Mrs Lifecruiser going to bed

We have some big difficulties to get in bed in time. I don’t know what it is. We are not trying to beat our earlier staying awake record, we just don’t seem to be tired in the right time.

Or maybe we still are in the U.S time, even if it was 3 months since we were over there.

Yesterday morning (?) we went to bed at seven o’clock am and that was early! The night before that we went to bed nine o’clock in the morning, so that’s a big improvement, won’t you say?

The biggest problem with getting to bed in the mornings, is that we try and try and try to get up when it’s still daytime, so we have an alarmclock set. Which is totally not needed, because neither of us hear it anyway, we just keep on with our sweet beuty sleep.

Earlier this week we woke up at 5:22 pm and couldn’t do the things we had in mind for that day. Not everything can be done during evenings, that’s very strange do we think.

Right this moment it’s 3:40 am, so now I desperate need some one to ORDER me to go to bed, because we have a birthday party to attend in the afternoon and we are a little bit worried that we shall over sleep it.

And if I go to bed, Mr Lifecruiser is going to follow me of course. Especielly since I’m looking so stunning at this time.

Please order me to bed some one…

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