This is just a short post, to say that my sister and nephew are flying to Venice today. If it’s any persons I really wish this for, it’s them. My sister haven’t been out traveling for years and they need to get out having some fun.

They’ve had really tough years behind them. Besides that, it’s my nephews birthday today, so they’ll celebrate that with a Venice by Night experience.

What’s even better is that they got this trip for free, she ordered some health stuff and got drawn as one of the lucky ones to receive free tickets! I am so happy for her.

It’s a group trip with sightseeing tours planned too. We’ll see how much they’ll manage to do in those few days, they’re back again on Friday.

Am I Jealous or am I just jealous? Venice is high up on my wish list to go!

Me? I’m still sorting and editing photos, have patience with me. You know I’m picky, so it takes some extra time.

Lifecruiser Venice

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    Ling said:

    What’s with sisters and all the jealousy? :) So now, captain, you want to go to Venice again?

    Gattina said:

    Venice won’t run away ! It’s so nice for your sister !

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    Lifecruiser said:

    Dear Ling, it’s not only sisters I’m jealous of…. When it comes to travel, I wanna go everywhere! *giggles*

    I’ve never been to Venice, that’s why. The last trip was to Vienna, maybe you mixed those two up…?

    Ling said:

    I guess I did get confused between Venice and Vienna. If you’ve never been to Venice, then its ok to be jealous. :)


    Happy Birthday to your nephew. How fun that he can celebrate his birthday in Venice. I hope they both have a great time. You can be jealous…it’s okay.

    Have a spectacular day Captain. Big hug. :)

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    A. said:

    One of the best places in the world to go. I’ve been two or three times and it’s a place I’d very happily go again. I hope they have a lovely time, but I have no doubt they will.

    DianeCA said:

    It is great that your sister gets to go to Venice, even if you are a bit jealous :-) I hope they have a wonderful time. Maybe they will contribute some pictures to you?? You’ll get there soon enough yourself I’m sure!

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    Caroline said:

    Who doesn’t want to go to Venice. Happy birthday to birthday boy and what a lovely b-present for him and his mum.

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