“You can only be together with one person, because when you are going to kiss, you only have one mouth”.

[ Niclas, 6 year ]

5 Comments on “One mouth”

    Mandy NETHERLANDS said:

    But you could always have two, and swap every 2 mins ? hehe


    Thanks for posting that quote. Please remember to ask him where his smile comes from. My son’s answer at a similar age was “inside my tummy when I’m with somone I love.”


    Deb AUSTRALIA said:

    lol the cute things kids say, huh.

    Hope your trip is going well. I’m missing your stories.

    Jeff UNITED STATES said:

    But what if you have two mouths? Hope your trip is treating you well… be safe.

    Mrs Lifecruiser SWEDEN said:

    Mandy: Hmmm, did not think of that *lol* But I do not think that Mr Lifecruiser would like that….?

    ME Strauss: That was sooo cute *lol*

    Deb: Nice to hear that we are missed :-) Well, now we have just a couple of weeks to write some kind of report about the U.S trip - before we start next one!

    Jeff: hmmm, two mouths…. yes I can see the use of it, even when it comes to eating with it :-)

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