In this weeks heads and tails, we’re supposed to write something about the words first or last. Naturally I choose my favorite subject travel and since I’m so occupied with family matters I have to throw in links to some old posts of mine too.

First I have to say though, that I love how different our trips have been. You never know how a trip is going to be and I suppose that is one of the thing I love so much about traveling.

OK, maybe there could be slightly less of the bad surprises like bad weather and sickness, but I’d still not want to be without the experiences of them.

My faithful regular visitors might remember our first trip together, the cruise to Finland. The one where my bad weather curse did strike and I got seriously seasick….

Now, how disgusting romantic wasn’t that? I was so grateful that he did fell asleep before it got to the worst part! *giggles*

We went there by the cruise ship M/S Silja Symphony (which was the worlds largest cruiseferry during 1991-1993) just to be on the safe side, but there was a snow storm and even this big ship couldn’t handle it.

Did it put me off for the idea of travel? No. Only made me sure of that it was the last time I did go by the cruise ship over there – and especially in the winter time…

Since then we’ve made a lot of trips. Most of our trips were during 2004-2005. Every one of them has felt like it were the first time I was out exploring the world. So wonderful, what a feeling of freedom!

Except for maybe the last one, or I should say latest one, Our Ireland Trip when we went around the south of Ireland on a bus tour. (I don’t count Fårö, our summer island as real trips)

That kind of traveling doesn’t suit us very well, to be forced to stay on the bus most of the day some times and not be able to stop where ever you want to, which we did when we were in Scotland.

No, never that kind of bus tour again for us. Maybe when we get too old to travel alone.

I only wonder what will be our last real trip, besides the one to heaven? Sometimes I really would have wanted to be able to see things in the future…

Lifecruiser Ireland photos
A poor boy at the door in Ireland

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25 Comments on “Our first and latest trip but not the last”

    Mama Pajama said:

    Wow. I love the style of your blog. Great HoT this week! I’d love to take some adventures by sea some day… :cool:

    Mama Pajama’s last blog post..Heads or Tails

    Misty Dawn said:

    Your blog looks great, and your trips sounds like fantastic adventures!

    Misty Dawn’s last blog post..Heads or Tails *Last Time*

    Maribeth said:

    You are full of adventure, Captain!

    Maribeth’s last blog post..This & That

    n1605 said:

    That’s crazy that you sail so much.

    I would hate to sail. I swim like a rock.

    Kango said:

    First, glad you’re posting again. I was a bit worried about you. Second, I imagine it would be kinda rough if you have sea- sickness and you run a travel cruise blog. :mrgreen: Last, great post, as always, Captain.

    Andrée said:

    I’m such a homebody! I don’t even like to leave the county or state, let alone the country. I admire your adventurous spirit!

    Andrée’s last blog post..Cats Tuesday: Mouse and The Deepest Sleeping Award

    Sanni said:

    Great choices. I couldn´t decide, either. So I took the “first” and Jersey went for a mixture of “first and last”.

    Bus tours S*CK big time (sorry, I didn´t find any other fitting word).
    I can´t even stand those “one day tours” when I´m on a vacation: “If your looking out of the window to your right – you can´t see anything on the left!” :mrgreen:

    Sanni’s last blog post..Caught in the Act

    genny said:

    Oh i like riding a ship. I dream of cruise going to Hawaii. Its good you have that experience with your family its a treasure. Have a nice day.

    CableGirl said:

    Sounds like you take quite a few interesting trips.

    I agree with you on the Ireland bus tour issue. I once took a bus from Dublin to Galway and that was quite ling enough for me. lol

    CableGirl’s last blog post..First

    Skittles said:

    Glad to see you’re back!

    The weather sure does make a difference, but it always seems to add to the adventure. When planning a camping trip in the past, I would always check the forecast, but we never let it stop us. Now we have stories like.. Remember that camping trip when the tornado was close and everyone’s tents blew down? LOL

    Skittles’s last blog post..Heads Or Tails #24 – First Or Last

    Hootin' Anni said:

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, color me green with envy. A bus trip around Ireland. Be still my heart.

    Gotta love it.
    Good job.
    Mine is posted too. Drop by if you can.

    Don said:

    That bus trip sounds too good!

    The sickness and weather can’t be helped at times. You just have to make the best of it and add it to your stories when you retell them!


    Don’s last blog post..21 Top Paying Web Hosting Affiliate Programs

    Anna said:

    No bus trips – check.

