Awesome fellow bloggers.

We’re standing before you as very proud Lifecruisers tonight. Our hearts are full of love and a never fading believe in blogging, our heads with sleeping problem since it’s 04:50 in the morning in Swedish time.

We have spoken to you, to the whole Blogosphere about our crazy lives. We have defended our honor and won peace and bloginality.

We dare to say: “Blogosphere, this day is the new beginning for all the blogger people, we have built a bridge of understanding through the blogosphere that is blog solid.”

It has been a great pleasure to participate this evening and to hear all the heartwarming things that have been said about bloggers and therefor also about the blogosphere.

We want to thank all our regular readers for all their support during our blog year, without it our blog would not be alive today. You have stood by us despite our sometimes in your eyes probably very strange posts.

We want to give big bear hugs to our special voters who believed us being Magickal: Tricias Musings, Yellow Roses Garden, Are We There Yet, My Two Cents, Maremagnum, Patchwork Anahata and The Foo Logs.

We also want to thank our Emmy Award Host Mysterious Lady for a marvelous event and for all the extra work she has put into this.

For those who didn’t won tonight I just wanna say, that you all deserve it too, so I’m convinced that your turn will come!

What the Blogosphere mean to the world is obvious to all of us, especially to those who was participating tonight.

We know that without our blogs, without blog posts to comment, we’re nothing. Gone. Lost in cyberspace.

In real life on the other hand, we’re all very nice ordinary people :-)

♥ Congratulations to all the other winners ♥

10 Comments on “Our Emmy Award Speach”

    Kasia POLAND said:

    Congratulations!!!!!:))) You deserve it so much! Your blog is absolutely the best. Funny, intelligent, extraordinary. It is a pleasure to stop by here.

    Lifecruiser: Oh, Kasia, we love you too, but did you have to make us blush like this? *embarressed smile* We’re not intelligent like you are, we’re just intelligent crazy maybe *lol*

    Tricia CANADA said:

    Congrats on the Magickal win! You deserve it. You’ve certainly transported me to many far off lands that I hope to one day see, but perhaps won’t. At least I’ve seen some of them through your eyes and description.

    Enjoy your win! And thank you for your comment on As the Garden Grows too. I really didn’t think I’d win but I’m very happy that I did.

    Lifecruiser: We were very surprised when we saw that you had nominated us, since you were the first one to do that, but of course we were proud over it too. Thank you soo much, it’s because of you we won, I’m convinced over that. I’m not so sure any one else had come to think about nominating us. After that it just carried on.

    And I nominated As the Garden Grows because I saw that you really deserved to be the winner, it was YOUR category without any doubt. With the genorosity you share your knowledge you were bound to win. So that really is your own good sides that did it :-)

    mar SPAIN said:

    CONGRATS!!! you looked wonderful on the red carpet! great speech too ! :cool:

    Lifecruiser: Thanks Mar, the same to you – I saw you in the fantastic dress you had, simply stunning :-)

    Melli UNITED STATES said:

    And CONGRATULATIONS to you too! Keep posting those “Magickal” posts!!! :-)

    Thanks Melli, we will – if you keep up the Jocularity :-)

    Fruitful Spirit UNITED STATES said:

    Congratulations Lifecruisers! I have always found this place to be magical and I am not amazed that you won at all! Enjoy your award! Your speech was just perfect!

    Lifecruiser: Awwww. such nice words… We’re blushing both of us… Thank you ♥

    Lazy Daisy UNITED STATES said:

    Congrats to my favorite crazy Swedes . Love your travels, pictures and commentaries. You do make the world a much smaller magical place to live. Thanks for your energy and enthusiasm.

    Lifecruiser: You too! I’m no good at receiving compliments, just blushing and feeling humble…

    my 2 cents UNITED STATES said:

    ((a round of applause))

    A wonderful speech! Congratulations on your award! You deserve it!!

    Lifecruiser: Thanks. Actually, I really think that all of you too deserved it, so next time, next time!!!!!!

    WendyWings said:

    Congratulations on the win :)
    Well done.

    Lifecruiser: Thank you and congrats to you too :-)

    The Foo UNITED STATES said:

    well deserved “MAGIKAL” win… if I didn’t win, I at least wanted those whom i voted for to win. AND to get mentioned by a winner comes a pretty good second ;-) did the emmy people let you speak that long without trying to cut you off with the music ;-)
    while i am here, i think i’ll be nosey and poke around this “MAGIKAL” site – maybe there ‘s some nice cake in the fridge or something. happy WW.

    Lifecruiser: Thanks The Foo for your nice words. You’re welcome to poke around as much as you want to! And welcome back too. We’ll probably bother you from time to time too ;-)


    Congratulations on most Magickal!

    As you know I didn’t vote for you because I had nominated another blogger whom I’ve been a reader of for a long time. Fleur de Lisa. You should check out her blog too!

    Alas I was nominated too in the Foreign Blog category but did not win though I’m not surprised. hee Our friend Maremagnum won and deservedly so.

    You should put your new button on your sidebar. Be proud! Show it off! :)

    Lifecruiser: Thank you Irish Church Lady :-) Yes, I know Fleur de Lisa was nominated too. I’ve been there a couple of times – a good fellow blogger too.

    I voted for Mar for the Foreign – you were my second choice, but hey, it was tough to vote, there were so many good bloggers nominated! Almost like a lottery who to choose. I didn’t fell all that comfortable with that voting to be honest.

    I wanna choose everybody :-) But it will be your turn next time…..

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