An insider travel tips if you’re planning to visit Sweden this summer and are interested in boats and sailing: There is a jubilee sailing, Jubileumsregattan 2012, taking place the 20 July – 5 August nearby Stockholm, in memory of the Olympics in 1912.

Despite that it was 100 years ago, they will stay race at the same classic Olympic route, outside Nynäshamn at the Gårdsfjärden, with both old ancient boat models and very modern up to date boat models.

There are a classic boat meet the 20-24 of July, an Open European Championship 2012 20-27 July as an example, see the others at Nynäshamns Sailing Society,

Nynäshamn is only about 50 kilometers from Stockholm City and can be reached by the local trains, pendeltåg from Stockholm Central Station.

If you’re arriving by own or rented boat, they do have a guest harbor, but my guess is that it will be pretty overcrowded by then.

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