    One of these days I want to take some trips. It’s nice to know so many people who have been places. If I have questions, I know where to go. :smile:

    DianeCA said:

    I love to travel too, I didn’t really get much of a chance before I moved to Norway, other countries seem much closer here…like yours for instance :razz:

    I think it is so exciting to explore new places, to imagine how it will be before hand, and then experience what its really like. I have had some bad cruise experiences too…when they wrap the tax free shelves in plastic wrap….well you know you are in for a bumpy night!

    DianeCA’s last blog post..Why is the family changing?

    Secret Agent Mama said:

    I love this blog entry for HorT! What an interesting read. And, I love the change up on your theme here at the blog!

    Secret Agent Mama’s last blog post..Heads or Tails

    Rambler said:

    Firstly you have an amazing template.. just loved it.

    And you seem to be a great traveler, will surely need to come back to read your travelouges

    Dallas Meow said:

    Never home – how then do you alweays have the most beautiful site!?

    Dallas Meow’s last blog post..Heads or Tails

    Vic Grace said:

    Such great blog design, makes me want to get mine hosted so I can play with it but I have been very hesitant to do that.

    I love travel also and have been to lots of places. Enjoyed reading about yours.

    Vixen said:

    I have never traveled outside the western US, but my #1 place I wish to go is Ireland. But I would not like to do it on a bus. I am definitely a stop when I want kind of traveler!

    Great post today.

    Vixen’s last blog post..Last Words

    Marcia said:

    First, your blog template that Leanne did is just gorgeous. The detail of dark sky and water behind the comments just draws me in.

    I get seasick, but may brave at least a three of four day cruise. Our mode of travel will be an RV soon, but travel any mode is so full of wonder even with storms and all that. I hope you have many more firsts before that last trip.

    Marcia’s last blog post..TV at the gas pumps? Reality check needed

    claudie said:

    Hello I come back!
    I’m very occuped because I prepare the carnaval for my classe. On the theme ‘ recuparation and colours”, very ecolo. I must find 28 cartons at the supermarket, 15 boxes of cereales and 28 milk bottles … And several persons who work with us are ill so I”m often alone with the pupils. So it means 28 ecolo flies.
    I will on vacation next week and I’ll try to prepare the more I can.
    Travel is a beautiful way of life. We did a trip all 4 to Venezia with a bus. An old bus! We were broken arrived there! And so many good laugh because so many stupid stories along this trip with all the other travelers and the bus driver. We should write a cartoon!

    claudie’s last blog post..NRJ Music Awards in Cannes. 2

    Ev Nucci said:

    Oh Captain, you look beautiful over here. Visiting your blog is like being on a cruise…if that was your goal you have achieved it my friend.

    The voyage here is refreshing, relaxing and intoxicating. :cool:

    I’m heavy into the book my friend and I do miss you…

    On occasion when I’m inspired, I’ll post something on the blog.

    I love Ireland…have been there twice. Ah what a wonderful stories I have of those trips!

    Ev Nucci’s last blog post..Terry Bradshaw is my boyfriend

    RennyBA said:

    Your travel adventures always amazes me and you always have a great, personal and readable way of telling about it – keep those coming!

    RennyBA’s last blog post..Oslo Winter Festival

    TorAa said:

    Great post – First and Last combined with travel.
    Come to think about it: It’s hundreds of first times, but will it also be the last? Hm?
    Sure, most places I’ve been are certainly also the last visit, but I did not know when visiting.
    Will I go back to Nakodar? (India)
    St Laurent du Pont? (France)
    Nivelles? (Belgium)
    Quebrada del Toro? (Argentina)
    Arica? (Chile)
    Monte Alban? (Mexico)
    Rüdesheim? (Germany)
    Vallalta? (Croatia)
    Glacier NP? (USA)
    Egersund? (Norway)
    Sunne? (Sweden)
    Samos? (Greece)
    Gouda? (Holland)

    The fact is, you never know. And that’s fascinating.

    With kids living so apart as Hong Kong, Oslo and Michigan, it’s more than a short visit. And as papa, also some kind of a challenge. hope my health will be on my kids side. That means, able to visit them.

    have a wonderful weekend.

    ps. I took the wine test. I’m Chardonnay;D

    TorAa’s last blog post..Wine

    airstream said:

    I’d like to do more traveling too, especially International travel. I never seem to have the money to go explore other continents but that’s what I’m saving for now. I think Ireland would be a fun vacation place too.

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