It seems to be so very popular with bikini blogs and with blogs that have girls in even more less clothes than bikinis, so we’re thinking: what about us? Should we contribute too? We also want to be trendy….

But could we dare…?
To show us so bare…?


So here it comes – Mrs Lifecruiser half naked in her bikini:

Mrs Lifecruiser in bikini

PS. This could more than likely happen again since Mrs Lifecruiser is suffering of a severe case of Altzheimers disease and probably even a little bit of dementia…. *LOL*

8 Comments on “Our bikini blog”

    Mandy said:

    lol.. now I’m thinking that Mrs Lifecruiser wasn’t around when you posted this.. was she?
    Oh and is that you next to her ? lol

    Lifecruiser said:

    Yes, that my sexy athletic body at the side of her. This posting was my ultimate revenge on her for eating all the salami without leaving me a bit. She is a hungry monster.

    BTW: I’m quite satisfied with the expressions in the other guys faces, because I want to keep here for myself.

    Deb said:

    I am thinking that Alzheimer’s and Dementia are things that Mr Lifecruiser is never going to have to worry about as he’ll only live about 5 seconds after Mrs Lifecruiser sees that pic!

    Very funny indeed.


    Lifecruiser said:

    Oooops, maybe it was a sudden deathwish from me…?

    Though I’m a little curious of the possible revenge Mrs Lifecruiser will come up with….

    I’m living an exciting life :-)

    Beach Party said:

    Bikini Blog…

    Some bikini humor from Stockholm…….

    ChrisM said:

    If you think a collection of articles on bikinis might be of interest or use to you, and want to find out more, feel free to visit bikinitips.
    I don’t sell anything, the site is just a collection of articles that I’ve collated, all used with permission. (You can click on the Articles1, 2, 3 & 4 links on the top right for a list of more.)

    Lifecruiser: Thanks for the tip, but I browsed through your site and I’m sorry, nothing of interest for me. Too much advert’s on the page, not enough with real content (text), too much about Brazilian waxing and too few pictures of bikini’s. Sorry :-)

    chase said:

    Hahahhaha I cant stop laughing just looking at this picture!


    LOL.. This is so funny! The one who write and make some graphics on this is really smart! Really funny! I can help myself to laugh… hahahaha

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