Out on a photo tour at the island Gotland last summer, we found this lifebuoy with the text Oaxen IV, Stockholm. Very suitable now when we are stuck in Stockholm for unknown time.

Gotland: Oaxen IV Stockholm lifebuoy

Oaxen IV was a boat build 1926 in Norway for whaling, that ended up in Sweden and rebuilt to a tugboat later on. I wonder though why the lifebuoy ended up at Gotland…


2 Comments on “Oaxen Lifebuoy Stockholm”

    claudie said:

    Boats have often several lifes!
    Who knows? Perhaps one day someone will decide to wake up the OAXEN IV!!! :smile:

    TorAa said:

    You can ponder and wonder, but what we know is where we are and things are just now.
    Next moment?? Who knows?
    Excellent photo by the way

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