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Mrs Lifecruisers contribution to theme Old
Take a peep through the old window and you see the old chick – ME! The window is from an old barn at FÃ¥rö in Swedens east coast. It was excellent summer weather and temperatures about 30 degrees Celsius, which is about 86 Fahrenheit. We had that weather for about a week – followed by 4 weeks with rain all day long! It sure was a wet July last year…
NOTE: No, I was not naked, I did wear an old bikini!

35 Comments on “Photo Scavenger Hunt Old”

    tnchick said:

    I see you!! That’s a very old lookin’ window pane.

    P.S. My old photo will be up in just under 2 hours at midnight CST – I have it set to auto publish.

    Skittles said:

    LOve it!!! VEry cool and awesome reflection. :)

    mar said:

    Very artistic! I love it! I can’t imagine Sweden with 30ºC, although I have been in Denmark with that temperature…beautiful old window.

    Mandy said:

    I can just about see you in your flashy bikini Mrs Lifecruiser lol.. great photo for this weeks theme :)

    Wystful1 said:

    This is perfect OLD………NOT you!! But the window. Great choice!!

    LibertyBelle said:

    That is one fine old window!
    Det ligner mange gamle vinduer i Danmark, især stald bygninger. I københavn har mange af de gamle lejligheder stadig sådan nogen gamle vinduer, som er malede lag på lag!
    Fantastisk billede!
    Tak for det!
    My Saturday Photo Hunt is up.

    Chi said:

    Oh, I love old barns! And, I can see the bikini too. Great choice today! :smile:

    Caroline said:

    Very cool looking window. Great photo.

    My SPH is up but my server is having problems hit “REFRESH” or “RELOAD” a few times and it will come up. SO SORRY.

    Melli said:

    Hi LC… I tried to leave a comment last night and the Internet God’s were not in my favor — kept timing out. We’ll try this again now!

    I LOVE your old window! I think old architecture – be it barns, churches, banks or whatever is the BEST! Old just has so much more character than anything new!!! This is a great “old”!

    (and thanks for stopping by mine – even though there was no comment here from me!)

    Viamarie said:

    Fantastic choice.

    Thanks for dropping by. Hope you get to come and see our country soon.

    Tutu said:

    Old windeows are very popular now to hang on walls. Neat.

    Denise said:

    Nice photo! I see you!:razz:

    Frances said:

    I am always surprised when I see my reflection in a photo – somehow I always think I will remain without reflection like Dracula. haha.
    My own pic is up.
    See you next week or before,

    Karen said:

    I love to take pictures of old windows and reflections- good shot!

    Michael said:

    I love the weathering effects on the window pane! Lovely photo!

    eph2810 said:

    What an awesome old window. I love old stuff. :razz:
    Thank you for sharing.

    GoofyJ said:

    Awesome, unique photo! :)

    Stacie said:

    That picture is awesome! I wish I had that old window. We had one that we were going to put a mirror in and hang on the wall, but it disappeared…not sure what happened to it. I played too. stacie


    That is an awesome photo! Love the reflection!

    Mine is up…Happy Saturday!

    Lyndsay said:

    That is a great picture! Oh and what perfect summer weather! Here it is always in the mid 100′s. Till at least October! Yuck!

    My old is up too. :)

    Pam said:

    Very creative and artistic. Love that we can almost see you in the reflection. :grin: Thanks for sharing.
    Mine’s up, Pam

    DayByDay4-2Day said:

    yep I see you!!!!:grin:

    Loni said:

    Very neat & interesting picture!

    My SSH pic is up too!

    goofy girl said:

    Cool shot!

    Zoots Mom said:

    Great picture

    Carmen said:

    Isn’t it funny the things you can take photos of and see something in them that others might not see? Nice shot.

    Sariah said:

    That is such a cool picture! I love old buildings and that window is perfect!

    Michelle said:

    Ha I never would have thought you were nekkid until you mentioned it. I love old buildings – great shot

    Kelly said:

    What a cool picture. I like how we can see the outline of you taking the picture, that’s really cool! Great shot!

    Dave said:

    Great photo! However it doesn’t look like you’re wearing a bikini.

    Strong Enough said:

    That is a great window! Love the photo!

    Philosophical Karen said:

    I love that OLD window. Can’t see much of the OLD bikini though. :razz:

    My Saturday photo is up.

    Janet said:

    I can’t seeeeeeeeeeeee you!

    Pat said:

    Love the photo and the way it was taken.

    Shash said:

    I love window frames, especially old ones! I once made a photo collage for a friend of mine as a gift and she loved it.

    Sorry I’m late replying to this, I’m playing catch up!

    Have a great week!!


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