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Maybe you wonder what this spider has to do with the word sad? Well, this is a very special story…

When we were at our summer island in the summer, this spider built a spider web at our car. From the mirror to the door. We liked having him with us, so we were a bit careful opening and closing the car door because it was a very delicate web.

He seemed to like being on sightseeing tours with us too. He was going around all the island and some more with us, having his time of life. We got so used with him and to check up that he was OK, that we even named him Boris.

Boris didn’t seem to want to leave us, even though he had many opportunities to do so. He had decided that his home was behind our cars mirror. Maybe he just loved the color, who knows?

Behind the mirror was a safe place when the speed winds started, even though he seemed to enjoy hanging outside to let the wind blow in his hair.

Lifecruisers theme Sad Spider wild

It made us worried sometimes, he was pretty wild, hanging in the swinging net. You can see how he almost let go of the web threads!

But you know, we just thought: youngsters, you got to let them go a bit.

Then the summer vacation ended and the day when we should go home came. Boris did hide himself behind the mirror, determent to stay. After all: this was his home.

Lifecruisers theme Sad Spider home

So he did travel with us, from Fårö to Gotland (another island) with the small road ferry, over Gotland to Visby where the other big ferry goes over to Nynäshamn, south of Stockholm – and all the way home in Stockholm.

He took it well. As usual he enjoyed being out traveling. Only difference were perhaps that he didn’t get any beer at the ferry…. *giggles*

He had no problem to adjust to the city life, despite the fact that he was a farm boy. He did thrive, without doubt. The weeks went by.

We did have one problem with this. I didn’t want to leave the car to be washed. No, that would be too tough for Boris, what if he drowned…? Horrible thought. I couldn’t stand that. So we didn’t wash the car.

Then one day in the end of August, we did go out for some errands and Boris hanged along as usual, but either it were too windy outside this day, or Boris hadn’t maintained his web as he should. He was pretty wild hanging out there in the web while we were speeding.

When we arrived at our goal, we noticed that the web was kind of loose. Since I had my camera with me, I thought that I better take a photo of him, it might be my last chance!

Lifecruisers theme Sad Spiderweb

This above is that photo, our last photo of Boris. In a try to come close enough, we damaged his web even more… Probably he was quite mad at us, because he went back behind the mirror and that was the last sight of him.

He moved out, without any notice. It was a sad day. We had been looking forward to taking him with us on our trip to Norway…

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    Incog&Nito said:

    At least he had some great travels with you!! So nice of you to have looked after him for so long. Enjoy your weekend.

    Incog&Nitos last blog post..Photo Hunt – Sad

    Maribeth said:

    How many other spiders have that kind of travel in their lives?
    Mine is up now and I got sad remembering that time!

    Maribeths last blog post..Food

    Annie said:

    What a great story with a sad ending. But you and Boris had some good times….Great take on this sad theme!

    julie said:

    Well, at least he did spend a good time with you while you were traveling, how many spiders can say that happened to them?

    Carver said:

    I know it was hard to see Boris go but sounds like he had a great ride while it lasted. I wish someone would take me on the trips Boris got to go on with you. Although I am used to riding inside the car, hanging onto the window on the outside might be fun for a change (only if I was as small as Boris). Great take on the sad theme. Happy weekend.

    Carvers last blog post..Photohunters: Sad


    How funny that you just went with it. :) Sorry your new pet moved on without you. :(

    Lisa’s Chaoss last blog post..Frozen moments

    Napaboaniya APAD said:

    That spider is having the trip of its life :wink:

    Shinade said:

    Oh poor Boris. Now we will never know what other travels he decided to go on. But at least you showed him a good time and were most gracious host to him.

