We got an invite to a travel meme by the excellent travel blogger Mark who writes Travel Wonders. Even though we’re on vacation right now at our summer island, we decided to participate.

This fun initiative is the brainchild of TripBase and titled “My Seven Links” intended to dust off old blog articles based on a series of questions. It is also a great way to find new travel blogs.

1. My Most Beautiful Travel Post
We have two choices here – or more, but we didn’t have the time to search for more, so we did choose World Heritage Iguazu Falls, South America and Green Anaga Mountains – The Hidden Tenerife.

2. My Most Popular Travel Post
Food is always popular, don’t you think? Here we have our Vienna Delicious Budget Food post.

3. My Most Controversial Post
Yes, strangely enough, we’re quite proud of both the post about World Wide Weird Travel Toilets AND the one about the Naked Swedish Balloon Dancers…. *giggles*

4. My Most Helpful Post
I believe I have quite a few helpful posts, but one that really helped myself out were our Easy change of webhost with free transfer help – quite a relief when it all went well!

5. A Post Whose Success Surprised Me
This is a post that was written way back in time, in 2005 before we went all travel… Mostly we did write short funny posts. Anyway, still today, this post shows up all the time in the statistics: My wife showing her tits - it’s a comic strip. (It all started with the post called Our bikini blog – which also is a comic strip).

6. A Post I Feel Didn’t Get The Attention It Deserved
Our post with the list of 38 Accessible travel links for disabled travelers could be spread a bit more. If it can help anyone, we would be happy for them.

7. A Travel Post I’m Most Proud Of
I’m not really sure this is the best post to be proud of, but it’s the one I happened to find right now and it is a fabulous place to visit: Iceland is niceland.

At last I will NOT tag five fellow bloggers like the meme says, because I want ANYONE that feel like it to participate instead! Just leave a link to your post later on in this posts comments.

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13 Comments on “My Seven Links – Best Travel Blogs Articles”

    Mark H said:

    Whata great set of posts. You catpure the beauty of Iceland so well in your “most proud” post.


    Thanks Mark, you had some awesome posts too, I hope people will hop over and read them too :-) Happy summer travels!


    Thanks for the list, I will be sure to read some of these, I’m always looking for great blogs and other articles to follow!

    Tim said:

    Some great ideas for travel here Mark, many thanks.

    Tim said:

    Iceland is niceland! Awesome!

    Tom said:

    Number 5 is the best, the cartoon is hilarious. Attention grabber that’s for sure!

    7 said:

    Nice list. Number one is my favorite so far. It’s cool i found this, i’m actually in Rio De Janeiro now for 3 months (6 if I get visa extended). Maybe i’ll have a chance to go to Iguazu Falls.

    WESS said:

    For me Maldives is the best – a heaven!


    Great budget food article about Vienna! Thanks, it will come in hand for my next visit.

    Traveler Galapagos said:

    Great Post..
    With huge collection of travel tips. I love My Most Beautiful Travel Post containing huge information on South America.

    Travel on The World said:

    It’s a wonderful travel. Great mark!

    Patrick said:

    Been following your blog for quite a while now, but hadn’t read all those posts. Thanks for the list!

    Paras Sharma said:

    Your posts are worth reading, i saw some of the finest piece of travel articles at, i just started my own travel blog. i get inspiration from your writing.

    many thanks

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