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This photo is taken in the Gents somewhere in Scotland – not by me I swear *giggles* butt of my pervert husband Mr Lifecruiser who found the idea of a threesome urinal with one shorter for midgets and kids very interesting…. *giggles*

Considering the fact that “….something is funky when it’s different/strange but cool”, it was so darn difficult to choose one photo, so today I’ll do an exception to my own restriction to only post one photo.

I simply MUST show you those photos! *giggles*

Lifecruisers contribution to theme Funky 2

Don’t you just love his funky cap? I wanted to buy one for Mr Lifecruiser! *giggles* This is our funky Irishman Paddy, who drove our horse carriage one morning when we were taking a ride to a nearby castle in a small village in South Ireland. The most funky with him was that this was a Sunday morning and he was still drunk from the Saturday night in the Pub. Which actually means that it was not he that was driving us – it was the horse finding the way by herself! Though he did woke up when we started to sing!!!

Lifecruisers contribution to theme Funky 3

Remember the show Faulty Towers with John Cleese? I love that show. Well, let’s just say that Englishmen has a certain humor, which sometimes can be brilliant and sometimes…. *giggles* This was an outbreak of Scottish humor we saw on the way.

Lifecruisers contribution to theme Funky 4
Lifecruisers contribution to theme Funky 5

These are two photos of me doing some funky advertising for our friends poker site in 2005. The slogans on my butt and boobs are of course my and Mr Lifecruiser’s funky ideas! *giggles*

Lifecruisers contribution to theme Funky 6

This is a funky sign we saw in Scotland, in Larg I think. Just love their funky humor!

…and what about one of my funky posts:

Bloggers Paddle Babble

Where 2 funky bloggers (with their funky hubby/wife) met each other in real life for the first time and had a blast doing funky things!!!

The word funky seem to be very different and have a variation of significance for almost every person, so I really look forward to my round to all the other Photo hunters this week :-)


Captain Funky Spunky Lifecruiser

33 Comments on “Photo Hunt Funky Spunky”

    Cats~Goats~Quotes said:

    Your carriage ‘driver’ does look a bit tipsy!
    Great photos :)

    Mark said:

    That smaller is for when you are wearing a kilt as it makes it easier and you dont wet your sporran.Funky post with several chuckles thrown in.

    Cheers Mark

    Maribeth said:

    Those are all so fun! I especially like the ones of you! LOL

    ruth said:

    An innundation of Funkiness…well done. Love the Lost Dog sign….LOL

    Criz's Sanctuary said:

    Those are some real funky photos you have there. I love that “play with us” shot. It got me laughing all the way. Happy Weekend!

    claudie said:

    I love this one where the horse drove you all when
    Mr Funky Cap couldn’t do it!

    Dragonheart said:

    Nice collection of funky photos. :) Thanks for the laughs!

    Moe said:

    Great pics! I love the urinal for midgets! haha

    lustige bilder said:

    hehhehe, LOVE the urinal pic :D

    ipanema said:

    funky post! i like the urinal and the lost dog sign. :)

    A. said:

    I might have guessed the last one would be Tor! Very funky!

    You visited a lot of places close to my heart today. So nostalgia with the laughs.

    You are going to have to explain these cyber cruises to me. I see you are going to Monaco, where both my sons live; London is not so far from where I am at this minute; and we used to live in Paris. More nostalgia!

    meeyauw said:

    That urinal is priceless!

    TorAa said:

    Your incredible – what a fantasy – I love it. Have difficulties here – don’t know what to play with *giggles* or were to put away my litter – hard or floating.

    btw – I’ll work on Drøbak tomorrow and seriously hope uploading photos would be better as yesterday. Took me 12 hours. But I’m patient.

    empress bee (of the high sea) said:

    funky indeed!

    smiles, bee

    sabine said:

    LOVE IT!
    My favorite was the first photo!

    Jenny A. said:

    Very interesting photos! Having a Scottish leg of my family tree, I’d love to go see Scotland for myself. Thanks for the little funky tour!

    Turtles said:

    That is one very funky looking urinal! I love what you wrote about Paddy. Still drunk and sleeping on the job. Thank goodness the horse knew where it was going. Too funny!

    Faulty Towers is a hoot! We don’t get to see it out here, doesn’t ever seem to be on. Too bad…

    Teena in Toronto said:

    Ha … great pix!

    Thanks for stopping by mine :)

    Lisa said:

    I have always loved the show “Fawlty Towers” — the humor is always wonderful!

    The urinal photo is too funny. Did anyone find it odd when Mr. Lifecruiser had a camera in the loo? ;-)


    Woot! The urinal photo was a scream! I thought you went in to take the photo. hehehe….

    You and your hubby are such a funky couple! :)

    Happy weekend!

    kissedalotatoads said:

    Great photos. The urinal one made me laugh. Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend.

    Bryan@OneMan'sGoal.Com said:

    Another great post. I love the photographs!

    I’d be confused at where to pee if I ever encountered that urinal!

    Gina said:

    LMAO at Lucky!
    I have a free dog available at my house! Wondering if anyone wants to see the photos of Fulu Fjället?

    Rach said:

    Those are great choices for the theme funky. It’s nice that you came up with several pictures to suit several meanings.

    Tracey said:

    Hello! Thanks for asking me to do a report on the Edinburgh Festival. Will deffo do it for you – unless it is pouring with rain of course! Hoping to fit in a visit to Holyrood Palace or Edinburgh Castle too!

    happykitten said:

    Thanks for passing by…

    U have some lovely photos and I love the way you are enjoying life to the fullest!

    I will be visiting again.. nd now please dont forget me!

    jams o donnell said:

    Very funny and very funky. A killer combination!

    Ev Nucci said:

    OMG Captain…I love them! Those are the greatest shots ever. I can hear my sons…



    Course you know which ones are my favs don’t you?

    Thomas said:

    I advise always using a horse for drunken transport. They know the way home on their own and they don’t bump into things. They also run on alternative fuel.

    mar said:

    I don’t get to see urinals very often…this one calls for team work…
    The lost dog is a great ad!

    Chris said:

    The urinal is a great pic.

    In Ireland, the men’s urinals are like a big long troff that looks like something that came out of the feeding barn. I wish I had some pic’s to show, it was just too funny!

    Eliot said:

    The first picture let one assume that the prejudice about Scots (that they are a little bit stingy) is real. One toilet tank for three urinals… LOL!

    Terry (planet3rry) said:

    Thanks for leaving a comment at my photohunt!!

    That’s a very funky and complicated toilet… I would hate to be there for an overflow!

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