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Warning: Do not open this can!!!!!

Content: Surströmming = Fermented herring from northern Sweden.

This is without doubt, the most smelly thing we have here in Sweden! I’m glad that we did not have that as party food yesterday! Thanks for coming here and having scary fun – you are all such fun to be with!

Think of the most disgusting food you ever have eaten and then imagine that this is worse!!! You could faint just by the smell of it. I do not even know if I will call it smell, it is more like a stank.

It is like eating rotten fish. They camouflage it with other stuff and drink heavily to be able to swallow it and the flies just LOVE it! YUK.

It is considered a sanitarian inconvenience to open a surströmming can if you are living in an apartment building, because the smell is spreading far, far from the can. You can not hide it. Therefor, it is amost always opened outdoors and preferably eaten outdoors too.

I have tasted a small bite once, just to be able to say that I have tasted it, but it is difficult to persuade yourself to do it when it is stinking like that!

I read somewhere that we have exported a lot to Japan, they must have lost their sense of smell… *giggles*

I know that the Norwegians have their rakfisk, which also is fermented fish, but their is not smelling like the Swedish surströmming does. They are not at all similar, I have tasted the rakfisk and it is delicious. Almost like salmon :-)

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    Andrée said:

    It’s strange how many countries have a food that is so smelly that it is difficult to eat. Very strange.

    carver said:

    Good take on the theme. It may be smelly but the packaging is attractive. I love your blog makeover. Very spooky for Halloween.

    RennyBA said:

    First of all: congrats again for your new template – it looks scary but also cozy – probably course one know you are around there somewhere :-)

    I’ve never tasted Surströmming, but you know I love fermted fish (thanks for plugging me!). Rakfisk normally don’t smell that bad, but I do remember when i was a child, I hated it when my parents had rakfisk party.

    The most important ‘ingredient’ though is that it goes with beer and aqua vit and if you have enough of that, you can eat everything you know :D

    Btw: Hope everyone have the time to come over and support my nomination for The Nobel Peace Price for 2008!

    Maribeth said:

    LOL! I didn’t post this week, but wanted you to know I was here!

    Dragonheart said:

    Interesting! That fish certainly sounds very smelly. My human dad has tried the Norwegian rakfish, and he’s from Newfoundland, Canada, which also has its own version of dried, fermented fish. Your Swedish fermented fish doesn’t sound like something I’d like to try, though!

    My smelly photo.

    SnoopyTheGoon said:

    Surströmming. Well, one has to try everything in one’s life, I guess. I shall strive to get some.

    Criz Lai said:

    Some food really smell like poison but once you put into the mouth, it tasted like heaven. Different cultures like different food. Surprisingly, I did not see anyone posted up cheese yet.. my favorite :)

    Gattina said:

    In northern Germany they also have a stinky fish and I really wonder why people buy and eat it ??? If I faint because it stinks too much how can I eat then ?? I think it has been created for unwanted guests ! Maybe you should send me some cans, lol !

    And Miles To Go.... said:

    very spooky here :) I would be willing to try your smelly fish! I’m up for the challenge.

    karoline said:

    LOL..NO please don’t open the can…all i can think about is my luvely mya

    rolling in the remains of a four month old tub of minnow bait that had sat fermenting and rotting in the boat…i truly don’t want to know that someone would actually eat what she smelled like..


    you win..


    Lifecruiser said:

    I’m not sure, but I think it’s forbidden to send those can by regular mail, just because of the stank and the pressure in the cans which could explode during the flight….Just think about the mess…. *giggles*

    Crazy Working Mom said:

    Wow, what a spooky Halloween template you have here! I love it. :)

    Thanks for stopping by.

    I DON’T want you to open that can!

    kissedalotatoads said:

    Ewwwwww! Why would anyone even want to eat such a thing? I definitely WOULD NOT open that can! Have a great weekend.

    marcia said:


    Margaret said:

    Great take on the theme.

    A. said:

    Hmm, I don’t think I’ll be trying that thank you :) Interesting though because I’ve never heard of it.

    Sara said:

    What an interesting post about this smelly food.
    I love the new look – it’s spooky!!!
    Sara from farmingfriends

    ipanema said:

    we have similar fermented fish – anchovy, etc. there’s fermented tiny shrimp, seashells, etc.

    nice template!

    Happy weekend! :)

    rach said:

    just the description of it makes you feel ill, that must be very smelly fish! Love the halloween theme :-)

    Colin Campbell said:

    Perhaps you could send some for me to try. Not!

    Nap Warden said:

    Loving the Halloween theme you have going on here! I have seen some pretty scary smelly foods this week!

    aka R'acquel said:

    Reminds me of sambal belacan during my period of exploring Asian/Thai cooking at home. Phew – it was strong smelling, englufed and osmosed with the entire contents of my fridge and therefore quite a confrontation to open the fridge’s door.

    However foul or pleasant a certain food might be to someone, I always enjoy the stories behind them.

    tinylondon said:

    Hmmm… I just said on another blog that this week’s theme makes me hungry. I TAKE IT BACK. Yuk!
    Great take on the smelly theme though. :)

    Amy said:

    Wow! I bet that is the smelliest of them all!

    Denise said:

    If it smells that bad, why do they make it?! Ick!

    ellen b said:

    Please do not open that can!!
    Happy hunting to you….

    goofy girl said:

    Oh my gosh, I can’t imagine the smell. I will head the warning not to open :)

    Your design is really great :-)

    Cindy said:

    Oh my…fermented fish? Eeeek! I think I’ll take your word for it, and just back slowly away! LOL!

    tanabata said:

    Fermented fish sure sounds smelly! I love your Halloween template, btw. :)


    Hope your blog warming party was a great success. Sorry I missed it.

    Congratulations on the new look of your blog. Fantastic theme! I felt a little shiver when I entered but I know I’m safe here. :)

    Very interesting! First time I’ve heard of this fermented fish. We have a lot of delicacies here too with overpowering smell.

    The cruise sounds interesting. I’ll come back to learn more about it.

    BTW, I have an award waiting for you on my blog.

    TorAa said:

    No – no – no please – this is torture – I ask for help – Human Rights – UN – Red Cross – Salvation Army – bring me out of here.

    I once did open a can with Surströmming – Result: Estate prices in the Neighbourhood dropped by 98 %.

    Michele said:

    Oh boy, I like fish but not like that. Ick and ick again.
    Wonderful blog. Your photographs are very nice and I thank you for the nice compliment on my blog. Hope to see you again. Happy Halloween!


    hmmmm…. Captain Lifecruiser, you make me very curious about this fermented fish. I would like to try it if I could. It was a great party yesterday, I’m looking forward to Halloween Week!!

    Patricia (of Pollywog Creek) said:

    Yikes! That sounds disgusting! Think I’ll pass on giving it a try. Thanks for stopping by Pollywog Creek to comment on my smelly photos. Have a great week.

    jam said:

    Would like to have a bite in the future!


    In Germany we have a fermented hering called “Matjes”, however its smell is not particularly bad.

    Have you ever heard the urban legend of the Surströmming can hidden under someone’s sauna oven as a prank? It exploded in a fire ball and you can imagine how the wooden sauna smelled after that… :evil:

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