Venice is one of the travel destinations that is high up on our wish list to go, so naturally I loved this Venice picture enough to take a photo with my iPhone’s camera to show you.

Sweden, Stockholm Venice picture

Stockholm also has a lot of waterways, so no wonder it’s called the northern Venice. I guess we would feel completely at home in the real Venice the day we get there…

Many of my photos on this blog lately are from my iPhone, I really love how easy it is to send them to different social networks. Perfect for a travel blogger like me!

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    Indeed Venice is a wonderful destination to travel to.
    My recommendation is to do it during summer time. I was there both during summer and autumn and the latter was quite disappointing, too much rain to enjoy the rare beauty of this place.

    Emma said:

    Never been to Venice (really want to go, it looks and sounds crazy/amazing)- but I really miss Stockholm already!

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