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When we were in Scotland in 2004 and staying in a castle, the owner had a grand piano in one of the rooms. And it was no ordinary piano either, it was the Rolls Royce of Grand Piano’s: a Steinway!!!

Look at that wonderful ornamental music stand and the wonderful brown wood – I’ve never seen anything like it before or after this. A brown wooded grand piano yes, butt not quite like this.

Not only that, the owner very generously said that we were allowed to use it if we could and did feel like it…. Oh, boy, for Mr Lifecruiser, the enthusiastic piano player that don’t have a piano at home (the poor man), this was absolutely heaven.

He played…. and played…. and played… Away from time and room. And I listened. Even though I’m no piano player myself, I could clearly hear the difference in the sound in this grand piano comparing to ordinary piano’s. This was for serious music to be played upon, no easy pop music.

I suspect that even the castle atmosphere had something to do with it, it really felt MAGIC.

He later told us that this grand piano had been a wedding gift for a couple living in the castle in the 19th century, so this an old grand piano. If we don’t remember wrong, it is from 1883.

When we returned the following year, they’ve had the piano man tuning the piano at the same morning we arrived there – what a luck :-)

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26 Comments on “PhotoHunt Grand Piano Music”

    Sabine said:

    What a beautiful piece!! And it’s a nice little story too. Perfect for the theme… :)

    Thanks for visiting me! Happy Weekend!

    Carver said:

    Great post. I’m particularly amazed at the luck of having the piano tuned the morning you returned. Beautiful instrument and great for Mr. Lifecruiser to get to play it.

    Hootin' Anni said:

    It IS beautiful!! I had a steinway way back when…but dummy me, I sold it…I wish I’d never done that!!!

    RennyBA said:

    A perfect piano in a perfect surroundings with a perfect player – lucky you!

    Last time a saw and tried a piano like that was in Mariestad Cathedral – just ask Tor:-)

    RennyBA said:

    Another thing:

    Your forgotten to favor my new blog at Technorati too! Everybody else is welcome to do so as well of course:

    deb said:

    It really is a beauty!
    I always wished I could play the piano. Short, stubby fingers, however ;~)

    Have a great weekend!

    Sword Girl said:

    We were talking about pianos this morning, how D should get piano lessons.

    What a Beauty! :-)

    Gattina said:

    It is a nonsense I don’t like piano music AT ALL except when it’s played by Elton John or Richard Clayderman ! Or maybe in Rock or Pop music, but no t classical. BUT I love to look at them and admire the artwork and this one indeed is a special beautiful piece. BTW did you get my email ?

    Sword Girl said:

    There is gonna be a taste of Charleston at the beginning of October. It’s gonna be in the same plantation house as the other festival that I couldn’t go to. It’ll have lots of foods from here. :-)

    Lifecruiser said:

    Well, not exactly forgotten to add you – I’ve a bit problem adding you.

    You see, Technorati has put a temporarily stop for adding more Technorati Faves than 200 and I’m way over that, so I can’t add it manually.

    I use a special program (engtech’s technorariff) for adding favorites automatically instead, that seem to pass by this limitation, but for some unknown reason it doesn’t seem to be able to add yours! Very annoying yes!

    Let’s hope Technorati is letting go of this limitation soon and I’ll add you :-)

    Lifecruiser said:

    Well, I’m not that into classical music either, but some are very pleasant when listening live :-)

    There are some people that are just god’s when it comes to playing, whether it is piano, guitars or whatever instruments. Like Elton John and even a Swedish paino player: Robert Wells.

    Yes, got your email and answered it :-)

    Lifecruiser said:

    How fun! So, I’ll put it up in the cruise schedule then: The Charleston Festival :-)

    Lifecruiser said:

    I would also regret ding such thing, but I guess you felt it to be the right thing to do then and we shouldn’t cry over spilled milk hah? *giggles*

    mar said:

    I love piano , can’t play though! Love to have a drink where there is live piano music, ahhhhh!

    Kissedalotatoads said:

    What a beautiful antique. Sounds like your hubby was in heaven and felt honored to be able to play it. After they tuned it, I hope he got to play it again. Have a good weekend.

    Melli said:

    Howwwwww beauuuuutiful! Mmmm!

    Gina said:

    I always read the posts in reverse so I can see what I missed and can really see you and the Cap’n shaking the rump around! I am working on my missive amidst scrubbing the deck and chasing the scurvy of the seas: the pox! Carry on!

    Joyce said:

    wonderful photos…happy hunting

    claudie said:

    This piano is marvelous! Mr. Lifecruiser is really a gentleman! I imagine it must be so romantic for you hearing your prince playing piano in a castle!
    We should have a such one in our Lifecruiser Ship in the Ball’s room!

    Maribeth said:

    Isn’t that a beautiful piano!

    meeyauw said:

    I am drooling! And so envious! That piano is a work of art. A masterpiece.

    And Miles To Go.... said:

    what a beautiful piano!! Stunning.

    chase said:

    That looks like a grand piano indeed!

    A. said:

    Wonderful! beautiful pictures and a great story. Sadly I’m not so very musical but I do enjoy listening. Lovely choice for this week (or is it now last week? – sorry to take so long to be able to get round to commenting).

    Joe said:

    That’s a lovely story. Great pics too.

    Joe x


    What a marvelous piano; such white keys! Looks like the owners have been giving it the treatment it deserves.

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