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I love to watch sand artists create their art at the beach abroad. We don’t have them here in Sweden. Yet, I might add :-)

This one we captured in Corralejo at Fuerteventura island, one of the Canarian islands in Spain. Quite fascinating to watch it grow!

….and here how it were finished:

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How to build a sand sculpture

Sand is a fragile material to work with. Professional sculptors therefore use a special kind of sand for their sculptures. The sand must contain the right grains and have a specific clay content.

First, the sand is pressed and shaped into large square blocks. One by one, the blocks are stacked on top of each other, like building blocks. During the pressing of the blocks, water is poured over to make the sand and water bind better.

Once the blocks have reached the desired height, the sand sculptor begins shaping his sculpture. Starting at the top, he gradually works his way down. The sculptor must always ensure that proportions are correct – there is no room for mistakes.

It takes about 60 hours – and 12 tons of sand – to make a 13 feet sand sculpture.

Source: Worldwide Sculpture Organisation

They’re holding the sand sculpture festival 2007 in Søndervig near Ringkøbing (Denmarks west coast) and there is a world championship in sand sculpturing at the same time.

Sculptors from 14 different nations will compete about the title as the world’s best sand sculptor, creating 14 impressive, 4 m high sculptures of 2 300 ton (metric) of sand!!!

Even a 100-metres long and 5-metres high showpiece will be created too by 10 of the most talented worlds sculptors.

Oh, how I wish we could go there, but it’s just too far away. It would be about 1243 miles to drive back and forward and we have other things booked too. Darn x millions.

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42 Comments on “Photo Hunt Sand Art ist”

    jenn in holland NETHERLANDS said:

    The sand sculpture contest is going on now at the Scheveningen beach. With the lovely weather I am planning to take the kids out this weekend to see it. I hope we see things as awesome as your post today!

    Callie Ann UNITED STATES said:

    How you doing today Girl? Sand art is the coolest I don’t have any idea where they get their patience.

    incog & nito AUSTRALIA said:

    How unusual that sandsculpture is. Great art though. Happy weekend.

    Lynn PHILIPPINES said:

    Sand sculptures never cease to amaze me. It always makes me wonder how they do it. That’s why thank you for sharing the ‘how-to’. So it’s not just any sand. Well definitely. But even knowing all these, I don’t think I can even try. Patience my dear. That’s another important ingredient. :)

    suwan said:

    wow! really very nice shot!
    i like it! the best art~
    have a nice weekend^^

    A. FRANCE said:

    I’ve never seen sand sculptures in real life – I’d love to because it seems so incredible to me. Those are beautiful pictures!

    Hootin' Anni UNITED STATES said:

    These photos are truly amazing!!!!!

    Happy photo hunting Captain!

    jenny® UNITED STATES said:

    wow! fantastic art! i always love seeing a sand art…great choice!

    Imma (Alice) CANADA said:

    Great post for ART. Sand sculpting would indeed be a difficult thing to do. My brother does snow sculpting and I think that would be a challenge too, lol.

    Everyone is invited to my blog for a visit, and to see my Art Exhibit. Hope to see you there.


    Great shots! And the tutorial… wonderful. Sure would be nice to see some of the best in action.

    julie said:

    Sand sculptures are made not only with a creative mind and skillful hands but with a patient disposition. We have some of those here in our countries, this being a tropical setting with oceans and seas around us.

    Do come visit my photos on the theme. Have a nice weekend! :)

    Opal: Vegan Momma UNITED STATES said:

    I’ve always enjoyed looking at sand sculptures. These are beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

    Jenny A. UNITED STATES said:

    That was very interesting and beautiful! Quite and art. :-)

    Terri said:

    What an amazing piece of sculpture. And to think it was all done with sand. That amazes me.
    Great choice for the theme!

    Linda UNITED STATES said:

    I’m not sure which are prettier – sand sculptures or sno/ice sculptures. They all take lots of patience, that’s for sure!

