~ Snowballed Santa ~
Mrs Lifecruisers contribution to theme Annoying
Annoying or just mischief
In former times there were always white and none polluted snow around the cottages. Christmas was the time for outdoors pleasures, when they went toboggan, skiing, skating or built snowmen’s, snow lanterns, catles and throw snowballs at each other. Even on Santa…
© Lifecruiser, Bonniers, Sweden

I was told that I’m getting off easy. That you have to take pictures of these subjects. I have taken this picture myself - from a book I have. And it was quite difficult to get the right light :-)

Besides that, what on the earth would I shoot…? The only annyoing thing around here is our closest neighbour and I can’t hang out her here,….Or can I? Hm…. I did thought about it…. If I could take a picture from behind, not showing her face, but it’s so difficult to catch her…. *giggles*

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27 Comments on “Photo Scavenger Hunt Annoying”

    Shoshana UNITED STATES said:

    Annoying for Santa, and mischief for the kids.

    Cute photo.

    Lifecruiser: Yes, isn’t it? *lol*

    Breigh NETHERLANDS said:

    LOVE the header!! This was a cute entry for this week… I used to hate having snowballs thrown at me. Thankfully that’s never an issue here in the Netherlands because it so rarely snows

    Lifecruiser: Thanks Breigh :-) Yes, you have a bit milder weather than we have. I envy you that actually. You aren’t far away, so i should visit in the springtime again. Last time I went to see the flower parade Bollenstreek in Haarlem in the end of April. Wonderful!

    mar SPAIN said:

    My childhood Xmas memories are of artificial snow (in spray form!) to decorate the xmas tree, it was the end of the school year, summer time, life was easy. Yes, I am a Southerner! happy saturday, my pic is up :)

    Lifecruiser: OK, as a kid it’s nice to have the snow, but I don’t want any now, so I’m very pleased with this mild winter so far. But I do hope that it won’t stay longer in the spring instead….

    abe-hap AUSTRALIA said:

    looks like he wont be getting any pesents from Santa :-))

    Lifecruiser: Ooooops…..!

    Sonny GERMANY said:

    Have all a nice weekend!

    P.S: I’m up too!

    Sweet like Kitty
    Sonny’s Xmas

    Lifecruiser: We are! Just a little “the day after tireness” today… uhum…

    Sandy UNITED STATES said:

    Hey Lifecruiser you are getting off easy. I was told that you have to take pictures of these subjects. I am always out trying to find a picture to take. So for annoying I so wanted to get a picture of all of the traffic here. I knew that would get me killed so mine is not what I wanted it to be. I am off to get mine up this morning. I love snowball fights when I lived in NOrthern Illinois. Sandy

    Lifecruiser: But Sandy - I HAVE taken this picture myself - from a book I have! And it was quite difficult to get the right light…!!!

    Besides that, what on the earth would I shoot? The only annyoing thing around here is our closest neighbour and I can’t hang out her here, can I? I did thought about it though. If I could take a picture from behind, not showing her face, but it’s difficult to catch her….

    Mama Duck UNITED STATES said:

    LOL that is cute!

    Lifecruiser: Thanks Mama Duck :-)

    Melli UNITED STATES said:

    Psssh! The whole entire reason that COAL and SWITCHES were invented! NO toys for that child!

    I’m sorry I didn’t get back over last night LC! We had some company in and I just couldn’t be sO rude as to say “excuse me please, I NEED to make another appearance at the on-line party of another friend!” …. though I’m SURE they would have understood!

    Lifecruiser: Yes, it probably was Melli! Don’t be sorry, we all have real lifes too and that’s GOOOD :-) Even of we did miss you… There comes more moments.

    Maribeth UNITED STATES said:

    I thought this one was tough especially right before Christmas. I wanted a theme I couold make a puppy picture into!

    Lifecruiser: Yes, i thought that this theme maybe was the toughest one so far actually :-) Oh, yes, we want mor epuppy pictures!


    Um… I guess they got coal in there stocking….LOL

    Great party Mrs. LC! Of course I didn’t drink too much champagne because you know I overdid it the previous night. I guess I was just getting excited for my holidays that start today!!!!

    I would like to know what Mr. LC thought about all my malebashing jokes I posted for your party. Did his eyes sparkle with laughter like bright Christmas bulbs or did they show red like the Red on Santa’s suit?

    Lifecruiser: Yes, I totally understood that ICL, you were very wellbehaving and not so drunk as the rest of us… *giggles*

    You know, Mr L always can see the FUN in everything and that’s ONE of the thousands, no millions, of reasons why I love him so much :-)

    Pam UNITED STATES said:

    I’m with Melli…coal and switches. Then we’ll see who is annoyed.

    I played.

    Liferuiser: He he he…. (I’m a bit tired today after the party yesterday)


    I love it here…you are a hoot!! I’m gonna come back every day till you are really annoyed…lol!

    Lifecruiser: Thanks Tammy! It’s difficult to get me annoyed, so please try really hard ;-)

    Marie SWEDEN said:

    Don’t those kids realise that Santa keeps track of who is naughty and nice? :mrgreen:

    It’s funny that you mentioned a picture of your neighbour as that is the very first thing I thought of when I saw the title “Annoying”. Or maybe that mad dog across the street who barks when they leave him home.

