Lifecruisers book about old Swedish Christmas cards
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This is our book about old Swedish Christmas traditions on holiday cards from former times. The card on the front page is printed in 1908 and is of one of Swedens most beloved Christmas cards creators, Jenny Nyström (1854-1946).

It’s a very classic Swedish Christmas Card that have been re-printed for many years. The Santa’s on her cards are all nice, but still, she is not a favorite of mine. They say that she has made about 3000 different originals that have been printed as postcards.

I will post more from this book during December, since I love old postcards.


9 Comments on “Not so wordless Christmas Cards”

    Michele UNITED STATES said:

    Just stopped by to say congrats on being named a finalist in the weblog awards!!!!

    Lifecruiser: Wow! Thanks Michele, I had no idea myself. I weren’t awake when they named the finalists since we have different time zones. What an honor :-)

    Nils BELGIUM said:

    Good you pointed out how god means ‘good’ or ‘merry’. Let’s avoid people assuming it has to do with the ‘God’ thing in this context, eh ;-)

    I can’t say that I think Nyström is a great ‘artist’, but her work is great as an illustration of the nostalgic Swedish Christmas, just like Larsson is for the country life.

    Thanks for the Christmas atmosphere you’re sharing with us.

    Lifecruiser: Funny you should mention Carl Larsson, because he is no favorite of mine either… *s* I can’t exactly pinpoint what it is, but I do find them a bit boring. Maybe I have seen too much of them?

    beth UNITED STATES said:

    I love old postcards too!

    Congratulations on making the finals in the 2006 Weblog Awards!

    Lifecruiser: Thank you Beth! I’ll have to pop over there and see for myself, or I won’t believe it ;-)

    Gattina BELGIUM said:

    He doesn’t look like as we are used to, but I find this Santa nice. I’ve got the first (and probably only) Christmas card from a girlfriend who is so romantic that she doesn’t fit in our time anymore and everybody is laughing about her behind her back, Mr. Gattino too ! When he started to read the self made poem, he quickly put the card away, lol !

    Lifecruiser: Ah, I find that both amusing and comforting, because I think people defenitely need more romantics in their lifes! But maybe not too much at one time, spread it out a bit… LOL

    Gattina BELGIUM said:

    I just saw what Beth said. Congratulations from me too ! That’s wonderful !

    Lifecruiser: Thank you Gattina, we’re thrilled of course :-)

    Marie SWEDEN said:

    My favourite Swedish Christmas artist is Jan Bergerlind. The scenes he depicts have a special feeling that is lacking in the Jenny Nyström motifs. Though, having said that, I do like some of her other work.

    That looks like an excellent book. I will certainly check it out.

    Lifecruiser: I like Jan Bergenlind much better too!

    RennyBA NORWAY said:

    Please post more as I love it and it get me into the Christmas spirit with all the lovely anticipation! And as you say in your comments on my last post, we have a lot in common :lol:

    Lifecruiser: Sure RennyBA, I’m glad that you like it! I’m a bit rundown (sick) right now though, so I might not visit you as often as I would otherwise, but be assured, I’ll pop over regularly :-)

    Melli UNITED STATES said:

    Verrrry cool! I love the little Tomte! I have a weeeee little one that a friend sent me a few years back! I cherish him! And I have a tin with Tomte too — it says Kabouter Koekjes … which I believe means some kind of cookies! Maybe you can help with that!

    Lifecruiser: Thanks Melli. Hm… That sounds more like it would be Dutch than Swedish actually, so I can’t help you out with that one :-)


    I don’t know anything about this award thing you are a finalist in but I can’t think of anyone more deserving..

    Liked the card but I prefer a more traditional Santa..

    Lifecruiser: Thanks H&B2 for your nice words. Me too prefer a traditional Santa, I wonder why? Shouldn’t we be tired of him and want something new? *LOL*

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