The 6th of June is Sweden’s National Day, so today you will find a lot of Swedes free from work and celebrating their country in different ways. We will inform you about the National Day plus tip you of some of the places and programs with celebrations.

Lifecruisers toast for Sweden, National Day

Today there will be a lot of blue-yellow flags waved all over the country of Sweden, for sure. Also a lot of folk costumes will be worn, even if that has decreased over the years becoming more out of fashion.

Yes, we too will be there somewhere among all the cheerful Swedes, making a toast to old Sweden.

This year Make Music Stockholm will be participating in the celebrations which means that there will be a lot of music around in lots of places of the city center.

Tips of places to head for to celebrate in Stockholm City, the capital of Sweden:

  • Stockholm Palace which is open with free entrance and full program
  • A Taste of Stockholm Food and Drink Festival in Kungsträdgården
  • Swedish National Day Festivity Program at Skansen
  • Rålambshovsparken (picnic, culture events, sports activities)

You can get more detailed information about the Swedish National Day in the earlier posts below, why we celebrate it, our national anthem (Thou ancient, Thou free), photos and more.

Cheers & Happy National Day to all of Sweden – and to all the Swedes abroad!

Lifecruiser Sweden

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3 Comments on “National Day Celebration Tips Sweden 2011”

    Ginnie said:

    Your National Day comes so soon after Norway’s, I see. Maybe that makes sense, of course, because you’re probably very connected at the hip, right?! :) Cheers, indeed. Or as we say here in The Netherlands, Proost!


    Thanks Ginnie.
    Actually it’s not connected to Norway’s in that sense, even though Sweden once ruled Norway too. And our national day has not had the same significance either, since Sweden has been independent and not been in so many wars as other countries either.
    From the beginning Sweden celebrated it as a celebration to the Swedish flag only and it was only since 1983 we changed it to a national day.
    It started as a celebration of when the election of King Gustav Vasa the 6th of June 1523 took place.
    Sweden is a bit strange in that meaning, we have not been so very patriotic during the years, perhaps because we haven’t been forced to fight for our country’s independence.

    al said:

    Cheers to both of you and all my Swedish friends!!!!

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