    Anyway, it’s a great picture! I found another Christmas book to add to my collection yesterday - Jan-Öjvind Swahn’s Stora Julboken. It’s a really interesting book with loads of information about Swedish christmas and beautiful illustrations.

    Lifecruiser: Probably not! Yes, isn’t it strange how often neighbours is annoying? But then again, there is a lot of very nice ones too, luckily enough :-) Ah, that sounds like a very good book too. There are a lot of things to get to know even for me that’s born here :-)


    I bet Santa”s reindeer kicked the crap out of those cheeky kids..

    Lifecruiser: Or kicked the real CRAP AT them…. Oh, that would have been FUN ;-)

    GoofyJ UNITED STATES said:

    That would definitely be annoying. Great choice. My photo is up

    Lifecruiser: OH, yes, let’s hope that the snowballs aren’t icy…

    chase NORWAY said:

    What a lovely picture. It brings you back to the times before. Anyway, got here through Renny’s blog. Hope you have a nice weekend!

    Lifecruiser: Thanks Chase and welcome here :-) i’ll have to check your blog out a bit more later! Warmth welcome back! hope you’re having a nice weekend you too :-)

    Angelo CANADA said:

    Did that kid think Santa wouldn’t know who threw the snowball… Or maybe he got his gift already and didn’t like it. Happy Saturday!

    Lifecruiser: Hm, yes, that could be it. Santa didn’t bring what he had hoped for. Kids! *lol*

    Sanni GERMANY said:

    Annoying… I´m interested in what has been in their stockings the year before =)

    Happy Saturday from Germany,


    P.S.: I´m sorry I couldn´t make it to your party yesterday. Please let me know when you plan the next :mrgreen:
    I saw a comment of yours on a TT of a young lady who mentioned 13 places to visit on v acation. You are right: Sweden in the summertime is one of the best places to stay :-)

    Lifecruiser: Yes, we may wonder about that. that’s OK Sanni, I’ll try to remember to let you know when it’s time for the next one :-) WEll, for meSweden is like heaven and hell in the same country. Hell in the winter and heaven in the summer…. I hate the snow and darkness and cold in the winter! Brrr.

    Frances UNITED STATES said:

    I have several neighbors who would have fit the “annoying” theme well.
    Poor Santa.
    Coal in all their stockings!
    Take care,

    Lifecruiser: Yes, I totally agree Francis :-)


    STakkels julemand og de slemme drenge!
    Good choice!
    Happy Weekend
    Mine’s up too!

    Lifecruiser: Thanks liberytbelle. Yes *giggles* i’ll pop over later :-)


    It took me a while to think of what I was gonna put for annoying today.
    I was in a sunny room doing something I love when BANG! it hit me!
    As my hubby rolls his eyes at “One More Decoration”

    Lifecruiser: Sounds interesting, I must pop over and have a look :-)

    Carol M. UNITED STATES said:

    Great old postcard…..LOL…I hate snow personally…that’s why I want to move South!

    Mine is up now also.

    Have a nice weekend,

    Lifecruiser: Good move Carol, I want to make that move myself!!! Have a nice warm weekend you too :-)

    Firefly UNITED STATES said:

    Okay, I will accept this one since you did take the photo and I absolutely adore Victorian-era paraphernalia. This week was a hard theme, wasn’t it? Come visit mine, if you have a chance! :-)

    Lifecruiser: Thank god you accepted it ;-) Yes, isn’t old things just lovely? I’ll pop over to see you :-)

    Gattina BELGIUM said:

    We must be an exception ! We only have very nice neighbors ! Can you immagine the catastrophe if it wouldn’t be the case, our cat Arthur always looking for new beds to sleep in ?

    Lifecruiser: You know that sounded like he should be renamed to Don Juan instead ;-)

    Lisa UNITED STATES said:

    That is a very lovely old card though, even if the children are being annoying to Father Christmas! The colors are so soothing. I do miss snow every year too.

    Lifecruiser: There should be some snow during Christmas time, otherwise I can be without it :-)

    eija FINLAND said:

    How can this have happened - I didn’t visit your photo hunt??? Well, I did, when saturday was about one hour old, but you hadn’t posted yet. So I tried and I think that means I’m not that bad…?

    I second you - photographing book pages is difficult and it takes some real effort! Especially if the book is made of glossy paper. About your neighbour… Maybe you could wear your best “loving-Christian-face” and simply ask her to pose for the picture, so you could complete your post on annoying? *grin* Oh - not a good idea…? Well, I’m not at my best this early in the morning :D

    Lifecruiser: I’m sure you did like I use to: Hm… I’m sure I did visit… and yet I haven’t… It’s a mystery… *lol* OH, and the neighbour, I couldn’t possible mention anything to her about writing a post - I don’t want her reading my blog! Phew! She is enough nosy as it is!!! She is the very worst case of curiosity and gossip!!! *horror*


    I think I don’t read enough to even know that you are from those nordic countries! I had no idea! Renny pointed this fact out to me.

    Anyhow - that is definitely annoying for the topic…

    Better late than never but you know how the christmas season makes for things to geet all crazy.

    Lifecruiser: Really? I thought everyone knew… Especially since we have a category named Swedish :-) Hehe…

    Yes, better late than never!

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