Nah, not really, but I got your attention, didn’t I? *giggles*

So, we’ve advanced from shopping nude, drunk and now flashing sexy red underwear. Soon we may be quite normal, who knows?

Are we done shopping? No. We must out again, at least to buy christmas food!

We’ll be visiting my mother and then my brother at Christmas Eve – every one is going to take something of the traditional food with us to share, so we only need to shop for the other days thankfully. We’re having Mr L’s daughter over here Saturday for dinner and xmas gifts exchange.

Oh, and I got a doctors appointment today too. Very exciting, isn’t it? I must get a medical certificate to show that shitty place that my back is bad – even though I already have one! How about that? Incredible. I have one that is valid to November 2007 and still they want one again on top of that! *shaking my head*

I need help with several things right now, but I suspect that I might not get the help I need without having a big fight argue with the Doc. Maybe I can blackmail him with: “If you’re not nice Santa will not bring you any xmas gifts…”

Speaking about xmas gifts, I’ve still not wrapped them. That is a very special mission of mine. It use to be my creation time, but I’m not sure this year since I’m still not well. I can’t be sure until I start. Then it will show if I still got the creative power or not.

When I start I have no idea of what the outcome is going to be, it grows during the creation. It can take hours to wrap a few gifts.

I’m a wrap artist ;-)

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    Chana said:

    oh my sweet, i do miss being here and reading and laughing at another one of your sillies. thank you for the middle of the night flash. i haven’t seen such sexies like that in a looong time. probably since the last time i caught my reflextion in the mirror wearing my grandma’s style panties..wait that was just a few mins ago, lol..

    i hope you know that i send you kisses and hugs for your poor back. i have been trying to do everything with little time and much going on and that is my real excuse for not visiting you or anyone for that matter..this holiday crept up at me with no warning. sure, the calendar was warning me but life and kids and all such things, you know ;)

    i do expecti to be regular after the holidays. and i’m not just talking bowels here, lol…ha! i crack me up (just remember it is 3.40ish am ;p)..i shall be back hon. i shall be back for you crack me up and entertain me so much and you have become such a dear friend. keep a light up for me :)

    much love, keep on smiling through all life’s curves. kisses to your back. hugs sweety.

    Lifecruiser: Ah, great Chana, we want you to laugh :-) I love to read your sillies too! I guess we’re a lot alike there huh? *lol*

    We missed you too Chana, but we also understand… Everybody have much around these days and you maybe more than most of us, so don’t apologize – no need of that between friends :-)

    Xmas hugs that makes you all warm inside and out!

    Maribeth said:

    Yes, I plan to wrap today and then shop tomorrow for food. I also have one last gift to get.
    Honestly I will be happy when Christmas is over. I am very stressed. Probably because I am so tired. You know it is because I am not getting sleep because of the new puppies and taking care of the new mama, Greta!

    Lifecruiser: Yes, xmas can be very stressful sometimes. I’m happy for the holidays, but worried about my health issues during it…. Ah. well, that day, that sorrow :-)

    Yes, the puppies, I must pop over to your blog again and see how they’re doing now!

    happy and blue 2 said:

    Nice underwear,ha,ha..
    Hope the doctor gives you the note for the nutty work place.
    And I hope you have a nice Christmas..

    Lifecruiser: Yes, it’s to keep warm ;-) Well, the DOc. Pjew! that’s another new story to tell another day! I’m just too tired tonight……

    I’m planning to do my best for a good christmas and I do hope you have a marvelous one :-) I’ll pop over…

    Debbie said:

    When my son was little we always made our own wrapping paper. Then he grew up and did not want to help as much so I buy paper now. Since my crew really are appreciative of nice wrappings I don’t even bother with bows any longer.

    I am so sorry to hear things haven’t progressed very far on your back. Seems like they are just pushing your from place to place instead of addressing the issues. I will continue to pray that it gets better for you!

    Lifecruiser: Oh, so you made your own paper? That sounds like a lot of fun!!! Much more fun than my health issues :-)

    Sandy said:

    Sounds like you are going to have a good Christmas with family.:grin: Most of ours do not live very close but we do have our youngest daughter and her family here with us.:grin::grin:
    Have a great time. Glad that you are a great wrapper..I am lousy at that!
    Sandy…Oh MY TT is up if you care to hop over there…

    Lifecruiser: Yes, with all my family actually. Crowded but joyful :-) I’m glad you said that you have some family around too. I’ll pop over of course :-)

    Chana said:

    my sweet friend, amongst all the millions in the world i get so lucky to have met such a beautiful angel. thank you for the friendship, for the support, for the love and for the many, many laughs.

    Merry Christmas to you and your sweet hubby. May you and the family enjoy a beautiful time together. Health and joy to you all. God Bless. XO

    Lifecruiser: No, I’m no angel, but I suspect that you am :-) You’re so sweet! And you have delivered a lot of laughter for me too, so I guess we have shared a lot of joy, haven’t we? Let us continue with that! I’ve already said my xmas greetings to you, but once again:

    Merry Christmas & A Hilarious Happy New Year!
    (God Jul & Ett festligt Gott Nytt Ã…r!)

    starbender said:

    The Christmas Flasher
    Be afraid…. be Very Afraid!:twisted:

    I would like to wish U a Very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!


    mar said:

    Do you wear red underwear for the holidays??? Spanish people do, specially on New Year’s Eve: it should bring good luck for the new year!
    Our ski vacation and ski tickets are our Xmas present. I only have a small present for each: Mr Mar and Mr 18, so my Xmas stress is to pack suitcases and shop for food!
    Tell your back to be good to you at least over the holidays so that you can dance, drink and be merry.
    merry xmas!

    Melli said:

    LOL! I used to be a wrap artist in my younger days — but now I just throw some paper on them and get them under the tree! LOL! BUT… if you could see the loot under my tree right now, you might understand WHY! It’s craaaaaazy! So… if you give up being a wrap artist too, the maybe we can get together and become RAP artists instead!

    3 days til Christmas
    And I need to wrap gifts
    A shot of whiskey
    For my spirits to lift!
    Then off to the mall
    to buy some more
    Flashin’ my undies
    as I’m out the door!

    Whooooooooo hooooo! Sing it with me LC!

    Lifecruiser: You know Melli, you’re just so darn WONDERFUL. I do believe that you could become a big RAP artist, to jugde from this excellent verse!!! I’m so impressed. Stunned. Speachless!!!! I think that I migth have to save it. It’s that good. I’m useless when it comes to rhymes or rapping. Totally sucks.

    I think this one just made 5 big stars in my special note book :-)

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