We’re going to be away Friday-Monday and if I might got the chance there will be only short social networks messages. Join Lifecruiser at Plurk to follow my travel in Plurkland.

1. I haven’t told you before about our trip we’re going to tomorrow, Friday. We’re going to drive south to celebrate Midsummer Eve and the summer solstice, as we Swedes does every year.

2. The first stop is in the town Vadstena, which is approx. 20 km south west from Stockholm. There is a Midsummer celebration there too of course, as it is everywhere in Sweden this special day.

3. The traditional Swedish Midsummer Eve celebration is in front of the Vadstena Castle during the afternoon we’re going to. Pleeez peeps, wish us good luck with the weather as it usually use to be a bit unsteady weather at Midsummer with some rain showers included….

4. For the evening we’re going to a Midsummer Supé, drinking champagne and a four courses dinner – their mouthwatering menu actually was the thing that caught our eyes and made us to book this. You know my hungry monster stomach well enough by now… *drooling*

5. The Midsummer Supé and our overnight stay is at a hotel located about 500 m from the Vadstena Castle. No need to take the car between, which means that we totally can relax and enjoy. They even have a spa, but I’m not sure if we have the time to enjoy that too…

6. The day after we’ll explore Vadstena a bit, taking a photo stroll around the town and the castle, so if we’re lucky with the weather (!) you’ll get to see it when we comes home again.

7. Then we’ll drive approx 45 km out in the countryside at a farm B&B. We thought that would be the ultimate relax after the celebrations… I’m looking forward to have a talk with their animals… *giggles*

8. The reason for choosing this farm B&B were also that it’s nearby our next event – again: if the weather allows it and enough people shows up – we’re going to take a boat trip at the most famous canal in Sweden – TorAa and RennyBA knows what I’m talking about since they have been there before me.

9. After hopefully a nice boat trip, we’re driving another approx 56 km to another town, Söderköping, where we’ll stay at a hostel which we call Vandrarhem in Sweden. Best translated to: Wanderer home. Mr Lifecruiser was joking with them when booking about just booking one bed, since we always only sleep in one anyway. *giggles*

10. Next little trip is to a very special Manor nearby there, which Mr Lifecruiser’s grandparents once where the owners of. He want to see it again, since he was very fond of them and it’s a wonderful Manor, maybe especially when you have a connection to it.

11. If we got the time, we’ll also take a golf round at Mr Lifecruiser’s “home golf course”, so he can say that he has played there once at least. He has only had a membership there because it’s cheap and he hasn’t played in the last two years.

12. Read about how we spent Midsummer in 2007, a very traditional one out in the countryside with friends – in my old post Midsummer flower power love.

13. Want more facts about why we Swedes celebrate Midsummer and how? Read my old post Thursday Thirteen Midsummer to get the scope.


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20 Comments on “Our Midsummer celebration trip 13 facts list”

    Gattina said:

    Wow what a wonderful program ! a pity I live so far away. I am already curious about pictures and report ! Don’t forget to “shoot” the food ! you always forget it you hungry monster !

    Gattinas last blog post..

    Maribeth said:

    Next time I am going with you!!!!

    Maribeths last blog post..Motorcycle Week 2008

    Carol said:

    Oh, sounds like so much fun! Enjoy!

    Carols last blog post..13 Questions: Interview with Rockin’ Mom Author, Judy Davids

    colleen said:

    We’re going to a big hippie wedding for Solstice. Your trip sounds wonderful! And thanks for the Plurk invitation. I will check it out but suspect I can barely keep a blog going and fear more reasons to be online. Keep on cruising!

    PS My greatgrandfather was a Lunquist from Sweden. So maybe I’ll have to visit someday.

    colleens last blog post..13 Thursday Flutterby

    Debbie said:

    I’ve been enjoying your blog. I can’t wait to see the photos when you return from your Midsummer trip.

    Debbies last blog post..Flowers From My Yard

    Shoshana said:

    That’s so wonderful…like Shakespeare, right?

