Our Cool Froogle wishlist

OK, we admit it: we are really weird!!! (As you have not noticed that already *lol*)

Now we have created a Froogle wishlist with things that we do not need, but it would be cool if we had. This will make us geeks more cool. At least I think so… Not sure of some of the items though!

I am sure that you suddenly will feel an urgent need to buy us the cool stuff:

Lifecruisers Froogle wishlist

What do you think about them? We want to be more cool, what is your favourite of them? (Do not miss that it is more than 1 page!)

Comments on Our Cool Froogle wishlist

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    The reacher, finger nose trimmer and clip thong all seem like wonderful things to own.
    All those other items are just strange,ha,ha..

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    Lifecruiser SWEDEN said:

    Yes, aren’t they? That’s what makes them soooo cool. Hey, we’re strange(rs).

    We were so HAPPY to find them, just out of the BLUE like that :-)

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