Our engagement beach Norsta Aurar at Fårö island (Gotland, Sweden) is a very long and absolutely gorgeous beach here at the Baltic Sea, that changes appearance all the time.

Beach grass, Norsta Aurar Beach, Gotland, Sweden

Sometimes narrow, sometimes wide and sometimes even filled with smaller or bigger rocks. This year there were just small rocks at one shorter part of the beach.

Beach rocks, Norsta Aurar, Gotland, Sweden

The rest of the beach, which is several kilometers, is the finest sand beach - and not too crowdy either since it’s such a long walk along the beach.

Norsta Aurar Beach Log, Gotland, Sweden

Sometimes this beach is mentioned as a nudist beach, but the truth is that it’s big enough for every one - even people that just love to go skinny dipping.

There are also sand dunes for the ones that want to be more secluded, though nowadays there is always people walking along the beach and dunes, so it’s not as secluded as it once were.

No one could NOT love this beach, even though they might not have romantic memories from it like we have…

Toes at Norsta Aurar Beach

You will find more photos from Norsta Aurar Beach at Lifecruiser’s Norsta Aurar photos, which will be filled up with photos from different years too.

… and more other photos at Lifecruiser’s Fårö Island Summer 2010 photos.

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6 Comments on “Norsta Aurar Beach 2010, Gotland”


    …and yes: Tor and Anna has been at this beach with us too :-)


    Hei Lifecruiser! Wow lovely photos! That’s a one beautiful stretch of beach and it’s really nice place for a romantic picnic especially at night with a full moon :)

    claudie FRANCE said:

    :smile: Marvelous beach and the sand looks so beautiful! Love the naturel sculptures in the sand!

    DianeCA said:

    I agree that is a great and romantic beach! I love the fjords but do miss the open sea. The sandy beaches are so good for relaxing and forgeting the rest of the world.


    I do understand: who can not love a lovely, peaceful and relaxing beach like that - looks really recreational!

    TorAa said:

    We remember very well we were there.
    And we understand why you would show us this beautiful beach (even though it was windy that day) were Mr Lifecruiser asked for your Hand and Love and Marriage.

    The photos above is fantastic with the wihite sand and blue sea and sky.

    have a great weekend.

    btw. Vi har fortsatt kraftig sommerforkjølelse - ganske tröttsamt i lengden.

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