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I think this photo turned out really funny distorted. Yep, it’s me holding a golf club, Mr Lifecruiser’s new driver, but no no, I’ve not played with it – not THAT one ;-)

Read more in my earlier post Golf pleasures in and out, if you haven’t already!

Facts about Swedish Golf:

Number of golf courses in July 2007 in Sweden were a total of 499. Of them were 282 golf courses 18 holes courses, the rest were up to 36 holes. In our capital Stockholm there were 63 golf courses up to that month.

Sweden has 9,196,227 inhabitants and is to the surface at similar size as California, just to give you an idea of it. There was, in July 2007, counted 587 013 members in the Swedish Golf Association.

How ever, the number of members have decreased from 2004 and even before that a change could be noticed: not so big increase any more as earlier. Of course, it has to stop somewhere, but now members really are dropping off.

There can be several reasons for that. One is the bad weather the past years, another is that people have a more tough situation now. It has been expensive to buy into a golf club and golf is a time consuming sport.

Many have a very tough and demanding situation at their jobs today. Many has lost their jobs and have problems getting a new one.

Maybe they’re not allowed to play golf as a way to socialize with expected customers any longer either, as the case very often were during some years. The company supported them to take their golf licenses.

So, less money and time for golfing in the over stressed Swedish society today, which is a pity, because stress is bad to your health. Golf is without doubt a really good exercise to keep you in shape.

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45 Comments on “PhotoHunt Golf self-reflection”

    Sue said:

    Great take on the theme! I have never been much of a golfer, but my father used to love it :) Happy photo hunting!

    Sues last blog post..Photo Hunters – self (yourself or part of you)

    RennyBA said:

    So what’s your favourite club then: Wood or Iron? :lol:

    I try the best I can to hold up Swedish Golf as both me and Diane has been a member since 05′, but the again: we’re Norwegians.

    Your right: Nothing is more relaxing and health caring as golf. As you can see from the flag on my signature: you know where we are right now and can probably guess what we will do tomorrow – outdoors :lol:

    RennyBAs last blog post..Internet intelligence for teens

    RennyBA said:

    Hey: How come the signature flag is Norwegian – don’t your system believe I’m in Sweden? :lol:

    RennyBAs last blog post..Internet intelligence for teens

    DianeCA said:

    Hehehe Renny beat me to it!! yup we support our ‘local’ club at our home away from home in Sweden. We will have to play someday…by the way you should go into imvu…there is a surprise for you there :wink:

    DianeCAs last blog post..My personal therapists

    claudie said:

    Original choice for the theme! We have not so many golf course here. Grass needs water and water is rare by us! golf is very expensive and this is not a popular sport here. But I’m sure it must be a nice practice to forget the stress! My secret against the stress: blogging!!! and LOVE!

    claudies last blog post..Self

    Kuanyin said:

    Great photo! My S.O. is a crazed golfer, and over here on Maui the courses are still packed PLUS higher fees! :shock:

    Kuanyins last blog post..Lost and Found

    Maribeth said:

    That is brilliant! I love your take on the theme! Boring me used my old face!

    Maribeths last blog post..Saturday Scavenger Photo Hunt

    Carver said:

    That is a cool photograph. Great take on the theme and an interesting post.

    Carvers last blog post..Photohunt: Self

    julie said:

    And your favorite club would be…? :wink:

    Love this shot! Have a great weekend!

    julies last blog post..The Eyes Are the Windows to the Soul

    napaboaniya said:

    Lovely reflection on the golf club :) Creative picture too!
    Have a good weekend!!

    napaboaniyas last blog post..Photo Hunt – Self

    bonggamom said:

    Great photo and you are such a naughty minx, you :)

    bonggamoms last blog post..Me, me, me!

    Ling said:

    Captain, you have huge feet. What size shoes do you wear? :)

    Lings last blog post..Beach vacation without the beach?

    libertybelle said:

    :mrgreen: That is very original! Great photo!
    How wonderful to see all the photo hunters!
    Happy Weekend

    libertybelles last blog post..Saturday Photo Hunt – The Theme is "Self"

    kissedalotatoads said:

    I like how you did that! That sure is an awfully shiny golf club too. Have a great week.

    kissedalotatoadss last blog post..Saturday Photo Hunt Theme: SELF

    marcia @ joyismygoal said:

    oh noe that is so well done

    marcia @ joyismygoals last blog post..Photo Hunt Me or part of me

    Dragonstar said:

    I’ve never been all that interested in golf, partly because of the difficulty of getting to a course and the expense when there, but I absolutely love your reflection-shot!

    Dragonstars last blog post..Saturday PhotoHunt – Self

    jams o donnell said:

    Wow that’s a great photo. A really inventive take on this week’s theme. Happy weekend

    jams o donnells last blog post..Photo Hunt – Self

    Alice said:

    :mrgreen: What a great photo!! I’ve never golfed, but I did write a poem one time about all the things I would rather be doing than chasing a little while ball around, haha. I’ll have to see if I can find that one again, it’s here somewhere, I’m sure.

