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Let me present for you: Öresundsbron, the cable-stayed bridge between Sweden and Denmark, constructed between 1995-1999. We took this photo 2004.

It’s weight is incredible heavy 82,000 metric tons, but not only that, it’s also the longest border crossing bridge in the world with a total length of 7,845 metres (25,738 ft).

To be able to show you the bridge properly, I had to borrow another photo. Just have a look at this aerial photo of the bridge, doesn’t it look a bit strange?

Lifecruisers contribution to theme Heavy 2
Author: H.C. Steensen
Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license

Yes, the bridge is ending out on that small islet! It goes only about halfway to Denmark, the rest of the way is through tunnels for 4,050 metres (13,287 ft) long. One 3,510 metre long buried undersea tunnel plus two 270-metre gate-tunnels.

The international European route E20 runs across the bridge, to the artificial island Peberholm (Pepper Islet) and through the tunnels, with the rail tracks beneath the E20′s four lanes.

So if and when we wanna go south to Europe, this is the road we’ll take!

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    Not participating, but wanted to comment. Wow, that’s an awesome bridge and more. What a great use for the word heavy. Have a great weekend. :)

    Comedy Plus’s last blog post..Alphabet Meme

    TorAa said:

    That’s nothing but an impressive engeering piece of art,.

    btw – yaah you are right when talking about wine. You 2 know us.
    Face by face. That was unforgettable. Still is.

    P – I have a great dream: U to be fit to come over here. U know that

    TorAa’s last blog post..HEAVY – PhotoHunter – Feb 9 – 2008

    tokenhippygirl said:

    Not only heavy, but beautiful. Would be a great drive! Happy hunting!

    tokenhippygirl’s last blog post..Photo Hunt – Heavy

    Carver said:

    That is a very impressive bridge and perfect to illustrate heavy. It’s amazing to me how structures like that every get built. I hope you have a great weekend.

    Carver’s last blog post..Photohunter: Heavy

    Mandy said:

    Amazing! I love bridges.

    Mandy’s last blog post..Saturday Scavenger Photo Hunt

    PowersTwinB said:

    Oh my God, your bridge photos made me nauseous! I would be terrifed to cross this bridge, especially the underground part! I live close to the Canadian border of Windsor,of f Michigan, USA, and we have a choice, under the water tunnel or bridge….NOTHING compared to yours! My photo is up, please visit when you can

    PowersTwinB’s last blog post..Saturday TNChick’s Photo Hunt- THEME_Heavy

    Melli said:

    BEAUTIFUL bridge!!! And HEAVY – I’m sure!

    Melli’s last blog post..Sticky Post … on comments…

    mott said:

    OH WOW!!!

    This is the most incredible bridge I’ve seen…it connects directly to a underground tunnel!!! Thanks so much for sharing!! I never knew man was capable of such an engineering feat!!!

    Mine’s just up. But it’s no engineering feat…it’s the complete opposite..ha ha! If you have the time, I’d appreciate a visit! ;-) Tks.

    mott’s last blog post..“Heavy”

    Lynn said:

    Four years of construction. The aerial view is wonderful. And the bridge looks really imposing from your own shot of it.

    Lynn’s last blog post..Heavy

    Natalie said:

    That’s a really cool bridge! I had never heard of it before.

    Natalie’s last blog post..Photo Hunt – Heavy

    SabineM said:

    Wow this is weird, I just saw this bridge in a picture in a magazine!
    What an amazing bridge. You took a lovely photo!

    SabineM’s last blog post..Earth Hour March 29th

    Corey said:

    how cool. I love your shot of it….but seeing the aerial veiw…amazing.
    happy weekend.

    Corey’s last blog post..Photo Hunters~ Heavy

    Criz Lai said:

    What a beautiful bridge and the concept of going through an underwater tunnel is great.the middle span of the bridge looked just like the one we had over here. Nice informative post you have here this week Lifecruiser.

    Come in for some fun in Criz’s Sanctuary and/or some serious matter in Insight Criz. Have a nice weekend!

    TorAa said:

    It’s an impressing engeenering work – this Bridge. Lots of Danes have settlet in the Malmo area. Taxes?
    But, from Oslo to CPH – it’s still faster Helsingborg – Helsingør.
    Besides the short rest to have a smorgaas.

    TorAa’s last blog post..HEAVY – PhotoHunter – Feb 9 – 2008

    TorAa said:

    btw. Thanks for your Wine comment. … and your result: haha, it’s you;D as close as such quizes can come. I’ll bring some bottles as usual – even Champ (we will have oysters to day). End of week 8, we will be in Mariestad. Guess with who?

    TorAa’s last blog post..HEAVY – PhotoHunter – Feb 9 – 2008

    Toni said:

    wow, what an amazing bridge. that’s a great picture, you can really imagine how it looks like. i get a bit scared going through tunnels. the longest one i’ve been to was in switzerland going to Italy.

    Toni’s last blog post..Updates with Project House

    sarge charlie said:

    what a nice choice, another thin I have a photo of and could not think to use it for heavy…..

    sarge charlie’s last blog post..Saturday Photo Scavangers Hunt, Heavy……

    Sanni said:

    The Oresund bridge is very impressive (and heavy of course). I remember when we first saw this bridge “live” – you captured it perfect ;-)

    Happy Hunting, Captain – I hope everything´s fine in the beautiful Venice of the North :mrgreen:

    Sanni’s last blog post..SPSH: European Route of Indusrial Heritage

    Hootin' Anni said:

    I’ve seen photos of this bridge before!!! heavy indeed.

