Sometimes you have the chance to catch a mystery moment with your camera view – like this summer at our summer island Fårö when the combination of the sun and the shadow from the glass, created an upside-down ghost shadow at the table.

Faro-glass-ghost-shadow mystery

No, it is NOT edited in any photo editing software. How on earth did it make such an excellent image of a ghost?

I have no idea, I could not see how it could create the two dark eye areas on the ghost, there were nothing in the glass as you can see…

Rather creepy if you ask me!

©Lifecruiser Love Holiday Drinks

Summer 2011 beer photo from the same table:

Travel Photo: Golden Beer Sheer

4 Comments on “Photo Mystery: Ghost Toast”

    Cruises Galveston said:

    Very interesting. It certainly does look like a ghost. Maybe you have a stalker from beyond….lol

    Gattina said:

    That is really a very beautiful capture !
    You don’t blog very much anymore don’t you ? When I think of a few years ago ! You were almost the Blogging leader !


    Thanks, it really is a fantastic shadow-photo I’ll never be able to shoot again I suppose.

    No, I’m not blogging as much as I used to do, but the thing is: I noticed that blogging is getting more and more “one-sided”: I have a lot of readers and visitors of this blog, but not many comment any longer. People like to find and read what they need, not socializing with blogging as much as before.

    I’m very happy over the friends (like you) I’ve got through blogging though and plan to keep in touch in the future too!!!

    …and of course, some health (and other) issues has come in between too, but I hope that much of that is solved now and I’ll come back to the former me :-)

    Ginnie said:

    Oh wow. Great eye to see this!

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