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Mrs Lifecruisers contribution to theme Signs
We see these signs every summer on Fårö, at the wall at Kutens Bensin, the old gas station that is an Rock club playing old vinyl LP and often with live bands. A really cool and unique place!
Kutens Bensin on Fårö

Comments on Photo Scavenger Hunt Signs

  • 1
    Michele UNITED STATES said:

    That is a really pretty shot. I love the colors.

  • 2
    viamarie PHILIPPINES said:

    I’m interested in the rock club. I haven’t gone to one in such a long time.

    My photo is up now.

  • 3
    Dani UNITED STATES said:

    I love old signs! Great photo. Take care. Dani

  • 4
    Wystful 1 UNITED STATES said:

    As always, Lifecruiser, your photos are stupendous and quite unique in their own right. Love your description too.

    My Saturday Photo is posted.

  • 5
    Debbie UNITED STATES said:

    So cool! You are really getting some cool shots on your trip. I am sure you are having lots of fun too!
    My signs are up! Hope you have a super Saturday!

  • 6
    Mandy NETHERLANDS said:

    That looks such a pretty place. Reminds me of an old village with pretty flowers everywhere and cobble streets.

    Mandy :=)

  • 7
    Pam UNITED STATES said:

    GREAT shot!! Love it. Have fun.. see ya when you get back.

  • 8
    Chi UNITED STATES said:

    What a cool collage of signs…the Red Rose coffee one sounds interesting. *s*

  • 9
    GoofyJ UNITED STATES said:

    I love this pic! :) I played too.

  • 10
    Michael UNITED STATES said:

    Very cool photo!

  • 11
    Maribeth UNITED STATES said:

    Great pictures. I love your signs!

  • 12
    Denise UNITED STATES said:

    Nice photo…as always! The flowers made this shot very nice!

  • 13

    That is so cool.

  • 14

    Those must be fairly old signs by the looks of them.

    Hope your having a good time!

  • 15

    very nice! mine’s up! ;)

  • 16
    Robert Stengard UNITED STATES said:

    I’ve been to FÃ¥rö many times over the years but have never visited Kutens. Have fun. Hope the weather’s decent and the wind keeps the algae out to sea.

  • 17
    carmen UNITED STATES said:

    Sorry I missed your signs post. How did that happen? I like your little vacation poem above. :)

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