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Those of you that know me, probably guessed what I would choose for this “I love” theme. Travel or real love – of course. Though it is a lot of other things I love too, the sea, nature, animals, architecture, cabriolets, music, champagne, FOOD – pretty much everything!

But the thing is: I can experience a lot of diversity with ALL those things when out traveling!!!

If I don’t count our summer island where we go every summer, the last time we traveled where to Ireland in June 2006. That truly feels like an eternity for me.

My hope has been lighted that we soon will be able to travel again!

Wether or not it’s by boat… or train….
Lifecruisers contribution to theme I love travel 2

Or by air…
Lifecruisers contribution to theme I love travel 3

Or by car…
Lifecruisers contribution to theme I love travel 4

Or by foot on a wonderful beach…
Lifecruisers contribution to theme I love travel 5

The experience for me is always the same: absolutely thrilling excitement which refreshes me as much as this does:

Lifecruisers contribution to theme I love travel 6

I couldn’t make you’ll disappointed – of course, most of all I love Mr Lifecruiser – and to kiss him on all our trip’s we do together :cool:

Remember, there is so much in life that is here to ENJOY!

See also Lifecruiser travel photos at Flickr.

Captain ♥ Lifecruiser

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    Natalie said:

    Oh to be able to travel. What a wonderful thing to love! One of my dreams is to have money to travel someday. :) My photo hunt is up too! :)

    Natalie’s last blog post..Photo Hunt – I Love_______

    Caroline said:

    I love to travel too. Its been so long since I’ve had a real vacation. I so wish I had enough money, time and my own love to go with.

    Caroline’s last blog post..PhotoHunt: I Love …

    JHS said:

    Oh, man, I want to be on that ship or beach . . .

    Stop by and say happy birthday to my baby! He’s 16 on the 16th!

    JHS’s last blog post..Photo Hunt: I love . . .

    carver said:

    Great post and photographs. I love travel too although I haven’t done as much as I’d like to. I hope you have a pleasant weekend and get to travel sooner rather than later.

    carver’s last blog post..Photohunters: I love _____(fill in the blank)

    Heather said:

    All great shots but that last is just perfect!

    Heather’s last blog post..Saturday Photo Hunt: I love…


    My dear Captain, you have travelled far and wide. Love all your travel posts and envious that you are having so much fun!

    So when you plan on coming over to tropical Singapore and the mystic East! :)

    eastcoastlife’s last blog post..Photohunters – I Love Blogging …

    kissedalotatoads said:

    You are truely blessed! To be able to travel often with the love of your life. Have a great weekend, and have a Happy Thanksgiving.

    kissedalotatoads’s last blog post..Saturday Photo Hunt Theme : I LOVE ______________

    And Miles To Go.... said:

    what a beautiful life you have!! Excellent photos for today!

    And Miles To Go….’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday (#30)

    simpro said:

    i read your post about technorati fave exchange and i added your blog to my technorati favourites
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    plz fave my blog:

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    Lynn said:

    Traveling is a wonderful experience. It’s definitely greater when we are with our loved ones. That was a sweet kiss!

    Lynn’s last blog post..I Love…Who Else?…..

    liza said:

    Wonderful shots! Happy weekend :)

    liza’s last blog post..Friday’s Feast #1

    Dragonheart said:

    Fabulous photos! :) My humans love traveling too. :) Great photo of you and Mr. Lifecruiser. :)

    Here’s what I Love.

    Dragonheart’s last blog post..Photo Hunters: I Love…

    A. said:

    I agree with you so much – I love travel too! I can never have enough.

    A.’s last blog post..PhotoHunter: I love …

    RennyBA said:

    I couldn’t agree with you more than in this: traveling is exciting, educating and interesting. To meet new people in new places and explore their nature, culture and habits – and of course food.
    Thats also why I love to be part of your Cyber Cruise, to see places I’ve been to again through others eyes and places I’ve never been to yet, but would have love to go.

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend and see you all when I am back in Norway :smile:

    RennyBA’s last blog post..Ready for the Winter Season in Norway

    Melli said:

    Ohhhhhh YES! Travel Bugs R We!!! Well… not that I get to… but YOU do … occasionally! I still hold HOPE that ONE day I will get to also!!! Great choice for today Captain! And yea… I knew you’d end it with a kiss!

    Melli’s last blog post..Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt — I Love…

    Andrée said:

    You love and need water! The photo with the cruise ship and the big waves is so good. But the clincher is you and Mr. Lifecruiser: that is wonderful.

    Andrée’s last blog post..Photo Hunters: I Caught the Train

    SnoopyTheGoon said:

    Lovely choices. As long as it is not that aluminum tube with wings, I am totally with you.

