2009 is the year of nature in Sweden. For 100 years we have had national parks and nature preserve laws. This will be celebrated during this year with nature events across the country, with a special day for the national parks: the 24th of May.

Today we have 28 Swedish national parks and about 3100 nature reserves. With the thought of that Sweden is a small country with a landmass which is about the same as California, this is pretty much.

The Swedish national parks consists of several different types: mountains, old growth forests, marshlands, old farming land and the archipelago.

At least two of them are on the World Heritage List:

  1. Laponia’s unique great wilderness area in the north with the saami people herding their reindeer’s.
  2. The High Coast in the middle/south of Sweden, which has the world record in land elevation that has been in progress since the Ice Age.

If you’re in Sweden, you should keep an eye on the Naturens År event calendar.

Out in the nature!

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7 Comments on “National parks 100 Years in Sweden 2009”

    Anders said:

    I love the high coast, but that’s no surprise as I grow up not so far from it.
    Great post Lifecruiser as always!

    TorAa said:

    Very interesting. I just had a short view and read about some of the Parks. They preserve really different landscapes and nature.

    (Norway has 36 NP – whereas 7 are in Spitzbergen)

    Gattina said:

    I don’t know how many parks we have here, but I know that there are a lot in Brussels. Apparently it’s the city with the most parks in Europe !
    I heard that your crown princess finally marries her “prince” I think it is about time ! Sylvia wasn’t noble either !

    Ling said:

    That’s a lotta nature reserves you have there, captain. And do you mean that High Coast thing is still going up? Guess they can’t build anything there, then. :smile:

    Puss in Boots said:

    We have a lot of areas in Australia that are heritage listed and are also nature reserves. It’s good that countries do that as it keeps places safe for animals and plants and it also means the developers can’t move in, cut the trees down and build ugly housing estates on them. Well done, Sweden.

    claudie said:

    :shock: Fabulous! I love the nature and enjoy we take care about on our planet! We have many natural parks in France and often well organized in order to flora and fauna can live in peace and people can walk through the beautiful nature.
    So you find a new secret destination….hummmm…make me curious again… :wink: I’m still tired with spring nature as each year… If it continues I will have to see the doctor for antistaminic! grrr! I hope to be in form and be more present on the blogsphere!


    Sweden has a great record in rpeserving nature. Also treasured is the Swedish law that allows people to camp on owned land provided they leave it as they found it, allowing people to truly enjoy nature.

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