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Memory for life x 2

This is a photo of a road cross box up in the mountain at Crete in Greece, a memory for life - the life of someones near and dear one. Very often with a photo of the passed away person and a candle or some flowers inside it too. I didn’t get the chance to take any closeup of it since it were kind of dangerous to make a stop…

Sadly enough we saw these kind of cross boxes EVERYWHERE up in the mountain and it was not hard to understand since these roads were very narrow and curved - up and down the mountains all the time. You can see the edge of the road there, no road fences almost anywhere… Phew!

This trip to Crete was also another kind of memory for life for us, since it were our honeymoon and an unbelievable beautiful place to visit. We’ll hold it as one of our dearest memories for the rest of our life!

© Lifecruiser (Crete, Greece 2004)

NOTE: Every comment is equally welcome, even if you’re not participating in this Photo Hunt-thing, we LOVE all comments :-)

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21 Comments on “Photo Scavenger Hunt Memory”


    Welcome to the Photo Hunt!

    My photo is up too:

    Wishing you a prosperous new year with great memories…

    Lifecruiser: Thanks Wonderdawg, but we’ve been participating since it started :-) A hilarious happy new year to you too!

    Carol M. UNITED STATES said:

    I have an almost morbid curiosity about burial and cemetaries. I think this is so unique and lovely. A beautiful photo, truly…

    Mine is up too.

    Happy Saturday!

    Lifecruiser: Thanks Carol. I can understand that interest, because it’s something special in the atmosphere in cemetaries. I guess it’s the wind of history blowing there… *lol*

    Debbie UNITED STATES said:

    The picture is very stunning and the box makes it more interesting especially knowing the reason for the box. Here in USA there are lots of road side wreaths and crosses that one sees traveling or just driving around town! Crete must have been a wonderful place to honeymoon!

    Mine is up. I hope you and Mr. L are having a fun and loving weekend!

    Lifecruiser: Thanks Debbie. Yes, Crete were the most wonderful choice of honeymoon place. so wonderful that we want to go back some day again!

    Well, yes, we’re having a fun weekend - birthday party’s have been attended again. Phew.

    Neil PHILIPPINES said:

    The tranquil yet vast dept of the blue landscape makes the contrast of the box and the background really dramatic. Very memorable… and nostalgic…

    Sorry if I’ve only stumbled in this blog just now. In the Philippines, it’s apparently very hard to internet surf… our data cables jammed because of an earthquake.

    Advanced Happy Valentines! :grin:

    Lifecruiser: Yes, I think so too Neil. Very nostalgic.

    Wow. An earthquake again. I’m not sure I like to hear that information since we have our friends on their way there! But they’re landing in Thailand first, otherwise they would be there right now. I hope you get back the internet connection soon!

    chase NORWAY said:

    Happy New Year to you!

    And that picture gives someone a sense of tranquility. Love the blue horizon. Very nice!

    Lifecruiser: … and a hilarious happy new year to you too Chase! Thanks, yes the pic is very tranq. Even better in real life of course! *lol*

    Heather UNITED STATES said:

    Stunning! So tranquil, yet the story really adds to the beauty.

    Mine is up.

    Lifecruiser: Thanks! Yes and I almost tremble of the memories… *S*


    Beautiful photo - what colors!
    I haven’t been on Crete but I’ve been twice to Samos.
    Everything was painted light blue and white! They even white-washed the trunks of the trees! I love it there.
    Ha’ det bra!
    ps - mine’s up too

    Lifecruiser: Thanks LibertyBelle. Well, I think all the Greece islands is worth a visit actually and there is many of them that has that blue and white you talked about, but not Crete that much actually. Crete is Greece biggest island and with all the mountains and cristal clear ater it’s stunning.

    Tanya HONG KONG said:

    What a sweet idea!

    I played too!

    Lifecruiser: Yes, isn’t it?

    tnchick UNITED STATES said:

    Beautiful photo… what would we do without memories? I know I’d be suffering without them.

    Lifecruiser: Thanks TNChick. Yes, it would be a dull world without memories!


    Greece is a beautiful place. My parents went there once, and they say the sceneries there are ABSOLUTELY amazing! Especially Santorini, an island of Greece.

    It’s too bad my parents can’t afford to go honeymoon there last time when they got married. But maybe I can :-)

    Lifecruiser: It truly is, all the greek islands - and the water is crystal clear, quite amazing! I do hope you can go there some day, it’s so worth it!


    The blue sky is awesome!

