Busy times, I have been tagged again, this time by My Life is murphy’s law for the MyBloglog Community Exchange started by Garry Conn.

Haven’t had a look at MyBlogLog yet? You should. It’s there all social networking for bloggers is happening. Well, not all, but pretty much of it :-)

So why don’t YOU joyn us in this meme? You might create some new interesting friendships!

The simple rules:

1. Join all of the MyBlogLog communities on the list below.

2. Copy the list and create a new post on your blog and paste the list onto your post.

3. Write a brief paragraph that explains what the game is above the list (just as I have done here, but with your own words).

4. Add 2 or 3 or more MyBlogLog communities to the list and then publish the post.

5. If you want to be added to this list, write me a comment on this post.

The exchange list so far:

* Public Relations | Join MyBlogLog
* Successful Blogging Tips | Join MyBlogLog
* Make Money Online | Join MyBlogLog
* Kyle’s Cove dot Com | Join MyBlogLog
* GoldCoaster | Join MyBlogLog
* Affiliate Programs | Join MyBlogLog
* The Junky’s Wife | Join MyBlogLog
* GoldyWorld | Join MyBlogLog
* The Thinking Blog | Join MyBlogLog
* My Life is Murphy’s Law | Join MyBlogLog
* Digital Nomad | Join MyBloglog
* IndiaPRBlog | Join MyBloglog
* InternetSafetyForOurChildren’sSake | Join MyBloglog
* Lifecruiser | Join My Bloglog
* Darfur: An Unforgiveable Hell on Earth | Join Mybloglog
* Papersurfer | Join My Bloglog
* Cell Tech Hub | Join MyBlogLog
* BSC | Join Mybloglog
* Tricia’s Musings | Join MyBloglog
* Mimi Lenox | Join Mybloglog
* Add Your Site here | Join The Above. Drop A Comment Below!

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8 Comments on “MyBlogLog Community Exchange”

    digitalnomad UNITED STATES said:

    A most excellent Jimi Morrison effort. I need to do this yet.

    Opal: Vegan Momma UNITED STATES said:

    Oh cool more people to visit. I would like to join!

    Lifecruiser SWEDEN said:

    I’m sure you’ll be the most ADORABLE PRUNE ever!!! *giggles*

    Ev Nucci UNITED STATES said:


    OK, here’s what you do for me. You inspire me to write things…… today’s post.

    Then you teach me things…….like the sex thing…now here’s what I really want to know…does the jacuzzi in fact….burn off some 15,000 calories? Because if so…I may end up being a prune my dear life Cruiser!

    And as you have seen those pics over at murphy’s law………i’m gonna hang my hubbie in the jacuzzi with me…………and not let him out……….

    Tricia CANADA said:

    Copied! You know Mybloglog has a 15 person limit adding people per day … when this list gets long people might get frustrated with that.

    Blue Star Chronicles UNITED STATES said:

    MyBlogLog Community Exchange…

    So I got up this morning and logged onto my blog and all the sidebar stuff was gone. The widgets were all empty, apparently going back to their default setting. The cause for this that I can think of is that I had upgraded to the latest version of Word…

    beth UNITED STATES said:

    I’ve got a post up. Thanks for the meme :) Tricia is right – you can only add 15 ppl per day. But hey, we’ll do the best we can!

    digitalnomad UNITED STATES said:

    Hey, check out blogcatalog too. It is pretty good. You could start link train over there as well.


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