A while ago we went to an Orchid exhibition with lots of gorgeous Orchid creations – or I might call it creatures, because you can spot all kind of creatures in the center of the Orchids. Totally incredible!

Even if you aren’t that interested in Orchids, bare with me to the end as I promise you that you will find those Orchids much more exciting than you could imagine!!!

This Orchid exhibition were held in a small greenhouse situated right outside the Åkeshov’s Tunnelbanestation (subway) here in Stockholm. It’s not big, but nice anyway.

It was difficult to take photos there, the lighting were not good and my best camera did go on a temporarily strike, very annoying when you have paid the entrance fee already.

Luckily I’m always well prepared and had my point-and-shoot-camera with me and of course, Mr Lifecruiser always has his camera too. We’re both photo freaks.

Who wouldn’t feel happy after seeing this huge smile?


One of my favorites, which I call the red onion:


What about this magnificent Eagle with wings:


Did you know that Orchids is connected with skiing? Yes, it’s true! Just look at those photos, with a lot of skiiers ready to go downhill!


Or what about this skiier with wings – and a kind of parachute?


This one is so cute, it’s a skiing TEDDY BEAR!


Well, sometimes skiiers have accidents and falls right on their butts, like this blushing skiier. *giggles*


I’m sure you have seen the leopard creature before, but it doesn’t make it less amazing!


I love this Goggles creature and the ghost creature:

IMG_5753  IMG_5782

Finally, we’ve come to another more sexy part of the exhibition, the exhibitionists…!!!

First the verrry sexy woman:


….and something very attractive female:


…and you tell me what this one looks like! *giggles*


This last photo, I somehow wanted to turn upsidedown all the time….


If you wanna see all the Orchids, click to go to Lifecruiser Orchid Exhibition 2008 photo slideshow.

Lifecruiser Orchid Creatures

UPDATE: Got a link from Tricia with a post that obviously reminded her about my Orchid post, this one with Orchid Urinars!

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    What a wonderful imagination you have my dear. This was delightful and I could in fact see what you see. The orchids are one of my favorite flowers. These are all beautiful. The colors are breathtaking. Have a great day. :)

    Comedy Pluss last blog post..Blog Change

    Anders said:

    Well one thing is sure: I will never ever look at orchids ythe same way again!

    Anderss last blog post..Impact of Social Media and demographics

    claudie said:

    :eek: The orchids’ world is very fascinating! your pictures are marvelous! :!:

    claudies last blog post..Surprise party today!

    Mar said:

    Fascinating and stimulating shots, dear Cap’tn! I was at an orchid exhibition myself, I have to take a closer look at my own macro shots.
    Yours are excellent. Love the way you interpret details , lol. :cool:

    Mars last blog post..circumference

    Tricia said:

    LOL you have quite the creative and imaginative eye! The Orchids are lovely and what you’ve pointed out in them make them all the more interesting.

    I have two Orchids, but they haven’t bloomed for over a year. One has a lot of air roots though and it’s beginning to look like some kind of strange glossy spider. I keep meaning to take a shot of it because it’s so strange looking.

    Tricias last blog post..Toadlilies – Gorgeous Fall Flowers

    Maribeth said:

    Those are fabulous shots! Very sensuous!

    Maribeths last blog post..Rainbows & Shopping

    RennyBA said:

    Okay, I am convinced; they are beautiful… and even more: I’ve found a flower connected to skiing in the most wonderful way. Downhill skiing for me will never be the same after this :razz:

    RennyBAs last blog post..Olga at Oslo Maritime Museum in Norway


    wwwwwwhhheeewwwww…that was a great pictures..It’s so nice and unique.By the thanks for dropping..;-) :mrgreen: :razz:

    Travels and Tourss last blog post..CDO Bloggers First Meet-Up

    Charles Ravndal said:

    I was laughing abit when I saw that some orchids resemble abit of our private parts. Aside from that they are sooo beautiful to look at!

    Charles Ravndals last blog post..Tattooed On My Mind

    eunice said:

    very creative and humourous way of introducing those beautiful orchids! I often see orchids in my country, in fact, one of the species is our national flower. I never thought the effect of close-up photos of orchids is so nice! =D Will try that next time!

    eunices last blog post..Wet Wet Wet Market

    Tricia said:

    I immediately thought of your post when I came across a blog with photos of urinals shaped like flowers! One is an orchid! LOL

    Check it out:


    Tricias last blog post..I have dumb roses

    Lifecruiser said:

    Thanks for the tip. I loved that link Tricia and updated my post with it! I understand why you come to think about it :-)

    (I’ve answered your other email too with a link to the toothgel)

    Jeni Hill Ertmer said:

    Orchids and skiing, huh? Now there’s a combo that would never have come to my mind until you mentioned it and not only that, proved it too! Loved the Skier falling down orchid!

    Ling said:

    Neat! Most of them look like aliens cross-bred with butterflies. :mrgreen:

    kanani said:

    Incredible, aren’t they? I met a Cambodian woman who sells orchids at a little shop. Turns out she’d always had orchids in her native land, and when she immigrated to the US, the one thing she missed was her favorite flower. So she started to cultivate them again, and it just opened up all sorts of new paths for her to follow. It was her entry into meeting other Americans, making friends. A nice way to go!
    By the way, I’ve got a post up about a 16 year old circumnavigating the world by himself! Thought you’d like the travel bit.

    kananis last blog post..Blog Share Monday: Adventure

    Ev Nucci said:

    Well Captain,
    Thank you so much for worrying about me. Life has indeed changed…career, work and the overall agony of two kids in college and Wall Street falling apart!

    These pictures are astounding…and I want to thank you for remembering me…you have a way of bringing me back to life.

    Thank you!

    Ev Nuccis last blog post..Mimi’s Blog Blast for Peace


    Hi Orchid Lover, yes you! I’m one too, but I’ve never seen the flowers photographed like yours. You have caught all their peculiarities–and there are many. Drop by my flower blog when you have a moment. Thanks.

    PlantBuddys last blog post..Delightful Daisy

    aka R'acquel said:

    *rofl* You would make them so much money working as tour guide & PR. That’s the best & most entertaining orchid display i’ve ever seen. Going to attempt standing on my head now. 555

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