    Lifecruiser: Yes, it really is something huh? And even better in real life! YUMMY! I wanna go there just by thinking of it!

    eph2810 UNITED STATES said:

    Thank you for sharing the memories x 2…

    I would have love to visit Crete when we still lived in Germany - by never had the chance - maybe one will day we will make it there before our time is up here on earth…

    Lifecruiser: Oh, I do hope so because it’s really, really worth it! It’s a fantastic place, no wonder that people keep coming back there year after year!

    mar SPAIN said:

    Spanish people place flowers… for some reason I always think they are young people who left us and their parents are the ones bringing flowers to the place these people saw last… I guess mourning is a very personal thing and hard to cope with, so the mere intellectual process isn’t enough: you have to do something, create something physical…
    The incredibly blue sky gives the box a positive , optimistic touch.
    Happy sunday :)

    Lifecruiser: We do so too in Sweden, putting flowers. Maybe not for many years, but when it happened recently.

    Gattina BELGIUM said:

    I stopped by twice yesterday, but apparently you were still in bed ! It’s strange most of the people here put something sad as memories, even you ! I have never been to Greece, but that’s on my travel list !

    But now I wanted to ask you something. I had been contacted by a guy (I don’t know how he found me) because they needed somebody to write about Belgium. As I consider it as my country, although I still have the German passport I found the idea great, I agreed and did it for the first time today.

    It’s a Blog called TOPICS FROM 192 COUNTRIES and one person per country posts there about its own country. Now I thought about you, because they are looking for some Swedish person. If you don’t want to do it, maybe you know somebody, it’s really very interesting !
    The link is :

    You will find everything there.

    Lifecruiser: Well, I just knew you would say something like that Gattina and actually you were quite right! Since we went to bed after 5 in the morning (!) we weren’t quite up to writing a post in the morning, woke up late and then we had to rush because we had TWO birthday party’s to attend, beginning in the afternoon! Phew! It can be exhausting to have fun :-)

    Wonderful idea about the 192countries. I looked it up and applyed, so we’ll see if I’m going to be acknowledged :-) Your post was an EXCELLENT post Gattina, so did even Mr Lifecruiser think. Well written. We’re looking forward to the upcoming ones too.

    Sanni GERMANY said:

    Beautiful picture - it fits perfectly to the theme. We´ve been to Corfu, Greece in summer 2006. They place these “memory boxes” as well… in different sizes and styles - litlle houses, towers, etc.

    Ha en trevlig helg!

    Lifecruiser: Thanks Sanni :-) Oh, yes, all the Greek islands is wonderful!!! I wanna go to all of them! *lol* Ah, nice of you to write have a nice weekend in Swedish! Cool :-)

    deb UNITED STATES said:

    I’ve never seen cross boxes before…how unusual.
    I imagine Greece must be a beautiful place. My brother-in-law travels to Greece 2 or 3 times a year on business. I keep asking him if he needs a chaperone ;~)

    Lifecruiser: They were everywhere. Greece is not just wonderful, it’s amazingly beautiful! I think that you should start NAGGING your brother-in-law to go there, it’s so worth it! Crystal clear water!!!

    Gattina BELGIUM said:

    I am purring like my Lisa (she purrs louder than Pookie) that you made a roundtrip through my travel blog ! I never thought about earthquakes or whatever ! I think I would easier die here by crossing the chaussée de Waterloo ! If you start to think so with “perhaps it could” then you have to stay home and even there it’s not safe if your ceiling drops on you while you are sleeping ! And I don’t think it’s very comfy to sleep already in a coffin like Dracula to safe time for the funerals !

    Lifecruiser: Ha ha ha. Coffins… You’re so funny Gattina :-) Yes, normally I’m like that too, not thinking of those things, but that movie about Turkey said it a bit too obvious to happen. Then on the other hand, I’ve been to Iceland that have earthquakes every day - but they are much smaller!

    Froggie CANADA said:

    Wow! Beautiful picture…. so peaceful looking.

    Lifecruiser: Yes, it really does look peaceful :-)

    Vicki UNITED STATES said:

    How interesting! We see alot of crosses on the side of the road here but I’ve never seen a box like that. Interesting idea. Mine’s finally up. Have a great weekend!

    Lifecruiser: Isn’t it great that we get to see so much different things when out travelling? I just love it :-)

    Barbara UNITED STATES said:

    It does look beautiful, fitting for a honeymoon.

    Lifecruiser: It truly was, no doubt about that!!! And we’ll return some day!!!

    roman UNITED STATES said:

    I would love to visit Greece one day. That picture you took looks awesome. The sky alone cries out “Come Back!!”. Thank you for explaining what the box was. At first I didn’t know what to think.
    Thank you for sharing.

    Happy Hunting

    Lifecruiser: Oh, yes, I hope you get the chance to go there, it’s so worth it!

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