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This photo is taken in a street in Ireland and it suits this weeks theme very well in three aspects.

#1. The most obvious: what the sign says. Especially internet has become a major hobby over here – at least in the cold and dark winter season.

#2. It also represent one of our biggest hobbies: to photograph!!! Not only that, butt we also like to collect photos of different doors and windows.

#3. Our perhaps biggest hobby is to travel and this is a photo from our latest trip abroad which is still fresh in our memories, the one to Ireland.

I could also had put up a photo from our cyber cruise we’re doing – it has been such a delightful experience! Since I’ve not been able to travel for a while due to other reasons, this cyber cruise have saved my sanity to put it mildly ;-)

Don’t miss our fabulous cruise ball tonight folks!!!

Captain Travelmaniac Lifecruiser

15 Comments on “Photo Hunt Hobby”

    Prudence said:

    I’ve never been to Ireland before. Internet has been a favorite pastime in my country too :-)

    PEA said:

    My dream has always been to go visit Ireland one day!! Travelling, photography and internet are 3 of the best hobbies around:-)

    Gattina said:

    Irland is also on my travel list ! and in my hobbies I forgot to mention photography ! That’s probably because I was busy with my post for the ball ! Now it’s ready !

    Hootin' Anni said:

    Oh ya baby, Ireland….no hobby there for me…..just a dream of ancestors and finding genealogy!!

    Happy hunting! See you later tonight….[your time, early tho, for me]

    deb said:

    Perfect summation of your hobbies :lol:
    Windows and doors do make for very interesting pictures!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Maribeth said:

    Yes, I think the Internet is a hobby of mine too!

    Caylynn said:

    Great photo that encompasses those three hobbies. :) Photography and travel are wonderful hobbies. :)

    Sword Girl/Ocean Lady said:

    Ireland is awesome! What pretty shutters! I’ve been to Northern Ireland one time. I’ve always wanted to explore the West coast one day. :mrgreen:

    Linda said:

    I would love to go to Ireland someday but I’m afraid it will probably be when I’m even older and even grayer than I am now!

    meeyauw said:

    That’s a perfect combination: photography and travel. I am such a stay-at-home that the only thing that entices me to go anywhere is to photograph stuff! Have a good time.

    srp said:

    What great contrasts and that punch of red in a picture is always a welcome sight! Someday I would love to see Ireland too!

    TorAa said:

    Tiens, tiens .. que ce si bon. Slrp DOM, prosit.

    Suberb and inspiring. Think I’ll visit some cruisers not to far away;))

    Lifecruiser: Nice slrp with the prosit touch! *giggles* Yes, you do so, happy mingle :-)

    Jannie Funster said:

    Doors and window photos. Blogging. You got it made!

    YTSL said:

    Very clever choice of photograph to illustrate your various hobbies! :)

    Photo Guy said:

    I have to agree with other comments and say that photography and travel are perfect for each other. I love both and once you have those 2 ‘bugs’in your system you’re doomed!! :-)

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