    Jannie Funster UNITED STATES said:

    i have not witnessed this art creation in person as have you but I have always been fascinated by how they must do it. Cool post!

    Anil UNITED STATES said:

    I would have thought that the sculptors would use the sand straight from the beach.

    Do they mix clay in the sand to get the strength?

    amy UNITED STATES said:

    Looks like a lot of work and talent went into that!

    claudie FRANCE said:

    How marvelous is this sculptor! I love it! I’m not an artist but I can understand this passion because as many chidren I was playing in sand under the sun a lot of time in my childness taking a real pleasure during hours and hours! But these sculptors are some magicians!

    Bridget UNITED STATES said:

    that is absolutely stunning!! I’ve always admired this art form!

    RennyBA said:

    How nicely you’ve captured this sculpture – your a photo artist captain!
    Wish I could go to the sculpture festival too! Tell me if you change your mind – maybe we could have a Scandinavian sculpture meeting!

    Btw1: thanks for your comments on my networking post. I think you are an excellent net worker too to and I am sure all in the A-cruiser Team agree with me – thanks for your contributions.

    Btw2: Check the flag on my comments – I’m in our vacation Paradise in … you know what LoL

    Lifecruiser SWEDEN said:

    I do hope that you get some good pictures of it to show us!

    Lifecruiser SWEDEN said:

    Yes, it sure is. the best of the weekend to you too :-)

    Hootin' Anni UNITED STATES said:

    Thanks for the fantastic link to the other murals! They all just blow me away!!

    Montserat UNITED STATES said:

    I’ve always wondered how they can create such wonderful works of art while I can barely make a simple sand castle. Thanks for sharing this!

    Lifecruiser SWEDEN said:

    Yes, there seem to be a certain amount of clay involved :-)

    Lifecruiser SWEDEN said:

    Great :-) Yes, I don’t know either where they get their patience!

    Lifecruiser SWEDEN said:

    Thanks, you too :-)

    Lifecruiser SWEDEN said:

    Lifecruiser SWEDEN said:

    You’re welcome Anni :-)

    Lifecruiser SWEDEN said:

    Oh, thanks for your kind compliments Renny :-) Yes, it sure would have been nice with a sculpture meeting. I still wish I could go there…
    I did see the Swedish flag yes. so now you’re temporarily Swedish – or a “Svenne” as we say in slang… *giggles*

    Drew UNITED STATES said:

    That is a pretty amazing work of art. I am always fascinated by the talent of the sand artists.

    Utah SEO said:

    Wow, that is some pretty cool art


    That is amazing! Thanks for the explanation . . . I’ve always wondered.

    Lisa UNITED STATES said:

    Wow! Those are awesome!

    Maribeth UNITED STATES said:

    Wonderful! I love sand art and this is very special!

    Pastormac's Ann UNITED STATES said:

    Oh wow! This is too cool! I’m glad you included a description of how it’s done – makes your picture all the more amazing. A very talented artist indeed. Great choice for The Hunt. Thanks for stopping by for a visit.

    MamaBearJune UNITED STATES said:

    OK, that kind of freaks me out. ;-)

    Annalee UNITED STATES said:

    Intersting sculpture. I haven’t really had a chance to see any sand sculptors in action.

    marina said:

    hi, sorry it´s been too long. but, what a picture and what a sculptor. you always find the greatest pics.
    how´s everything going for you. it looks like you´re busy, and you´re blog is looking great.
    i´ve totally revamped my blog, i´ve gone through a lot these past few months and have decided to focus on what is happening in my life right now.
    but i´m back. and i really missed blogging.
    ciao for now

    Tiffany UNITED STATES said:

    amazing isn’t it. They have contests here all the time and they are awesome to watch.

    that frolicsome kid BRUNEI DARUSSALAM said:

    It’s really difficult to create sand sculptures. What more, you have to watch out for crashing waves that may destroy your sculpture just like that! =P

    That’s a very unique competition. Wish I could see it for myself! =P

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