Six years ago we visited Niagara Falls in the United States. Not that it was not an impressive sight, but sometimes it does take us some time to finish editing our travel photos…

I admit, six years is a bit too long, but it was worth waiting for, was it not? *giggles*

We did not plan that trip ourselves, we got a bus-trip arranged for us. At the bus there were a lot of older people playing bingo all the way to the casinos in Niagara Falls and suddenly we felt very young…

We did play just a little when arriving there, including eating lunch and then headed down to the falls. We had some problem taking photos because it was a bit windy that day and the mist were all over the place, us and the camera.

If we ever go there again we will plan to stay for several days, see the old Fort Niagara, go on the world-famous scenic boat tour Maid of the mist, a helicopter ride above the falls and to see the falls from the Canadian side in the evening.

No Jet boats tours though, we did that at another famous waterfalls which we will tell you about in another post later on….


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    TorAa said:

    Good memories are to be taken care of.

    Tell me, honestly, Niagara Falls or Iguazu, what will you recommend the most and where will you return to if you had “free tickects and hotels and meals”?
    Once in a lifetime…


    That my dear Tor, you will get an answer on in the “another post” I mentioned above: later on, because that’s what this will lead to in the end – a comparison between the falls :-) ))

    It will take some time before posting that post though, but not six years, it’s a promise!!! *giggles*

    al said:

    BTW… you are still young!!!!

    claudie said:

    You pictures are marvelous! This is really a place I want to visit one day! i would want to blog more but now comes the time of the different plays we prepared during the schoolyear and the stage is waiting for us the comedian amators! MaMamia!!! A lot of joy and stress in the same time!


    Thanks x 100 Al, sometimes I still can convince myself about that too, but then all the age-aches start to acting up on me!

    - Or when looking into the mirror in the mornings! *giggles*


    Well Claudie, if it’s a lot of joy, then it must be a positive stress :-) )))

    …and soon the summer vacation awaits! YAY!

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