~ Red Light District ~
Mrs Lifecruisers contribution to theme Red
Our kind of porn star
Here to be touched, used and loved.
© Lifecruiser (Home, Computer mouse)

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31 Comments on “Photo Scavenger Hunt Red”


    hi, i hope you feeling better. what a great pic.
    i’ve gotten sick in all parts of the world so i choose to go to sterile places to eat, plus with a 3 year old i try to make sure he won’t get sick either, so far so go.
    Congrats on getting nominated. I’ll write a post on monday and have already voted.
    I hope you win!!!!!!!!!!!

    Lifecruiser:Thanks x 2 and Yes, I seem to be a bit better at least, going a bit slow though :-)

    mar SPAIN said:

    That’s the nicest porn star! great choice, happy saturday!

    Lifecruiser: It is hah? *lol* Thanks, I’ll pop over and check out your PSH :-)

    Nils BELGIUM said:

    I thought it would either be an IR mouse or an alien orchid. You see, first hunch is always best. We’ve got all kinds red going over at the 365 thing on Flickr this week. I’m going to have to go into rehab over red I think. Like I said in my comment on NDNL, good luck and I’m voting for ya!

    Lifecruiser: Oh, my, that sounds tough, I might not dare to go over there and have a look ;-) And THANKS x millions for the voting :-)

    Suzy UNITED STATES said:

    I think I’m bit ‘touched’ in the brain! :lol: Matter of fact, due to lesions on the brain, I KNOW I am touched! What is your picture?? I think it’s so pretty and the red is awesome, but what is it? hehe

    Lifecruiser: He he… it’s more fun to not know I think: a mouse… But in Swedish is getting more fun.. *teasing*


    Very cool choice for the theme.

    Lifecruiser: Yes, I think soooo toooo :-)

    Heather UNITED STATES said:

    This is an awesome photo. VEry red.

    Lifecruiser: Thanks. Yes, very very red! *lol*


    Love the idea! And I thought I was creative :)

    Lifecruiser: Thanks! well, everybody is creative in it’s own way and that’s just what makes it so interesting to look around what all the others got up :-)

    Terri UNITED STATES said:

    Well, I admit….I’m stumped on what this is exactly, but it’s a very pretty shade of red. And…I did go and vote you.

    Lifecruiser: He he… Yes, it’s pretty - and useful: Mr L’s computer mouse!


    :razz: That’s a really cool red thingamajig..
    I did a post for you. And I’ll vote again when it lets me..

    Lifecruiser: Wooohoooo! That’s sounds bloody marvelous! I’ll pop over to you as usual :-)

    eph2810 UNITED STATES said:

    hm - sorry I really can’t see what it is…

    Tried to vote again, but wouldn’t let me. I guess I have to wait 24hrs.

    Lifecruiser: It’s Mr L’s computer mouse :-) Thanks Iris. Yes, it has to go 24hrs between the votes, so make it a daily thing.

    GoofyJ UNITED STATES said:

    Cool photo. :) Mine is up

    Lifecruiser: Thanks GoofyJ :-)

    Sunflower CANADA said:

    I love your four RED a lot! Thanks for sharing with us. I will come back next time!

    Welcome to my Sunflower blog too!

    Mine is up!

    Lifecruiser: Thanks Sunflower :-) I’ll pop over to you too!


    LOL -very cute!!!
    Very red!!

    Mine’s up too
    Happy Saturday!

    Lifecruiser: Thanks LibertyBelle :-) I’ll have to pop over to check you out!

    Carol M. UNITED STATES said:

    Clever you! I thought it was a mouse……LOL…Great shot….I like people who think outside the box!

    Mine is up..

    Happy Weekend!

    Lifecruiser: Thanks Carol :-) I hope your weekend is wonderful. I’ll pop over to check you out :-)

    Sanni GERMANY said:

    First thought: This is what I call red… :shock: looks fascinating! But… what…?
    Second thought: Infrared computer mouse?! :-)
    Great choice!

    Have a great weekend,


    P.S.: Made some noise for you on the contest a few minutes ago. I´ll keep my fingers crossed!