    SnoopyTheGoon’s last blog post..Photohunt: I love my Treo

    Mark said:

    Hi Captain,
    I was hoping to see your butt again as I know you love to show it off….lol

    Cheers Mark

    Mark’s last blog post..Photo Hunters

    pelfy said:

    Ooooo I love to travel too, but right now I am in my final year of University, so I don’t have much time to go travelling. Have fun, yea?? :mrgreen:

    pelfy’s last blog post..Photo hunt: I Love Cheongsams

    Gattina said:

    You are a sadist talking about travel ! I just came back yesterday evening my heart hanging in my shoes and a big blues today from 32° to – 2° that’s criminal !
    We had wonderful holidays and spent the time like 3 giggling Teenagers ! I have a lot to show and write of course and as soon as I am ready I will inform you and take you all to probably several cruises !

    TorAa said:

    Oh dear Captain,
    I love the love between you and Mr Lifecruiser.
    You gave us such a great experience on your beloved Island last Summer. It’s painted in our Minds.

    Anna and Tor

    TorAa’s last blog post..Photo Hunters – November 17 – 2007

    TeacherJulie said:

    I love the first photos but the last one? I said “Ohhh…” because its the best!

    Have a great weekend :smile:

    TeacherJulie’s last blog liza

    Ev Nucci said:

    My darling Captain,
    If you only knew how sick I was. I learned how strong our relationships are in our blogging community…how important they are to me. How it impacts my life. I adore you Captain…I don’t know what I’d ever do without you.

    I’ll be back when I can catch up. But I needed to post to you this moment before I could let the day slip away…I’ve much to catch up on…but I’ve sorely missed you my friend!

    Ev Nucci’s last blog post..Mimi’s Blogblast for Peace from Murphy’s Law

    Kuanyin said:

    Like yourself, I LOVE to travel! And when I’m not physically traveling, I ARMCHAIR travel by reading about travel in travel magazines, online, or daydreaming.

    Also I love to make Inner Journeys…shamanic journeys and explore the many realms and dimensions.

    So all this traveling always keeps me busy, even if I’m just at home! :shock:

    Kuanyin’s last blog post..Saturday Is Crazy In My Neighborhood

    Cricket Games said:

    Love this blog. And simply i love travelling. I have been to Alaska and Canada over the past year. Next summer im going to Europe. Wow im already excited.



    To live is to travel or to travel is to live…

    I forgot which order Hans Christian Andersen said this quote…

    But truer words has never been spoken, I love travelling and I hope that I will continue to be able to travel for many more years.

    Top on my list of places I have been to:

    well the list goes on and on….

    Happy trails,
    Guy :roll:

    Lifecruiser said:

    True quote there Guy. Budapest is on my list too, but I’ve never thought about Krakow. Maybe I ought to look it up :-)

    When it comes to Boracay, we once (2005) were on our way there, but things went wrong. We’ll see if we ever do. We have friends that has gone to Mindoro every winter, that’s why we became interested from the beginning.

    Excuse me for asking, but how come you don’t create a blog connected to the Dumaguete site? It would certainly benefit from it, it’s more useful when it comes to communicate with us bloggers :-)


    Hi Lifecruiser…

    I thought about putting a blog on Dumagueteinfo, but I have a forum there already, so plenty of communication going on there :) I basically do the posts that would be blog posts on the forum in stead as “Travel Guide”. I am afraid users would get lost if information was posted in too many different places :)

    I got a few other Philippines related sites, I see you are from Sweden(your little flag) I am from Denmark myself but have been living in the Philippines the last 7 years.

    Mindoro is very nice too, I spent a lot of time both in Sabang and White Beach there. The only problem with Mindoro/Puerto Galera is the hassle of getting there. Boracay is more commercial, but only an hour by plane :) And the number one reason to go to Boracay… the FOOD :)

    Neat blog you have here, warm colors :)


    Lifecruiser said:

    Thanks :-) Ah yes, Guy, I saw the forum after I had posted that comment.

    I actually like Denmark more than Sweden… Danes seem to be more relaxed than us Swedes :-)

    More Philippines sites? Let me knew which ones. I’d like to check them up. Anyone on Boracay? Or someone/something else you can tip me about?

    Ah, yes, the White Beach, it’s a dream of mine… And you did mention the food, that was one of the reasons for why I did choose just Boracay, I read something about the food. I’m a hungry monster ;-)

    You just reminded me about the post I had in mind to wrote, about that canceled trip… Hm.


    A couple of the sites has Boracay sections… – my oldest site :) – big blog with a new post every day. – smaller Davao blog – new site – work in progress. Right now this site is just aging and getting ready for a total launch. I have another 50+ articles ready for this site already :)

    Actually the best beach for me in Puerto Galera is not White Beach, but PAradise beach. Totally secluded, many times you will be the only ones there. Nice big grained sand and corals just a few meters out. This beach is right before White Beach when you come from the Sabang side :)

    Boracay – I usually stay in the quiet end of the island, which is the part closest to Caticlan where the airport is located. This area is not as expensive as the main drag and it is much more quiet :)

    When you wanna party it is just a 20 min. walk down to the bars and discos…


    Lifecruiser said:

    Guy, you inspired me to wrote a post about our canceled trip – with your links in it, you can read it here:

    Almost Malaysia & Philippines

    Rentals 365 said:

    Hi i love cruising around.I love your blog.It has a great design and great information..!!

    You Rock!!

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