    Hey he’s one smart spider I would like to have seen the islands. :wink:

    Shinades last blog post..PhotoHunt

    Ling said:

    He probably got bored of your car and upgraded to a luxury bus or a cruise liner. One of these days, you might see Boris hanging out on a deck chair on a luxury cruise ship. :)

    Leslie said:

    What an interesting post. :)

    Leslies last blog post..PhotoHunt: Sad – Floriade, the bonsai trees

    jmb said:

    What a sad tale. Are you kidding? That spider has stories to entertain his grandchildren for years.
    Great story and the comments are pretty enjoyable too. Have a great weekend.

    jmbs last blog post..Saturday Photo Hunt — Sad

    YellowRose said:

    You are so much better than me…..that spider would have been gone the first time I saw it on my car!!! LOL Cute story though! ;)

    Sanni @ Life Through A Lens said:

    Awww… that’s sad indeed. Boris looked so friendly my usual “SP… SP… S-P-I-D-E-R!!!” didn’t even come to my mind. I swear.


    P.S.: You saw that ugly default template on my main blog b/c you should be sleeping while I’m up late night upgrading WP and playing around with my new Halloween look. Bwahahahaaa. I’m sorry for the mess… and I can’t wait to see the fabulous Lifecruiser Halloween template (again),

    Sanni @ Life Through A Lenss last blog post..Don’t be sad

    Gattina said:

    Now I sincerely doubt about your mental health ! A spider named Boris travelling with you !! Yikes ! that’s disgusting please choose a more cute pet next time, :mrgreen:

    Gattinas last blog post..


    you captured the 8-legged creature quite well…here in my country, we play with spiders, called spider-fighting on sticks. i have a post about that too

    jams O'Donnell said:

    Aww what a wonderful travelling companion that never needs a comfort breat or gets bored! We both went for spiders this week!

    jams O’Donnells last blog post..Photo Hunt – Sad

    eunice said:

    What a nice narration of a spider! It must be a really brave one, hanging on its web outside your car! I would have freaked out if I see such a spider inside our car. But sorry to hear that Boris has vanished. Perhaps one day it will appear again in your car? =)

    eunices last blog post..TRAP! Hot Springs Recreation Park

    Colin Campbell said:

    Great sad story. :sad:

    melli said:

    Well now I’m sad too! I’ve never had a pet spider travel with me… but I had a cricket that stayed down in where my windshield wipers are for several days… the kids kept wanting me to kill it or shoo it away – but I rather liked having that little travel buddy. How sad that Boris just left… I guess he had new adventures to find…

    mellis last blog post..Saturday Photo Hunt… Wordzzle…


    That was an amazing story! Boris’ departure is sad, but you know what they say– if you love something, let it go, etc etc.

    I think it’s nice that you would have such affection for a spider. It reminds me of an essay Jonathan Edwards did about spiders when he was studying in school (the Northampton revivalist reverend, Jonathan Edwards).

    I have mine up today, too. I hope you can visit and leave your link!

    Mrs. Mecombers last blog post..FFQF: John Adams on Virtue

    Cats~Goats~Quotes said:

    What a lucky spider Boris was to have found you!
    A wonderful story. Maybe he knew it was his time to go and had a final grand ride.

    ~ Maggie Mae

    gen/entryhere said:

    Cute entries. Happy weekend.

    gen/entryheres last blog post..Entrecard Changes

    Mar said:

    Boris is my son’s bestest friend ever since they met 15 years ago, which is a lot when you are 20, lol. Your Boris gives me the chills but that’s my problem, it’s sad…
    Have a nice weekend, Captain!!

    Mars last blog hunt: s a d

    Sue said:

    Great pics!!! My entry for Photo Hunters is here

    Thank you for stopping by :)

    SwordMama said:

    Aww, poor Boris! What a fun ride he got though. :D

    bonggamom said:

    Great story! I love that you named him Boris :)

    bonggamoms last blog post..Sad baby? Great photo

    TorAa said:

    You are so alike Anna: Spiders are Holy and treated well.
    Excellent story and photos.

    Our sad story is:
    We are leaving our summerhome.
    But the PH post is much more sad. I still cry.

