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This one is a Scania manufactured in 1901-1902 by Maskinfabriks AB Scania, Malmö, Sweden and it’s one of the first ones that was made by Scania. It’s also the oldest preserved car of three test models they made.

It was called “a stroller” and was inspired of French car models. It has a water-cooled engine and something called “planet gearbox”: two gears and one reverse. Power is transmitted to the back axle by means of a chain and universal driving shaft.

Effect: 6 hk (hp or 4,5kw)!!!!

Though I must admit, as a woman, my main thought when I see this is the old fashion style that were back then. All those long skirts the women were wearing and the climbing up they had to do in those cars… Oh my.

I just know that I would have stumbled ;-)

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    Ah, a fellow Swede… but me being something of a landkrabba our similarities probably end there :)

    Beautiful car, so much more sophisticated than what we get these days. Like I already mentioned somewhere else I am so born in the wrong era.

    Lifecruiser: Hjärtligt välkommen :-) I agree with that, I might be too. At least I just LOVE their clothes…. Our modern ones is plain boring comparing to that!

    Carol UNITED STATES said:

    You might have stumbled – I, on the other hand, would most definitely have fallen on my rear! :mrgreen:

    Lifecruiser: As I have back problems, I would probably protect that side with my life ;-)

    RennyBA NORWAY said:

    We have the same kind of museum in Oslo where I took my father in law from US last time he visited. It was good to show a man from the homeland of cars that we could make good vehicles in Scandinavia too:-)
    I’m sure you would look awfully good in those old fashion outfits and of course all gentlemen around you would fight for giving you a hand to prevent you from stumble ;-)

    Lifecruiser: Yes, I’m sure that you have the same over there, good neighbour :-) And I love that thought of the gentlemens help, I have to admit that…. *lol*

    Debbie UNITED STATES said:

    Really cool piece! I have never seen a really old car, at least not that I recall! I have seen really old planes and rockets!

    I agree with you on the ladies having to step in. I would have spent many night repairing the hem of my dress while soaking my butt from falling!

    Hope you have a great day!

    Lifecruiser: It’s so fun. I really like this one, because it looks so crazy – no front! *lol*


    Very cool pic! The thing I think about with all those old cars is now bumpy the ride was back then. i just know that I would have spent half my time nauseas.

    Lifecruiser: Eeeek! I didn’t think of that fact until now! I might have had problem too then… And my poor back…


    Very cool! What a neat old car. :) Great antique for today’s theme!

    Lifecruiser: sometimes I wish I could drive one of these instead of modern, but just for a minute ;-)

    eija FINLAND said:

    And not just the skirts… Think about the big hats that needed to be tied with scarf so that the breeze wouldn’t blow them off. Oh, and driving in the winter! Think about -20 and so in this car? Or maybe they didn’t start in the winter…

    Lifecruiser: Ah, good thinking there Eija, I totally forgot about the hats! And the cold… Yes, I wonder….


    Back home there is a really cool antique car museum that I took my mom to last year. They are really cool.

    I’m up too

    Lifecruiser: Yes, I just love to see old things, no matter what it is!

    tracie b ITALY said:

    ooh fun! i want one…

    Lifecruiser: Yes, wouldn’t that be sooooo cooool???? *lol*


    This is wonderful!
    Isn’t it amazing and so much history with something like this….
    What I think, I think the two of us should take it out for a spin….how ’bout all the way to the Austrian and Swiss autobahns or even Germany!! Think we’d get some laughs?—-Or cause accidents? We could flash ‘em as they speed by!!! That’ll work! I can see the headlines now! L C and H A cause a ruckus on the speedway doing 20 mph. LOL That’s roughly what?—40kmph? What a hoot!!!
    My antiques photos have been posted. Happy weekend.

    Lifecruiser: OH, would that be a hot hoooooot! Ha ha ha…. You really made me wish it could have gone true!!!! bummer….


    Very cool. I love the old cars and thinking about the people who rode in them.

    Lifecruiser: Yes, it’s really inspiring and get your fantasy going, doesn’t it?

    Stacy UNITED STATES said:

    What a wonderful photo. I don’t know much about cars, but I would stop and stare at that forever. How unique!

    Lifecruiser: Yes, it looks so strange with no front like that!


    Great picture! I think I would have loved to ride around in that little buggy! Even with the long skirts and all the climbing – it looks like fun :)

    Lifecruiser: And it was of course more sensational at that time than it is now! Oh, I’m sure that I would have screamed and waved to all passing people :-)

    Linda UNITED STATES said:

    I often wonder how on earth anyone ever rode in these things in inclement weather? But then again, I suppose if you normally rode a horse you didn’t have a roof over your head either!

    Lifecruiser: Exactly! this was still an improvement :-)

    GoofyJ UNITED STATES said:

    That looks so cool! I would have tripped and fallen on my face back then :) heh. Great photo. Mine is up

    Lifecruiser: Oh, there would have been a lot of women showing their underwear laying on the ground with other word – the men must have been pleased ;-)


    I’m short so I’d have a hard time climbing into the back seat!