    TorAa said:

    First of all: We do hope the Weather will be as we all of dream about on Summer Solstice – Midsummer – in Norway named St Hans ( Feu de St Jaques in certain areas of France). The Night when the Sun “never” goes down and we dance with our lovers on the fields with flowers in the hair. And life is just beatiful. And everybody fell in love. In the light Nordic night. making love in the nature surrounded by flowers and heavenly fragrants. The passion for nature. The passion for respect of the nature. The passion for each other. It’s a dream nobody can understand unless beeing here. And join. Be a part of. Understand.

    Hope you can do a traditional dance around the “Maistang” – or l’Arbre du Mai. Which I do beleive you Swedes have from a certain King, (Karl Johan Bernadotte)

    Your program for this very special weekend sound very clever.
    And you are so right, Göta Kanal. Yes we know it, but only the western part. It’s so charming.

    PS. Did I tell you last year at Faro, I did write for a magazine in 1965 about a travel on the European Channels? I was even a “Front page Boy” – hahaha
    btw. We do not celeb Mid-Summer here in Norway like you do in Sweden. In fact. Monday June 23 – the longest Day, will be very different. Anna is leaving for Hong Kong early in the Morning on Tuesday 24. So we had to stay very sober.
    Then I will be alone at our summerhome until July 3. Keeping Care of our pregnant Cats. And also work – here and there.
    Hope also to have some inspiration to do some very needed gardening.

    TorAas last blog post..Wordless – Football – Soccer

    aithne said:

    Ah. The Solstice! What a beautiful tradition. I love how you are embracing it so fully.

    Please some food shots! Love when you do that!

    Keep safe and enjoy!

    cooper said:

    You are quite the travelers. i envy you and you enjoy and take photos of course.

    coopers last blog post..Respect in the Media

    Ling said:

    Have fun, captain, and may the weather Gods bless you. And if you start talking to the animals at the farm, have a couple more drinks. That should help you understand them better. :)

    Mar said:

    It sounds fantastic, Captain!!! have a wonderful weekend and enjoy that wonderful trip. I am off sailing tomorrow morning, will report back in 2 weeks, stay well and happy!!! :smile:

    Mars last blog hunt : water (and this blogger sails away)

    travelmania said:

    nice info, like we are come together with you in midsummer

    travelmanias last blog post..Traveling With Your Golden Retriever

    A. said:

    Have a wonderful weekend and I do hope the weather keeps good for you. We’re having our first glimpse of summer here!

    A.s last blog post..PhotoHunter: water

    RennyBA said:

    We’re in Sweden too this Midsummer weekend. Very quiet in Mariestad though – quite windy and a bit of rain.

    Your celebration sounds great and we do hope you had a great time – keep us posted!

    RennyBAs last blog post..Arctic King Crab and Bird Mountain safari

    DianeCA said:

    Happy midsummer! As Renny said it was exciting to be in Sweden for midsummers eve because I know here it is celebrated quite seriously. In Norway we celebrate on the 23rd, tomorrow and usually there are a lot of bonfires on the shores of the sea. I am invited to visit “The Sandbox Mafia” or what we call this girlfriend group that worked together in the preschool. If the weather is nice we will have a garden party.

    DianeCAs last blog post..Nudity in Scandinavia

    Raghav Talwar said:

    Awesome blog!
    Just found you while surfing Technorati idly!

    Happy traveling!

    Sofie said:

    Hello Lifecruiser!

    Our friends in Sweden were telling us, when we were there, about a certain tradition that we really have to see. Forgot what it was but when I clicked the links, this maypole thing that you were describing in number 5 reminded me. Maybe it’s the Midsummer celebration that she was talking about. I’d like to see that, it must be fun, dancing?. :)

    Have a great week!

    claudie said:

    :razz: What a lovely program! Poetic, sport, love, culturel…I am jealous! i’m so busy for the end of the schoolyear! Today it was the chorale, pupils presented in front of their parents! And now I have a problem on my blog with my photohost filezilla! I don’t see no more the photos!!! I wait Pierre to understand!

    claudies last blog post..Cicadas, sun and garden!

    Kuanyin said:

    Wish we could have joined you–we would have brought goodies to share like extra bubbly! :smile:

    Hibs said:

    It’s interesting to know that midsummer is celebrated in other parts of the world. In Scotland we have various celebrations.

    Hibss last blog post..Hibs SPL Fixtures 2008/2009 – Council/Police Road Closures

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