    My heavy is posted…hope you can drop by and celebrate my birthday with me. Happy Hunting!

    Mia said:

    An amazing bridge! Rembering all the fuzz when it was built, now it’s the pride of Sweden. I’ve actually never gone across by car, only by train.

    Beautiful picture!

    Mia’s last blog post..Photo Hunt – Heavy

    jams o donnell said:

    What a stunning piece of engineering! Great take on this week’s theme. have a great weekend

    jams o donnell’s last blog post..Robyn (photo hunt heavy)

    marcia v said:

    Gorgeous and scarey at the same time

    marcia v’s last blog hunt Heavy

    napaboaniya said:

    :shock: really amazing bridge.. how it goes undersea it’s really awesome :)

    napaboaniya’s last blog post..Photo Hunt : Heavy

    RennyBA said:

    Good to see a master peace bridging two Scandinavian countries :grin: A very interesting and educating post too!

    Remember: You don’t need to pass a bridge to visit Tor and me :D

    RennyBA’s last blog post..Care for Women Living in Poverty

    Gattina said:

    How interesting I had already read about this bridge but didn’t know that it stops in the middle of the water and the way continues through tunnels ! Really amazing ! I only know the Eurotunnel and this by heart, but there you are under water all the time.

    Utah Mommy said:

    Wow you got very lovely photos out here. Very pretty bridge indeed! Great choice for this week’s theme. happy weekend!
    Baby Pushing Mommy

    Utah Mommy’s last blog post..Baby Pushing Mommy

    lutchi said:

    gorgeous photos, thanks for sharing.

    Mine is up at
    4SeasonsOfMyLife. Hope you can visit me too. Happy Photo Hunting.

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    A. said:

    Magnificent! These bridges, these wonderful feats of engineering, are beautiful in my eyes.

    A.’s last blog post..PhotoHunter: heavy

    Dragonstar said:

    That bridge is a work of art. Great shot, too.

    Dragonstar’s last blog post..Saturday PhotoHunt – Heavy

    claudie said:

    A very interesting post! And I’m very impresse about this building! South Europe you say!? for your trip! I become more and more curious!

    claudie’s last blog post..Vacation again

    Yen said:

    WOW! That’s sure is heavy..And the bridge looks AMAZING!

    bonggamom said:

    How amazing, it looks like a bridge that leads to nowhere….

    bonggamom’s last blog post..Heavy

    DianeCA said:

    I was of course around when that bridge opened, and I mean seriously…I will never drive there!!!! I go to Denmark (lets face it all Scandinavians go there) by boat or plane…not by car…its an island.!!! I think the tunnel would be worse then the bridge!

    DianeCA’s last blog post..Blogging activists – lets make the world a better place!

    SwordMama said:

    Wow! That is so amazing! I’ve never been under water in a tunnel before. Just tunnels going through mountains. I wonder what it looks like inside the tunnels under water. And I wonder what it would be like to have a bridge run there. So amazing!! :cool:

    SwordMama’s last blog post..Looks like…

    Kango said:

    Now that’s heck of a bridge, Captain. Does look a bit strange, ending halfway like that in the water. But then, I guess they must have their reasons for setting up tunnels under the sea. Heard the joke about the two guys who wanted a tunnel between UK and France? One started in UK and the other in France. They never met, and ended up with two tunnels. :mrgreen: Ok, so that was a bit lame, but…

    Kango’s last blog post..Sunny Acres B&B, St. Helena, California

    Siani said:

    Wow! Amazing shots, especially the second one. Have a great weekend!

    Siani’s last blog post..Another award

    Mar said:

    Impressive work!! and such nice photographs too, I love bridges, they connect people :smile:
    Happy weekend, Captain!!

    Mar’s last blog hunt: h e a v y

    Hootin' Anni said:

    Just dropping by today to send along my heartfelt thanks for such a lovely happy birthday wish! Y’all made my day so special yesterday, and I cherished every single wish left in my comments. You’re a treasure!!! Thank you kindly!!!

    Sara said:

    That certainly beats the heavy objects on my post and farm!!!
    Sara from farmingfriends

    Sara’s last blog post..Christmas Wreath And Garland Making – Green Thumb Sunday

    Byrningbunny said:

    Wow that is impressive. I’m sure it’s heavy, but it’s also interesting.
    Good choice.

    Byrningbunny’s last blog post..I’ve Been Tagged

    aka R'acquel said:

    I’d take that road for the same reasons too. Thanks for showing this, it gave a great boost to my night.

    aka R’acquel’s last blog post..Mowing My Bush – With The Psycho Flies of Leura

    Jason Pearson said:

    What a cool shot you got. I was scratching my head at the second picture–I though it had been photoshopped. (I have this terrible habit of looking at all the pictures before reading the article).

    thinkjayant said:

    that is a good shot. it gives pleasure to beginners like me who try to help other newbies to learn photography tricks to witness such amazing display of photography.

    how did you manage the aerial view..??? something i never got chance for except the top of Eiffel tower may be…


    thinkjayants last blog post..Best “catch the moment” snaps part 1

    Daniel said:

    What a wonderful bridge, one of the most incredible and beautiful ones I have seen in my time. So awesomely unique that is joins underground but I think I would be terrified climbing it due to a fear of heights which I will some day over come. What a great post this is and yet again you have left me wanting to go to the destination I thank you for this and wish you further luck. It seems to be a wonderful place to be.

    Daniels last blog post..Madrid to

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