was so interested in them.

    It’s funny too, ‘cos we’ve been watching a “Goosebumps” marathon throughout the times we’ve been home. It is a great show that is appropriate for preteens. I love it as an adult. lol

    Sword Girl’s last blog post..My absolute favorite pictures

    Everyday Healy said:

    Great pink place ot stay for the last pic. :)

    Everyday Healy’s last blog post..Pink

    tinylondon said:

    WOW – the story about the goosebumps is enough to ehmmm… give me goosebumps!
    I love the pink family, but most of all the pink wall!

    tinylondon’s last blog post..PhotoHunt 80 – Pink

    Naren said:

    wow .it’s a cooooooool website, very cooool images

    Naren’s last blog post..Strange and lovely moments -cool Images

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