Let us introduce our new pet Basil. He came to our home for about a week ago. He just sort of moved in, I suppose he really likes us.

He is dark and handsome, always want to be in the heat of the stage lights, running around a lot, seems a little bit restless and is climbing the walls all the time. He even goes to the roof, over what we do not know. That is how he got his name, after the nervous wreck Basil in Fawlty Towers.

We do not think that it is something we do that is making him upset, because he is very social and wants to be around us all the time, moving from room to room along with us.

Except from today when he seems to be in play mood, he is playing hide and seek with us.

He lived in the bathroom for the first week, just to make sure that he was house-trained properly before we let him out in the rest of our apartment. He only left one stack after him in there.

He has similar interests as us, he likes to be out on the net very often.

I am sure that we have a lot of food for him, but I tell you this:

- If he gets too big, fat and disguisting we will kill him instantly on the spot. There are always some other pet to get instead.

We do not know what species he is though, so lets just say spider.

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