When out on rural roadtrips – especially at islands like Gotland at Sweden’s east coast, you can find absolutely chanting sightings. Like this old mailbox message.

faro-old-mailbox-message, Gotland Roadtrip, Sweden

So romantic and very charming with the red roses – which Gotland actually are known for having at a lot of houses – as well as the fields full of Poppies, but those are on the way to vanish nowadays.

Lifecruiser Gotland

4 Comments on “Old Romantic Mailbox Message”

    al said:

    indeed romantic! it is the most charming mailbox.


    Absolutely Al, I even wish it were my mailbox :-D

    claudie said:

    So romantic mailbox! Gotland loves the red! Red of poppies and red of rosies!


    Lovely! I’d like to redesign my mailbox from this concept. As usual, I always enjoy my weekly visit on your page! Thanks!

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