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Mimi Writes has giving me the honor of being choosen as the peace blogger of the week!!!

Don’t know what it’s all about? Head over and check her blogs out, she is a wonderful writer, doing something wonderful with this blogging for Peace blast AND you’ll have fun visiting her :-)

I’m the peaceful blogger of the week for sure, because now I’m ready to limp over to Mar to have some peaceful hiking away in The French Alps!!!!

…and do you wanna know a secret? We’ve been to the secret island yesterday to prepare it for you to visit! YES! We managed to get there finally, butt we were near to miss it!

That’s also why I haven’t been around yesterday as much as usual and being late this morning to announce our cruise stop with Mar today, because my old body was a bit too peaceful and didn’t want to get up…

I tell you no more now, you have to come back another day to get to the secret island! When? I can’t tell you, it’s a secret! *giggles*

Captain Peace ful Lifecruiser

*) ful = ugly in Swedish

Lifecruiser lifering

Last Cyber Cruise Event:
Howard Castle
Bad day way to not secret island

Coming Cyber Cruise events:

The Secret Island, Sweden (Secretly soon ;-)
Maui, Hawaii, US (Starts the 25th Aug)
Another castle in Lincoln, England
Fulu Fjäll (mountain), Sweden
Uppsala, Sweden
Denmark – Germany
Algarve, Portugal
Scotland (several posts)
Fuerteventura, Spain

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9 Comments on “Peace ful blogger of the week”

    claudie FRANCE said:

    Congratulation for your nice nomination! Peace! Peace and love! It’s the first priority! For humen and kids specially.
    Nice destination we have! Howard castle and french Alpen! It’s the hot season in the Lifecruiser Cyber Tour! And after the Mysterious destination!!!

    mar SPAIN said:

    Congratulations, Captain! that’s another medal to add to your formal coat :)

    We are doing an easy hiking trail specially for you, have a nice day!

    Hootin' Anni UNITED STATES said:

    As anyone would agree, our captain is worthy of the awards she has!! Truly. Congratulations. AND!! I just visited the Howard Castle…wow, a wonderful tour!!

    Gattina BELGIUM said:

    Congratulations to your award ! Now I will start a fight with you ! Fortunately the word is written correctly !
    Piss and love

    Kasia said:

    You are peaceful, indeed. So full of life, joy, love! :) I wish everybody were like you. There would be no wars, no feuds in this crazy world.


    Congrats! Thanks for flying the peace banner all over the world my friend.

    TorAa said:

    Thanks for these very important informations –
    – well I,ve been out at Lidingö – Elfviksudde – several times – butt the secret Island must be another one in the Stockholm Archipelago. I’m eager to know ….

    thanks for the links

    btw. hugs to you and Mr L
    from A and me


    Congratulations on your award from Mimi. Well deserved too. What is more peaceful than going on a cruise? Have a great day. :)

    Kuanyin UNITED STATES said:

    Hmmmm…have you heard of the term fugly? It’s an English word, but it seems to have something in common with the Swedish word for ugly! *Lights going off* Maybe the people who coined this term are Swedish! Anyways…looking forward to seeing your secret! Oh, and congrats!

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