NY wants to copy Stockholm

The Swedish rush traffic tax is said to impress in New York. I don’t believe my ears….

There was a conference held about our trial with the traffic tax in Stockholm in the end of May, where representatives from many countries attended. Appearently New York’s Kathryn Wylde found the trial interesting and said that they’re in the need of something similar, because the rush traffic costs New York 6,8 billions of dollar per year.

I do hope that they will get something else that will work better in that case, because the trial is very harshed criticized over here. The tax trial haven’t been working as good as they will pretend and it’s costing us tax payers a lot of money: 3,8 billlions Swedish crowns so far. We’re going to vote about this trial later and if it would be a majority of No-sayers, it will still cost us that amount.

Though I don’t think that it will be a No answer, it has come to stay. They always try to sneak new things in like a trial and then it’s too hard to take it away….

One of the thing that disturbs me the most is that - as usual - they haven’t done essential measures to improve the public communications yet. Shouldn’t that be done BEFORE you force people to go by public communications? As well as making sure that the other roads around the city can manage more traffic?

I always find that they start deciding about the wrong things in the wrong ends. Ever heard of the word preventative?

They tax us for everything. Very often totally unnessecary parking tickets. If you aren’t in the way or causing any traffic jams or problems, why can’t I stand there?

Sometimes I wish that we Swedes were a little more like the French and not so bloody bleach. In France they really demonstrate if it’s something they don’t like. I admire them for that.

Or like this fellow I recently read about…

Tue Jun 6, 8:26 AM ET

BELGRADE (Reuters) - A Serb man set his car on fire when he heard how much he had to pay to reclaim it after it was towed away for illegal parking.

An attendant told the daily Press the man was very calm.

“He went to his car, took a few things then opened the hood and set the engine on fire. When it was well ablaze he got back on his bike and rode off.”

I sometimes get a similar urge like him….

Grumpy mumbling: Especially when we get 700 Swedish crowns (about $98) parking tickets on our little street, time after time after time. The problem is: there isn’t enough of parking spots here, so what to do? Park kilometers away and take the bus home? I don’t believe we can go back to a car-free society…

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    mrhaney UNITED STATES said:

    well good for him. some times you just have to take a stand. have a good week.

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    martin UNITED KINGDOM said:

    The bastards will start taxing us on out TAX in the UK before we know it, TAX for this TAX fot that, pay TAX and then When you die they take TAX off the money you have left for your kids even though you have been Taxed on it already……….

    Ah, that’s better, I got that off my chest!

    Hope you are both well and swell!


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    Napfisk BELGIUM said:

    When you get back, you really must tell us what this tax is exactly. Do you just have to chuck in the extra cash, regardless, or do you get fined for driving during rush hour?

    I think Antwerp’s really got it now, by not just adding parking meters, fines and taxes, but by actually intervening in the road lay out and making many constructional changes. Flip side of that is of course that the city has been looking like a construction site for several years now, and will probably continue to do so for at least several more.


    Lifecruiser: We have to pay between 06.30-18.29 during daytime, but the problem is that it’s different amount in different locations on different times, which makes it more difficult to remember. AND on top of that, you don’t get fined, you have to keep it in your mind yourself and remember by your own to pay via the internet or certain shops. From the beginning it was within 5 days or you get to pay penalties, but they had to change that so from 1st of June we got 14 days to pay it which is more humane, but still a little bit difficult to remember…

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