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Mrs Lifecruisers contribution to theme Eyes
We’re throwing eyes of Love on each others…. Oooops! At the wrong direction!
Two love birds that looks like Marty Feldman ;-)
Yes, this is both Mr (left) and Mrs Lifecruiser (right) at the same time, merged together as one.
Looking good? No! No!
We tried very hard to make it ugly!

NOTE: Every comment is equally welcome, even if you’re not participating in this Photo Hunt-thing, we LOVE all comments :-)

46 Comments on “Photo Scavenger Hunt Eyes”


    Holy Crap I’m first and I thought for sure it was Marty Feldman!

    Good job! :roll:

    Going to catch up on your blog now!

    Lifecruiser: Yes, I know, it was almost that I myself thought that! *lol*


    oh shit…maybe I’m not first. :oops:

    Lifecruiser: Yes, you were!


    Very cool shot! I love it! Very distracting and does make me think of Mary Feldman! Great share! LOL Mine is up early. Have a great weekend!

    Lifecruiser: Yes, I don’t know how we end up so close to being him! Wonderful! We’re totally crazy! But it’s fun to be crazy like this :-)


    holy crap is right, this one is downright funny. Great creation! Mines up!

    Lifecruiser: Thanks expattraveler, we did our best :-)

    lindsay UNITED STATES said:

    Too neat! I love your creativity!!!!
    I had to put this smiley because of his eyes!!!
    Mines Up

    Lifecruiser: His eyes? Mot mine though? I mean, it’s one of his and one of mine eyes and I think we’re almost too freakin alike here. REal ugly both of us ;-)

    Dave UNITED STATES said:

    So that’s what happens when there’s too much good sex!

    Lifecruiser: Ohhhh, so that’s why? We just wondered! Glad you could clear it out for us!

    Ma UNITED STATES said:

    I love how you did that. It’s so cool!

    I’m up too.

    Lifecruiser: Thanks Ma, glad you enjoyed it :-)

    Dawn UNITED STATES said:

    That is so neat! Great pic for this weeks theme! Happy photo hunting! :grin:

    Lifecruiser: Thanks Dawn :-) It was fun to take the shots!

    Caroline UNITED STATES said:

    Wowa. that threw me. thanks for explaining.

    Lifecruiser: Yes, it was good with the explanation :-)


    What a cool photo!! I thought it was one person, till I read your commentary below, lol.

    Lifecruiser: Yes, it really looks like it. We didn’t believe our eyes when we saw how good it turned out! But it sure gave us a very good laugh :-)

    pamela UNITED STATES said:

    That is amazing! How in the world did you splice it together so well…Great effect! LOL

    Lifecruiser: Well, we talked about where in the display our noses and eyes should be when we took the shot and then we also were lucky I guess. We were surprised ourselves :-) And terrified *lol*


    Now that is awesome! I vote for that pic! Very unique and interesting!

    Happy Saturday!

    Lifecruiser: Thank you MyLady :-)

    mar SPAIN said:

    I was sure it was marty feldman! Very creative, happy saturday!

    Lifecruiser: Yes, it wasalmost that we believed that ourselves, but how in earth did he end up in our camera…???? *lol*

    Dani UNITED STATES said:

    LOL! My favorite so far!!!

    Lifecruiser: What a strange taste you have, to choose something so ugly! *lol*

    Mandy NETHERLANDS said:

    lol Mrs Lifecruiser, you really do come up with some funny pics. At first I wasn’t quite sure what it was.. lol


    Lifecruiser: Me neither! *lol* Thank you Mandy, that’s a big compliment :-)


    Ok you have my vote for the most ingenious picture yet!
    Very nice work.
    Yes it is kinda ugly.

    mine is up

    Lifecruiser: Kinda ugly was a too kind comment…. *lol* It’s extremely ugly!

    Pat FRANCE said:

    WOW - great job!!! It is a bit freaky but funny!

    Lifecruiser: Thanks Pat, we take that as a huge compliment :-)

    Danella UNITED STATES said:

    Ohmygoodness how funny! Made me giggle soon as I saw it, great job on being so creative with your eye choice.

    Lifecruiser: We laughed at us too :-)

    viamarie PHILIPPINES said:

    This must have been a lot of fun.

    Thanks for dropping by. Happy weekend! :-)

    Lifecruiser: Yes, it truly was, we were laughing our heads off :-)

    eph2810 UNITED STATES said:

    This is funny. Thank you for the explanation - I though that someone could roll their eyes like that. Silly me…
    Have a wonderful Saturday.

    Lifecruiser: He..he, well MartyFeldman could! So you’ll never know :-)

    Wystful1 UNITED STATES said:

    You are so absolutely correct! In fact I was SURE it was Marty Feldman. What a fantastic photo op you’ve showed us this week. That’s just fabulous!!!! Love the effect….I really do. Just call me odd…but this is TOPS photo for me so far.

    Lifecruiser: I’m glad that you love it as much as we do ourselves :-)


    You so totally crack me up! What a great concept! My folks had a portrait done years ago when they used to hand tint the photos and they had reversed the eye color of my mom and dad.

    We looked at the picture for a long time thinking something wasn’t quite right. It took us the longest to figure out what was wrong.