    My post is here:
    Photo Hunters

    Or visit my whole blog:
    I Was Born2Cree8

    Alices last blog post..FREE HUGS

    Reba said:

    Bark! Woofenderful pikture. I bet no one else thought of that kind.

    See my picture of me:
    Photo Hunters

    And my dog blog is here:
    Reba’s Run

    Rebas last blog post..Post It Note – here until I take it down.

    The Urban Buddha said:

    Love it!! :mrgreen: That is such a cool capture! One of today’s favourites! :lol: Have a great day!

    Liz said:

    Wow! Amazing photo!

    Lizs last blog post..Saturday Photohunt – Self

    A. said:

    Wonderful shot! Such a shiny club :) I’m not in any way interested in golf myself I’m afraid but my husband used to be very keen until an injury prevented him.

    A.s last blog post..PhotoHunter: self

    June said:

    Very clever! I used to be an avid golfer until my shoulder problems…still play now and then…just never know what I’m going to “get” now when doing it. Sometimes good, sometimes horrid.

    Junes last blog post..Berries To Be

    Hootin' Anni said:

    You did good….if I were to use my hubby’s clubs I’d be deported!

    Mine’s posted. “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours”. [and it's not what you think! ::giggles::]

    feefifoto said:

    Wow! What a creative shot!

    feefifotos last blog post..Photo Hunters: I Want Glasses

    Gattina said:

    Hahaha ! It looks like my son’s feet and legs but without the golf club !

    Gattinas last blog post..

    Randi said:

    Wow…what a great photo!
    A really creative take on this week’s theme.
    Önskar dig en riktigt skön helg!

    Randis last blog post..PHOTOHUNT – SELF

    sarge charlie said:

    :smile: wow, what a nice photo….

    ann said:

    That was a neat shot!! Great idea for this week’s theme…

    Come see mine…

    anns last blog post..Saturday Photo Hunt = Self

    Heather Young said:

    That is a brilliant shot–and I think my favorite this week!

    Heather Youngs last blog post..Saturday Photohunt: Self

    CrAzY Working Mom said:

    Hah! Wonderful shot. What a great idea.

    CrAzY Working Moms last blog post..Saturday Photo Hunt – Yourself

    gengen said:

    Its very creative and nice happy hunting!

    gengens last blog post..Photo Hunters – Self

    Mar said:

    Love it, Captain!! although it is not a maritime portrait ::wink::

    Mars last blog hunt : self

    Jason said:

    The photo is crystal clear, I just admire the resolution. What lens do you use? Have a nice weekend.

    Melli said:

    Hmmmm… I really do wonder now if the situation is the same here in the U.S. … it has always been common practice for businessmen to “do business” on the golf course. But with the economy the way it is right now, EVERYbody is cutting back on frivolity… I wonder if Big Business America has quit paying for “Business Golf”. I’ll have to see what I can find out. And I wonder if the 3 martini lunches will be next! Mmm mmm mmm…. how will we woo clients away from our competitors? Maybe we’ll actually have to offer a BETTER product!!!

    By the way — that’s a very cool shot of you!

    Mellis last blog post..Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt … MY Body Part??? Ugh!

    Leslie said:

    That’s an excellent picture! You are clever!

    Leslies last blog post..PhotoHunt: Me – Portofino Memory

    Byrningbunny said:

    :idea: Incredible shot!! That was a great idea!

    Byrningbunnys last blog post..Three Beautiful Things

    tutubi said:

    oh, come over to my part f the blogosphere and i’ll show you another golf course :P

    cooper said:

    That is a great photo cruiser. I’m not a golfer but one od my readers is an avid golfer. It is a pretty expensive endeavor for most though. I ‘ll have to email him this link – he might want to try a golf club photo.

    Steven and Aisha said:

    Wow! Cool shot of yourself! :D

    Steven and Aishas last blog post..Camera Critters- Toko

    Stefen said:

    Wow! Photo is cool!


    That thing is crazy looking..Wonder if they’ll come out with a left handed version anytime soon

    Tour Golf Blogs last blog post..Erik Compton Misses La Quinta Q-School Final by 1 Stroke

    steve fitzpatrick said:

    Hi there this is a very interesting article about Nordic golf. I have been a very keen golfer since my very early years now and I haven’t yet had the pleasure of playing golf in Europe. What is it like in your part of the world at this time of the year? Surely it cant be much better for golf than in the UK? Check out my simple golf swing review for a similar blog on what challenges you can meet at this time of year.

    Angel said:

    Great photo and very interesting your information about Swedish Golf.

    If you want also know about Spanish Golf get into

    GolfMan said:

    Nice photo, and interesting read. As an avid US golfer, I’m sorry to hear of the decline in Sweden, and I’m curious if that trend has continued or not. I would love the opportunity to play in your beautiful country someday.

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