    TorAas last blog post..PhotoHunt: SAD – October 4 -2008


    :shock: Yikes! a spider! Oh…it’s just Boris. I think he managed to catch a wind current and has moved in here. He hangs around my carport watching the cars go by. He’s such a cutie! :grin:

    Leslie in Canadas last blog post..Photo Hunters – Sad

    Angela at mommy bytes said:

    Wow, that’s amazing that you kept track of him all that time. It was sad that he finally left. Thanks for visiting!

    Angela at mommy bytess last blog post..Photo Hunters – Sad

    claudie said:

    Ho! Ho! Halloween is in the air! :cool: This is a sad story! Poor Boris! Yes, he really had a nice adventure with you two!

    claudies last blog post..The European Heritage Day in Ollioules.

    Kuanyin said:

    Naturally you two would attract a traveling spider! What more would I expect of you!? :smile:

    Boris is probably now speaking highly of your hospitality to his spider clan, and perhaps next year, the Son of Boris will show up to take a great journey with you two adventurers!

    Kuanyins last blog post..Vacation Memories

    YTSL said:

    Very interesting story! An original take on this week’s Photo Hunt theme — that’s for sure! :)

    YTSLs last blog post..Sad (This week’s Photo Hunt theme)


    This really caught my eye because we just did a spider story for our kids that travel with us virtually through the award winning non-profit Reach The World!

    I don’t usually take pictures of spiders, but there I was and looking them up on the internet as an education for them and my kidlet.

    I will have to share your cute story with them!!

    soultravelers3s last blog post..Cedeira’s Scrumptious Crustaceans

    Sanni said:

    WOOOOOO! Grattis på födelsedagen!

    ♥ ♥ ♥


    The travelling spider! And he has a name! :)
    I see you are preparing for Halloween. ^-^

    eastcoastlifes last blog post..May I take your photo? – WS #44

    Maribeth said:

    A little Norwegian Viking told me it is your birthday! Happy Birthday and many, many more!!!!

    Maribeths last blog post..October Days

    RennyBA said:

    Sorry you could not take your pet to Norway – would have been an adventures trip for him too you know :lol:

    While I’m at it: Happy Birthday dear friend – hope the Moet taste good :-)

    RennyBAs last blog post..Hunting the Nordic golden beauty of Fall

    Puss in Boots said:

    Hi Mrs Lifecruiser…I’ve just come over from Tor’s to wish you a very happy birthday and to commiserate with you on the loss of Boris. I had a spider who lived behind my wing mirror too, but like poor Boris, he disappeared one day…or expired…or made a tasty meal for one of the birds around our place!

    Puss in Bootss last blog post..Busy Week

    TorAa said:

    Happy Birthday dear Mrs Lifecruiser – from the 4 of us here in The Winterhome incl the Cats. Hugs and kisses across the border.
    purr purr mieice purrday.

    btw. We had a terrible weather last night. The wind was strong, tress felt over the el-cables and we were without power.
    The ashes in the fireplace was blown all over our living room. Our grapeplants was blown down, but the grapes saved. It rained heavy. With other words, it was about time to leave the summerhouse.


    Mar said:

    Dropping by again, but skipping the spider!!
    Wishing you a very happy birthday! a lovely day, lots of fun, all good things and much happiness, health, money and whatever your little heart desires.
    Happy birthday, Captain!!

    Mars last blog hunt: s a d

    Gattina said:

    I almost forgot (but I saw it in time) HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU !!! all the best and that ALL your wishes come true !
    Empty a couple of chapagne bottles to my health, lol !

    Nice blog dress btw !

    Gattinas last blog post..

    aka R'acquel said:

    Wonderful story! lol. Boris was clearly not the same calibre of spider as that female hunstman hiding under my car’s door handle that bit me on the finger upon trying to open it a few months ago. Makes me wonder how things would have faired if Boris was the size of a female huntsman. lol

    ipanema said:

    what a story! thanks for the visit. :)

    ipanemas last blog post..PhotoHunt: sad

    Cozykittens said:

    omg me and spiders dont go well together….

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