    Lifecruiser: Thanks Sanni, that’s so sweet of you :-) Hace a wonderful weekend you too!

    eija FINLAND said:

    Ehh… a mouse??? Looks more like a U.F.O. *grin*

    Lifecruiser: Yes, and I thought so at first too, a space ship :-)

    abe-hap AUSTRALIA said:

    :-}} very good, it made me laugh.

    Lifecruiser: I’m glad for that abe-hap :-)

    Melli UNITED STATES said:

    That’s a MOUSE??? Looks like condoms! Or something… ROFL!!!

    Lifecruiser: Well, Melli, you should only know what we call a mouse in Swedish… *LOL*

    pamela said:

    Is it a mouse?! lol I really can’t tell for sure what it is my guess was a silicone breast implant! I know that’s terrible but that is what came to mind! :cool:

    Lifecruiser: Ha ha ha… yes, it really can look like a lot of things…!!!

    Shoshana UNITED STATES said:

    This great…so what is that exactly? I am not sure I can tell.

    I tried to compare it to my mouse, but I am not sure it’s alike…it has red light under it too. The mouse I mean.

    Lifecruiser: Thanks. It’s a different one for yours, with light from the side too :-)

    Janet UNITED STATES said:

    it totally looks like a mushroom from Mars!

    Lifecruiser: He he, I love that idea :-)

    Danella UNITED STATES said:

    LOL is that a mouse? How funny! Great interpretation!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and your comments…. you should totally do a photoblog in addition to this one! I’ve thought about doing both because I do miss the “talk” aspect of a regular blog.

    Lifecruiser: Yes, it’s Mr Lifecruisers mouse :-) Yes, I know what you mean. I’ve missed having a photoblog where I can post more photos without words! But I guess I stick to this one, because I have no time for two blogs.

    Gattina BELGIUM said:

    I think we didn’t have the same computer using hours ! I just discovered this strange “red zone” picture. Besides the color red, where is the zone ? In our red zone there is always a knitting lady sitting in a window. and when the seat is empty and the knit work lays on the chair that means she is working ! Here I don’t see any work !

    Lifecruiser: My god, Gattina, you’re not allowed to see the work! How would it look, disposing that kind of material on this honorable blog! Scandal! And we don’t sell that movie by other secret sources either ;-) Of course, you can think out some very good bribe, but I still can’t guarantee anything… *lol*

    beth UNITED STATES said:

    Mrs. Lifecruiser - thanks for coming by :) I have been voting for you. You are right, us little blogs need to stick together. We will fight those big ol’ elephants! HEH!

    Lifecruiser: Thank you so much for your support Beth :-) We ants must do what we can to have any chance against the elephants hah? *lol*

    Jenny AUSTRALIA said:

    Great idea! At first glance it looks like it belongs in the sea rather than next to a computer :)

    Lifecruiser: Thanks Jenny. Yes, I’m not really sure what it looks liike, I think it’s a cameleont, it changes ;-)

    Caylynn GERMANY said:

    Very cool! :cool: What a neat shot of a computer mouse. Really red. :)

    Thanks for stopping by and have a good day. :)

    Lifecruiser: Thanks Caylynn! It turned out rather unusual yes, but cool :-)

    Retro Girl UNITED STATES said:

    What an interesting picture for this theme! :0)

    Happy Holidays!

    Mine’s up

    Lifecruiser: Thanks Retro Girl. Happy holidays you too :-)


    Uh can you send that alien flying saucer thingy over here if you think it will increase my libido!

    I think you’ve had enough of it already! :-)

    Lifecruiser: Don’t scare me like that! I might get wounds for life. I’ll have enough to send a lot over to you to! here you go…. *flying hearts*


    Very creative as usual!!! I’m voting for ya!!
    Thanks for stopping by the “Garden!”

    Lifecruiser: Thanks YellowRose! You’re always such a lovely rose :-)

    Tricia CANADA said:

    Looks like a glowing UFO to me. - at first glance anyway. :)

    Lifecruiser: Yes, that was my first impression too, then all the other came too… *lol*

    Teena CANADA said:

    Cool pic! Sorry I missed in on Saturday!

    Lifecruiser: Thanks Teena. no problem at all, better late than never :-)

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