After spending 7 weeks – 50 days – at our summer paradise island, we only had 4 days to unpack, laundry, trip preparations and pack again for next trip. Phew!

Yes, you read right, we’re taking off again, this time to Oslo, Norway. First we’ll visit our Norwegian friend Kari between Saturday – Sunday.

After that our dear Norwegian blog friends Tor and Anna will host us alone for a couple of days before our dear blog friends from France, Claudie and Pierre (who hosted us when we went to France last year) arrives.

Wednesday evening we’ll have a culinary evening with Scandinavian food together with them and our other dear Norwegian blog friends, Renny and Diane.

Thursday to Saturday we’ll participate in a blog gathering arranged by Renny, meeting up with other blogger’s, to do some heavy sightseeing in Oslo with surroundings.

As you can imagine, our schedule will be quite full and we’ve decided to enjoy it without the pressure of blogging about every event, so you’ll have to wait for photos and reports unfortunately.

We might put up some shorter reports, if time allows, but otherwise we’ll be socializing to 100%!

See ya’ later folks and to the ones participating in the blog gathering: we’re dying to see ya’ all!

Read more about it here: Oslo Blog Gathering.

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9 Comments on “Oslo Blog Gathering, Norway – here we comes!”

    Maribeth said:

    Have a wonderful time! Wish I was going to be there too!

    claudie said:

    :razz: It’s like in a dream! Who could believe it?! We met us on the blogsphere in 2006 and now we are not only blogfriends but friends in the real world! We could write a book!
    And what thinking about the OsloBG!!! People, bloggers, from everywhere on this planet will meet them, will share magic moments together! From a virtuel world to the reality! It’s not a game it’s life!
    I enjoy and can’t wait to be on wednesday!

    Puss in Boots said:

    I hope you have a lovely time at the Bloggers’ Gathering. I was supposed to be there, too, but had to cancel due to other things, Look forward to hearing all about and seeing some photos.

    TorAa said:

    And you are allready here. It was really nice too see you once again. Hope you will have a blast of a stay.

    Here you are:


    Here from TorAa and glad to know you’ve arrived in Oslo – safe and sound!

    Looking forward to meet you Wednesday – and as you say; let’s go 100% socially :-)

    al bjørnstad said:

    It was very nice meeting you!!!! :)

    A. @ A Changing Life said:

    I hope you’ve been having a wonderful time! I’m quite sure you’ve had a riotous time. :lol:

    Caroline said:

    Wonderful meeting you last night. We didn’t get to say good bye because a bunch of you danced off in another directions as we were leaving (baby sitter time limit). Enjoy the rest of your stay and hope to see you again some day!


    Very nice meeting you too! Please send us an invitation to read and comment on your blog too, so we can keep in touch :-)

    /The Lifecruisers

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