    Mine’s up too :)

    Lifecruiser: Yes, and come to think about it: they were shorter at that time, so how did they do it? The men obviously helped the women :-)

    Jennifer UNITED STATES said:

    “Though I must admit, as a woman, my main thought when I see this is the old fashion style that were back then. All those long skirts the women were wearing and the climbing up they had to do in those cars… Oh my.”

    LOL! My first thought was no windsheild..yikes bugs in the teeth!


    Lifecruiser: YIKES, you’re even more icky than I am ;-)

    mar SPAIN said:

    Beautiful! and I agree with you, I wouldn’t have handled that graciously, lol!
    but…where is the selfportrait you promised for today’s theme ? :)

    Lifecruiser: Ehum…. I backed covardly on the selfportrait… Too afraid to scare all my visitors away I guess ;-)

    Anita UNITED STATES said:

    Cool photo and a great subject for this theme! (I would also fall down, lol)

    Lifecruiser: Thanks Anita :-)

    srp UNITED STATES said:

    How fast did this go? I was thinking the wind in your hair and all those upswept do’s they used to have… maybe they were upswept and disheveled for a reason.. hmm. Great car.

    Lifecruiser: Yes, it probably were the reason for that. How different from today!!! *lol*

    amy UNITED STATES said:

    how cool is that. im sure thats seen a lot of memories being made..I can imagine a lot of stories with that

    Lifecruiser: Yes, the wings of history for sure!


    What a beautiful car. Yes we really do have it very easy now – thank goodness, because I would have stumbled too, trod on the bottom of my dress/skirt and ultimately ripped it. Happy weekend.

    Lifecruiser: Yes, it sure is different from now :-) Have a happy weekend U 2!


    That looks like it would be called a “horse-less” carriage or buggy! Great photo!
    Ha’ en super god weekend
    mine’s up too!

    Lifecruiser: Yes, it does. Ha en super god weekend du med :-)


    meeyauw UNITED STATES said:

    I wish the world was as gentle now as then. What a lovely way to get around. We may have stumbled in our skirts, but we would have stumbled in style!

    Lifecruiser: Oh, yeah… stumble with style!!!


    Oh that one is really nice.

    Lifecruiser: Thanks :-)

    Melli UNITED STATES said:

    Oh no… you would NOT stumble! Stumbling was strictly forbidden! (punishable by the stockade I believe!) Women were carefully TRAINED back then to be “gentile” and graceful — not clumsy oafs like we are today! LOL! What a LOVELY little buggy!

    Lifecruiser: Well, I would probably have been in the stockade all the time anyway for all the other things I did, so…. *lol*


    That seems like such a fun time to have lived.

    Wouldnt’ it be fun to take a spin in that!?

    I posted some pictures of antique books.

    Lifecruiser: Yes, it would have been. Especially the clothes, I just love them.

    TorAa NORWAY said:

    Hello there,
    this model was built in a time when it was still gentlemen around. With other words: No problem for the *Ladies* to come into the backseat. And stay there:)).

    This is the most Antique car I’ve seen so far in this Saturdays Photo Hunt.


    btw. My entry is a bit older. But I did not dear to post my ols greek and Olmec’s.

    Lifecruiser: Thanks Tor, you make me very curiosu over yours, so I’ll just pop over :-)

    Jose UNITED STATES said:

    Wow, my brother in law won one in a rafle a long time ago. It was a 1902 Cadillac, green in color and looked pretty much the same as this one but his came with a canopy.

    Cool car!

    Lifecruiser: Wow, I didn’t know that Cadillac goes back so far. Cool with a canopy.


    Whoa! That is a really, old antique car! :eek: Compared to modern cars today, that one looks…ancient… =P

    Lifecruiser: Well, it’s quite a difference yes! I think I prefer the ones today, if we’re talking comfort…. *lol*

    Gattina BELGIUM said:

    I didn’t know that you have a new car. Don’t drive too fast, be careful because it’s open. and don’t forget to put in an ombrella in case it rains.

    Lifecruiser: So you mean my chic little parasol won’t help against the rain over here…. Hm… OH, how fun it would be to have a race in that car!!!!! Like being in an amusement park or something! *giggles*

    eph2810 UNITED STATES said:

    Very cool contribution for this week’s antique theme…Although I can’t imagine driving it in these days…

    Have a wonderful Sunday afternoon.

    Lifecruiser: You too Iris :-)

    Tricia CANADA said:

    Now that most definitely is an Antique car. Love it!

    Lifecruiser: Thanks Tricia :-)


    Oh wow, I haven’t seen a car this old in the pictures from The Hunt this week. Fantastic! I love old cars; this one’s a beauty. Perfect choice for The Hunt.

    Liifecruiser: Thanks Pastormac’s Ann, I think so too – and funny at the same time :-)

    Dotm UNITED STATES said:

    I love seeing those old cars. Once went to a car museum where they had loads of old models. I especially liked seeing what the models looked like in the years when my mother and father were born- just a couple years after the car you posted. They were born in 1903 and 1904.

    Lifecruiser: Yes, i love those old models too. There is nothing like them nowadays huh? *s*

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