The last year I seem to stumble upon so many travel related home interior details or products, so now I’ve really begun to look for them. Here you can see what might be the perfect wallpaper for travelers, or what do you say?

Perfect Traveler Wallpaper

At least it’s quite colorful and might give you lots of travel ideas and temptations since it’s quite full of travel related details….

I guess it will be a little too much if you decide to put it up on a larger wall, but as a back wall or maybe just one wallpaper gore it would be rather cool!

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2 Comments on “Perfect Wallpaper For Travelers”

    Ally said:

    What store could I find that at?


    I’m not totally sure Ally, but it might have been at Hornbach or Bauhaus since we’ve been there a lot looking around.

    Good luck finding it :-)

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