Base rule number 1, the most crucial one to your success: Stay cool what ever happens. Keep your poker face on. Play in the same calm, thinking, analyzing way all the time – do not get upset no matter if you are winning or loosing at the moment.

Study your competitors faces, their way to play and specialities in first place and then after that focus on your own hand.

Do not play any games with your behaviour, let the way you play confuse the other players. Do not be predictable, do some different moves and bets.

Adapt your way of playing after the situation and the players skil around the table. It always the same matter of reading the other players. You can not play in the same way against beginners as you do against the more skilful players.

Play very tight in the beginning until you have got some experience – and more money. Then you can afford to start getting more aggressive.

Remember not to fold if you can check.

Study more about poker, learning and practice is always involved in success!

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