Captain Lifecruisers new LG laptop

Another add to the family – my new laptop! I just finished installing Windows Vista & other programs & moving over everything from my old one to the new one.

It’s just sooooo fresh! It feel like I’m stepping into the future comparing to my old one!


- Intel Duo Core processor T2350 (1,86 Ghz)
- 1024 MB RAM-minne
- 120 GB HD
- 15,4″ Widescreen
- Bluetooth, Wireless, LAN
- DVD-SuperMulti drive
– 2,78 kg
- Windows Vista Premium

- and with a metallic Aquablue chassi and silver interior. Of course I also had to buy it a more cool Golla laptop bag – and you know I go for green this year…

Captain Lifecruisers new LG laptop 2  Captain Lifecruisers new LG laptop 3

I haven’t got the chance to test all the new functionality with this laptop AND my new cellphone, there has been some glitches on the way. Not everything is self explaining, so it takes time to learn about all the goodies :-)

On top of that: my mobile provider has mucked things up when I should order a new SIM-card for 3G, so I’m not even sure if I have one working fully for the moment… *sigh*

Well, if I see it from the bright side, nobody can reach me, which might be nice and quiet? *giggles*

We’re leaving tomorrow to take the ferry to Gotland outside Swedens east coast and then from Gotland to Fårö, butt don’t worry – there is wireless connection all over Gotland and Fårö.

Though if the weather gods is with us, we’re going to be at the beaches very much – or out on excursions everywhere, as we use too. And partying. And having a great time.

I’ll try to post some photos ans short notices at least, depending on how my phone is doing and everything else, butt don’t count on daily visits and comments from me – though I will certainly read yours!

We had a scare today when Mr L was going to throw away a lot of crap and stumbled and fell rather badly, butt somehow he managed to not break any bones – phew!

Why is there so darn difficult to pack our bags? I never want to begin and then always standing there in the middle of the night.

Like now – so off to pack! *kicking myself in the butt*

Captain Packing Lifecruiser

Lifecruiser lifering

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15 Comments on “My laptop dance”

    RennyBA said:

    So except for a missing SIM-card, every seams perfect and ready for a perfect vacation then:-)

    Those laptops looks awesome, but then again just the right tool for a captain!

    Good to know you’ll have wireless connections – Sweden is full of them you know (just check my flag:-)

    Btw: There will be a world premier tomorrow – I’ll keep you posted!

    Maribeth said:

    Oh how exciting! Hubby gets his computer next week. He can hardly wait!

    Sword Girl said:

    Hope y’all have such a relaxing and sun-filled vacation! Your laptop looks very nice! I’m glad you’re gonna post some pictures when you get chances!

    Happy vacation! :-D Happy July!!!

    claudie said:

    Vacations! I can’t wait your post from Faro! I send you sand from La Côte d’Azur beach and receive yours from Faro beach!

    Lifecruiser said:

    Sounds interesting!!!! I’ll keep an eye open….

    bharadwaj said:

    This is a good configuration for a notebook.
    But did you see the surface thing from microsoft.
    Only that can be called stepping in to the future..
    A table can read the contents of a camera placed on it or read the hard drive of your notebook..

    TorAa said:

    How exciting – new PC and new 3G. A whole new world opens for our captain. And a whole month at the Islands. That’s what I call Vacation;)
    Just post a picture from time to time – to let us all know you have a jolly good time.
    I’m still at work for one more week, then it will be Sweden this Summer. How exciting. My second Summer in Sweden. The first one was way back in the early 50′ies. So it’s absolutely about time to visit “Söta bror” – Sweet brother – as we call the Swedes here in Norway.

    I do have a wireless modem – based on the old NMT450 system (Nordic Mobilephone System). I’m told it works perfectly well in Sweden. I only need power supply. (Can have modem that goes on batteries as well – to be used in the nature and at sea.)

    PS – what’s the best place to take the Ferry to Gotland?

    mar said:

    You are elegant, you have class!!!!! a blue laptop!
    enjoy your vacation, we’d love pics and reports :)

    Debbie said:

    I love the widescreen on my laptop. Makes for easier reading and I can have more open at one time!

    I hope you Lifecruisers have a wonderful vacation time and I will pray you have perfect weather! I am counting the days until I head out on mine!

    I agree with Mar pics and a full report!

    Gattina said:

    Very, very chic ! congratulations ! It certainly took time to move everything in the new one. I hope you will have a lot of sunshine during your holidays, here it’s still awful rainy and cold for the season.

    Lifecruiser said:

    Tor, the best way to get the ferry to Gotland depends of where you come from. Directly from Norway, I would say Nynäshamn south of Stockholm, otherwise you could as well take it in Oskarshamn. If the ferry is fully booked it might be easier to take it from Oskarshamn, I don’t know.

    Sarakastic said:

    I don’t know a lot about computers, just that I wanted a blue sparkly one, I didn’t get one, but congrats on yours

    lance said:

    good on you mate, i am thinking to have a VISTA machine now… do you think it worth to give a try?

    btw, Gary Carvolth is also an interesting blog…

    Ben said:

    If you are into laptops, check out the Dell m1330 at

    I created that as a fansite, I totally love it. What do you think of Vista as an OS? I was thinking about going back to XP …

    Lifecruiser said:

    Yes, I’ve seen the Dell – I might have bought it if I hadn’t already bought 2 laptops lately. It seem to be a really good one. I haven’t liked Dell before, butt I think they have been improving a bit the past years.

    Regarding Vista I’m surprised – I don’t dislike it any more than I did with XP. I still think that it can’t compete with Unix/Linux, butt that’s another story!!!

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