    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

    Lifecruiser: Thanks Lazy Daisy :-) Yes, sometimes you really can manipulate photos beyond imagination!

    Leslie UNITED STATES said:

    Wow - great picture! It kinda freaked me out! I have a thing with weird eyes. Great job!

    Lifecruiser: Yes, we reall look nasty, don’t we? *lol*

    Froggie CANADA said:

    Now that is a super strange eye picture. Weird!!!!

    Lifecruiser: Well, let’s just say that it’s as weird as we are… *lol*


    Okay, don’t take this the wrong way, but yeah, that’s ugly. (I meant it as a compliment, though, because that’s what you wanted, right?) Great job!

    My photo is up.

    Lifecruiser: Thats a HUGE compliment to us, yes. Thanks :-)

    Vicki UNITED STATES said:

    Oh my goodness..what a cool picture! Thanks for stopping by and taking a look at mine.

    Lifecruiser: Thanks Vicki :-)


    Ahhhh…You just freaked my freak !!!
    Mine’s up too….
    Still freaking out….ok…shake it off…shake it off…(I am freaked out by weird eyes) LOL

    Lifecruiser: It’s so many that is freaked out by eyes, it must be because of horror movies and such that has freaked us in the past and especially when we was children. *lol*

    Cat UNITED STATES said:

    Wow, how creative!

    Thanks for stopping by!

    Lifecruiser: Thanks Cat :-)

    deb UNITED STATES said:

    Great idea! At first I thought “poor guy”! lol!

    Lifecruiser: We too :-) Then we laughed as mad at it. And instand loved it. Because we’re mad crazy :-)

    eija FINLAND said:

    Buahhahhahhahhaaaaaa :mrgreen:
    I’ve posted, too!

    Lifecruiser: Kyllääääää ;-)

    Miss 6 FINLAND said:

    On her behalf I’m writing what she said:

    “What’s that??

    Lifecruiser: He he…. It sure wasn’t: mirror, mirror, tell me who the most beutiful in the world is…” *lol*

    girl UNITED STATES said:

    Those are CRAZY!!!


    Lifecruiser: Yes, we are :-)


    cool effect! i’ve been wanting to learn how to do stuff like that but haven’t had the time…mine’s up! ;)

    Lifecruiser: Well, we just played along and had a portion of luck too, to match it like that, very fun :-)

    GoofyJ UNITED STATES said:

    lol! That is hillariously wacky! :) Mine’s up

    Lifecruiser: Thanks GoofyJ :-)

    Michele UNITED STATES said:

    OK so it’s perfect for this weeek. But I gotta admit… Dude. It’s giving me the creeps.

    Lifecruiser: Heck, it even gives us the creeps… *lol*

    ilona UNITED STATES said:

    Like the Irish Church Lady I thought it was Marty Feldman, too. You know there are just too many um…creative…people in these photo memes this time ;)
    But seriously, I’m glad you included the explanation, it gives a whole new view on “being one” in marriage, doesn’t it?

    Lifecruiser: Yes, we really are one. An ugly one! MUUUHHAAAA!


    That is an awesome photo!! You two are so creative! I love it! Not only did it freak me out just a little, but you made this sick gal laugh, for the first time this week!! Thanks!

    Lifecruiser: Very good! We’re really pleased to hear that you laughed! What a medicine hah? *lol* Hope you’re getting better now :-)

    barman6 UNITED STATES said:

    I am so glad you explained that. My head hurt until I heard it was two differrent people. I love your picture and the story.

    Mine is finally up.

    Lifecruiser: Maybe that’s why I got such a headache yesterday and today…. *lol*

    Melli UNITED STATES said:

    Oy! That hurts! (just to look at!)

    Lifecruiser: Yes, I’m very proud to be able to say that we’re so ugly that it hurts ;-) He he….

    Carmen UNITED STATES said:

    I like that you’re both of the same mind. Get it? har har. :)

    Lifecruiser: Yes, but we really are. We have one brain together. Almost ;-)

    guppyman UNITED STATES said:

    I hate to say it, but i think you succeeded….


    Lifecruiser: Yes, I know….. *lol*

    Chana CANADA said:

    :shock: what a great idea. i wouldn’t have thought of that. i think it’s great. and i get to see a bit of whom makes you happy and one that brings me joy. thank you.

    Lifecruiser: And a bit crazyness, don’t forget that :-)


    This doesn’t have to do with your photo, but just wanted to say congrats on your blog award nomination! You deserve it, and I did vote for you!! :) Good luck!!

    Lifecruiser: Thanks my 2 cents! At first I had no Idea what you were talking about, but now I got told by another one too.


    That is a cool photo by the way!! It’s funny!!

    Lifecruiser: Thanks, i’m glad you think that :-)

    Janet UNITED STATES said:

    LOL Marty! Where ya been? ;-)

    Lifecruiser: Hiding out in exile in Sweden obviously, maybe a bit like Elvis, he he…. ;-)


    OMGosh, that kinda freaked me out! Talk about someone having stribismus! LOL!

    Thanks for stopping by.

    Lifecruiser: He…he… Yes. I thin we’re beautifully ugly ;-)

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