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The ad says:

“The feeling of well-being will increase if you at the bath will use The YVY-soap”

The YVY factory at Ystad
(Swedish town in the south of Sweden)

This is an ad from 1923, in a year book of the Swedish magazine called Husmodern (The House Mother) that I’ve taken a photo of when visiting my mother at the elderly home.

What could be more connected to the word clean than soap? Not only that, I’m occupied cleaning my home too, not only ordinary cleaning, but cleaning from stuff to – even in the basement! Phew!

Stripping like that in 1923 must have been very daring, even though they have drawn the breasts of the woman very discretely, hardly noticable.

Remember the other ad I showed you once before? That one was a bit naughty too. I bet this was their way of being “modern” and daring.

So todays ads with halfnekkid women is nothing new – they are in fact oldfashioned ;-)

I just love to see old things like that. The whole year book is a gold mine!

Happy Easter Saturday :-)

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16 Comments on “Photo Hunt Clean”

    Dragonheart GERMANY said:

    Very cool old ad! Although she is topless, they have, as you said, displayed her breasts very discretely. The ad does seem to give a feeling of fresh and clean!

    Lifecruiser: It’s so interesting to see how they presented the ads in old times :-)

    Lynn PHILIPPINES said:

    A 1923 ad, now that’s neat! :)

    Lifecruiser: Yes, I did think so, I just love it :-)

    Patrick Nottingham UNITED STATES said:

    Nothing like a clean day at the beach.

    Lifecruiser: Eggxactly :-)

    amy UNITED STATES said:

    Love the picture this week and I really like this blog! Cant wait to read this more

    Lifecruiser: Thanks Amy, you’re always warmth welcome :-)

    Gattina BELGIUM said:

    I personally find this picture more sexy then a woman presenting a naked silicon blown up bosom !

    Lifecruiser: I really do know what you mean!

    Gina SWEDEN said:

    I love vintage ephemera, especially advertisements!

    Lifecruiser: Me to!!!!

    Angelika said:

    Interesting picture. :-)

    Lifecruiser: Yes, it really is :-)

    Linda UNITED STATES said:

    That was indeed very racy for 1923!

    Good luck with your roof to basement cleaning! And have a happy Easter weekend!

    Lifecruiser: Thanks Linda. We have – I hope you have a wonderful Easter too :-)

    walker CANADA said:

    Semi clad women are more sexually appealing. Its the little bit left for the imagination that makes them more intrueging

    Have a Happy Easter

    Lifecruiser: Yes, most of us do think so I believe, butt it’s often the other ones that is noticed :-)

    Teena in Toronto CANADA said:

    Nice interpretation :)

    Mine’s up too :)

    Lifecruiser: Thanks Teena :-)

    LibertyBelle DENMARK said:

    Det var et dejligt gammelt billede!
    Godt gjort!
    Ha’ en bra PÃ¥ske!

    Lifecruiser: Tack Lisa, Hoppas du har en Glad PÃ¥sk du med :-)

    srp said:

    Very interesting advertisement. The ads today are not as discrete and much less clean in every way… you can’t get much cleaner than soap.

    Lifecruiser: Yes, it’s very interesting to see the old ones. how they did them at that time and that it doesn’t differ that much when it comes to the basics…

    Arlene UNITED STATES said:

    I love old ads! Very nice!
    I played too :-)

    Lifecruiser: Me too and it shows I guess :-)

    Imma (Alice) CANADA said:

    That is a really cool “clean” post.

    Lifecruiser: Thanks Alice :-)

    Jannie Funster UNITED STATES said:

    Soap, yes! heavenly. Lurious in the bath. Thanks for your creative photo and whisking me away to a simpler, prettier time.

    Lifecruiser: WEkk, at least it seems simpler for us, butt maybe it wasn’t? It was just other things…

    meeyauw UNITED STATES said:

    That’s cool! Thank you for sharing that!

    Lifecruiser: Thanks you too meeyauw :-)

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